Friday, October 29, 2010

In The Arms of Morpheus

Hisashiburi blog readers!! At last, exam is finally over! Okay, not yet, two more days to go which is next Monday and next next Tuesday. I'll assume that today's the last day anyway. I am super relaxed now. Over all, this week's papers did not go very well, made lots of careless and stupid mistakes. It happens lots of time, I mean EVERY TIME. I guess there's nothing I can do about it after all.

Okay, so I woke up this morning from an amazing dream. Thought of blogging about it although it may seem silly but I have to admit that it had made my day a bit. Lol. I don't know how the whole dream started but I was somehow in Japan and was selected among so many fans to join NYC for their performance of their new song. And their new song wasn't Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe. Lol. It was a song that no one had ever heard of, and only fans who were selected got the opportunity to listen to it even before its release date. Apparently, it was a song to support Japan's volleyball team or something close to that. It was an energetic song, that is all I can say. I still remembered the melody this morning but not now. Lol, it was a self-composed song by me in my dreams. Maybe I am a song writer? Only in my dreams, kay, I know.

We rehearsed together, NYC did all the dancing and we were behind them doing hand movements. Pretty much like what they do in Shounen Club. Lol. And of course, I did bug Yamada a little by asking him  many questions which I don't remember what. I had great fun there because I got to explore Johnny's Jimusho a bit and hell, there were so many CCTVs around. Haha. After the rehearsal, I walked home. Okay, the weird part is here. My house was SUPER HUGE, like those mansions we see in movies and there was a bed on the staircase. Yeah, doesn't make sense but this was how it was. Haha. The weirdest part is here. ALL of NEWS members were staying in my house. Why? I don't know. Lol. I sat on the dining table and played with my phone with Massu and Shige staring at me. Yamapi and the others were discussing about who-knows-what somewhere else. Oh, why wasn't Yamapi the one staring at me. Lol. And yeah, back to Shige and Massu. Out of the blue, Massu got up of his seat and grabbed a few marker pens of different colours. Guess what he wanted to do? He wanted to teach me Chemistry. What's ですよ?! I think it might be because of the stress I had because today was Chemistry papers. I was like "WTH?!" in my dream. I mean, seriously. He intended to teach me Acids and Bases, and he was very confident that I could understand Chemistry better with him as my teacher. When he was about to teach me, "ER AHHHH!! WAKE UP! It's raining heavily outside, so wake up now or else you'll be late for school!" shouted mummy.

........ *big sigh*

How I wish Massu had taught me. I might be able to do better in the Chemistry papers today. xD

It was seriously a wonderful dream because I woke up smiling. Haha. I had both Yamada and Massu together in my dream. How awesome is that? Yeah, I started liking Massu more and more after watching NEWS' unplugged performances from their new album, LIVE. I like them very much and I had watched the videos for like.. 10 times maybe? xD I don't remember talking to Chinen and Yuma though. =(

Oh yeah, in case you don't know who Massu is. His full name is Takahisa Masuda.

Ain't he cute? xD Pictures credits to Tegolicious.

I think..... My blog will be more active from now on. ^^

Friday, October 1, 2010


My exam ends on the 12th of November~!