Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Flipping Tables

Have you ever felt so fed up of studying you just feel like flipping tables and not do anything of that sort anymore? 

I have felt that many, many times but I always convince myself that hey, this is for your future. So bear with it! Actually my table can't even be flipped, it is attached to the wall so boo! 

My journey in A Levels will be ending very, very soon. In fact, in just about 20 days' time, I will be done with my all A2 papers and will be heading towards my biggest dream of all time! About which I believe I will be blogging quite often, so stay tuned! A part of me can't wait to rid myself off the A Levels horror but a part of me secretly feels slightly heavy-hearted for leaving Sunway College and the wonderful people I've crossed paths with there. Undoubtedly, college life has been quite a splendid experience for me as I've exceeded my expectations in some of the things I thought I wouldn't do, which I have done. So I'm satisfied. :)

Gotta go saturate my brain with scientific facts again! And... the cycle of wanting to flip tables and realising my table can't be moved convincing myself it's for the sake of my future continues...


PS : Can't wait to make my blog lively again! :D