Saturday, September 25, 2010

Just Videos

Just some performances from the concert DVD that I LOVEEEE SO MUCH.

First, OUR FUTURE. Wahhh, I just love it so so much!! The part where Yamada asked the fans to smile (2.09 - 2.10) was so adorable~~~ And HAHA at Shintaro randomly passing the glitter strips to Hikaru. xD Because this was already towards the ending, they were shouting "Arigatou! Arigatou!!" all the time.

Their dance rehearsal. =P

Ganbarestugo!! by Hey! Say! 7. =D

Star Time.....

TO THE TOP. They should really really really release a studio version of this song.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hey! Say! 2010 TEN JUMP DVD Review & Pictures

My concert DVD just arrived yesterday!! I was sooo glad and hyper to see a package waiting for me in my dad's car when he fetched me back from tuition that I knocked my leg on the door. Gosh, it was painful, really. Right, anyway~ Okay, so, after watching Hey! Say! JUMP's Hey! Say! 2010 TEN JUMP concert DVD yesterday, I felt the urge to write a concert review because the DVD is just too awesome. Three words to describe the concert, FANTASTIC, FABULOUS and PERFECT!

But firstly, for those of you who are wondering how the DVD packaging may look like, here are a few pictures. I snapped all these in a hurry so sorry for the blurry pictures and my poor photographic skills.

The concert DVD is rather different from their previous ones, because this time, there are backstage and rehearsal clips. Initially, I thought those clips were AFTER the whole concert but it turned out to be that they were inserted in the middle of their performances, which is rather new to me. I had to watch the DVD for a while to get used to the way it is presented, but I actually like the way it is like that because it is always fun to watch them rehearsing and having fun backstage. Even reading magazine interviews where BEST talked about how hyper they were backstage when 7 sang Ganbaretsugo!! is enough to make me laugh, needless to say watching it. They were really really high and their hyperness was unimaginable to me at first. Watching it made me go 0.o!! and of course, when BEST were on stage singing SCORE, 7 was super hyped up as well.

So, the concert started off with an OVERTURE, where the big screen showed all JUMP members in pyjamas, greeting the fans. The cutest one, in my opinion, was Ryutaro and Inoo. Ryutaro was lying down on a pillow on Inoo's lap with his eyes closed and Inoo was patting his head. D'awwww... Then, Shintaro (Ryutaro's little brother) appeared, greeting the fans as well, followed by B.I. Shadow. And then they shouted JUMP! with the fans and lastly, with a chant of "Hey! Say! JUMP!!!!", the music of Dreams Come True played and the big cloth dropped down and the members appeared, dancing energetically on stage. The stage was really colourful, I must say. It was soooo pretty, with a BIG teddy bear on top. Then, they continued with their second song, Tobira no Mukou where they sang acapella in the beginning and the music came in during "Kiseki korogatteru~~" Next up was Bouken Rider. As awesome as usual. =)

Before Hitomi no Screen, they showed us their dance rehearsal. All of them were so casual yet so cool~! I especially love the first dance rehearsal, it was like a little cool dance they did in the middle of the concert, I forgot before which song. I have a bad memory, mind me please. =) There were rehearsals of songs like Your Seed, Mayonaka no Shadow Boy, Romeo & Juliet, Suriru, Hitomi no Screen and a few more. After the rehearsal clip, it was the real performance of Hitomi no Screen where BEST members wore neon green clothes and 7 wore orange clothes. The performance was superb but Yamada seemed to be a bit exhausted and he was sweating beads. During his solos in the song, his voice was a bit hoarse, but he managed to finish
them up nicely. =) Good job, Yamada!

After Endless Dream was S.O.S and OMG I have to flail about this performance. It was super adorable!! BEST members pretended to be sleeping after dancing and laid down on the floor. Chinen came out at first, trying to wake them up but to no avail. So, the rest of 7's members appeared as well, wearing purple and white outfits. Then, they started singing the song and BEST members woke up all of a sudden with white papers/cloths over their heads like ghosts. They started chasing 7's members and it was very fun to watch! Oh, my memory is so vague but all I remember was that the performance had cuteness overload! Oh! I remembered. When all of 7's members reached the front stage, Yamada pretended that he could not run anymore and started crying in the middle when Ryutaro came to the rescue! He grabbed Yamada's hand and ran with him towards the main stage. Awwww....

Wow, there are sooo many songs to talk about so I'll skip most of them because I am pretty tired. Haha. Just some short descriptions. Kagayaki Days was very colourful (Itsudemo fruit paradise~!), School Days was funny, SCORE was very lively (Oh, I love this song so much) Mayonaka no Shadow Boy was hot (started off with Yuto's Shadow?) Star Time was soothing, School Kakumei was fun as well and they threw balls to the fans during this song, Taiyou ni Love Motion! and FLY.

There were some backstage footages in the middle where they showed JUMP changing clothes and all the interactions backstage. You have to watch this if you haven't! ;) They sang Romeo & Juliet after that, wearing white clothes and gloves with the fans shouting "Oh Romeo!". And theeeen, Yuto was on his drums and Hikaru with his bass! OhMeGod, what can I say. I didn't realise how good Yuto was until yesterday! He was so powerful on drums and so was Hikaru! While playing the instruments, Yamada and Daiki was dancing in front and they were as professional as ever. Please allow me to be biased here because Yamada's dancing was very very good! After that, it was Kumo no Ito by Takaki and Chinen! This was the first time I had ever listened to this duet and it turned out to be really great! Chinen's voice suits this kind of hardcore songs, IMO. Next up was Oto by Yabu with Inoo on the piano. His voice is just love. =)

NYC Boys up next. They sang, I would call it a medley of NYC, Dial Up, Yume no Tane and Yuuki 100%. Of course during Yuuki 100%, the fans danced along with all the hand movements. It was such a harmonious scene. Hehe. ^^ Something happened after this but I can't recall. Anyway, it was 7's turn now, with Ganbaretsugo!!. Before singing, they talked one by one about things they were putting effort in. (If I am not mistaken) It was pretty hard to understand every single word they said based on my suckish Japanese languange ability but I could understand a bit. I think Chinen's were to be good friends with Ohno from Arashi and to grow taller. And then when it was Ryutaro's turn to speak, Shintaro appeared with a letter written by him to his brother. I am so sorry for forgetting what the letter content was about but there was this brotherly love that must not be missed! Ryutaro was trying to pinch Shintaro when he quickly ran down from the stage. xD Before 7 started singing, the clip of BEST going insane backstage was played. LOL!!!! It was seriously hilarious, I must say! During Ganbaretsuugo!!, Yamada changed the lyrics of "Kyou no kimi wo miteiru to, boku mo, ureshiku naru~" into something like "Osaka @&#*$^~&*".

Oh, before I forget, the MC session. They spoke so fast that it was very difficult to catch what they meant. Gosh, it was as fast as lightning man, they way they spoke. Anyway, I heard something like Inoo teasing Takaki because his mum makes food for him and Takaki got really embarassed. He was tossing his body around and his excuse was, "Wouldn't it be a waste if I don't eat them when my mum has made it for me?" something like that.

Suriru. They had this colourful magic thingy where they danced in colourful spotlights and then they performed some tricks. Following up was Ultra Music Power and they were in orange and white clothes. I was surprised to see Yabu singing "Jumping to my heart" and "Fighting for my heart" with Chinen. Puberty, maybe? I don't know.. 0.o I have nothing much to say about Hey! Say! and Jounetsu JUMP, except for Hey! Say! was the cutest song ever. =) After that, they sang a song that we are all unfamiliar with, namely TO THE TOP. I liked that song pretty much as I thought it was rather catchy. Your Seed was accompanied by their infamous cool dance and Kung Fu poses. They ran right away backstage to get changed for the next song, which was Born in the EARTH. They were rushing here and there because they were running out of time. Lol. They used the super short time to get changed when B.I. Shadow, Shintaro and other juniors bid goodbye to the fans. They got into silver bling bling clothes and YAMADA TIED UP HIS HAIR INTO A PONYTAIL!!! *biased* After Born in the Earth were OUR FUTURE and Yumeiro, supposedly the last songs. I have to say this. No, I MUST say this. Yumeiro is such a fun and joyful song, they should totally record a studio version of it! I am gonna love it so so much! Then, it was the end of the concert and they all said bye bye and arigatou before disappearing.

And OF COURSE, there was an encore. They wore their "I <3 JUMP" shirts and sang Romeo & Juliet once again while throwing cardboards with their signatures on it towards the fans except that this time there was no dancing. Lucky those fans who got them. The ending was really touching. They instructed for the fans to keep silent and shouted "Minna, aishiteruyo!!" with all their might WITHOUT using microphones and earned ear-piercing screams from the crowd, of course. xD I don't know if it is true or not but I think this wasn't planned beforehand because they were discussing in a circle on stage before doing it. And Ryutaro looked really confused when Yabu explained to them about what to do.

WOAH! The concert was really great and I really truly sincerely wish that I can attend one in the future!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Wookies, since I am kinda free now and don't plan to study for today, I've decided to blog. =P

A week before, grandpa was like this.

Everyone was persuading him to eat or even drink.

Then the very day before he was gone, he was SUPER energetic. He could sit up straight, without supporting himself with his hands and could even cross his legs. I was like 0.o?! And then he requested for a pen and paper. Apparently he wanted to write or draw something, I don't know. So here's his masterpiece.

Well, maybe there's a hidden meaning but for sure I can't see that.

So.... Grandpa's funeral huh. Okay, let's start from Thursday. Well, you see, I was in Physics tuition when my mum suddenly called me. I couldn't answer the phone because the whole class was so freaking quiet that you could even hear a pin drop,so it would be embarassing. My heart started beating quickly because I knew something was definitely wrong. Mummy wouldn't call me for nothing in the middle of my lesson. So I waited and waited and JUMPed up when the counter koko knocked on the door and asked me to pack my stuffs. Apparenly grandpa was in a very critical state that time, panting real hard. Aunty Lay Bee came to pick me up and I was sooooooo nervous in the car. I kept calling mummy to check on grandpa and was relieved that he was still breathing. However, mummy asked me to hurry up because grandpa was waiting to see me, he couldn't wait any longer. So I quickly hopped down from the car upon reaching and was about to run into the house when I saw all of them standing outside. Then I knew it was over. My grandma came out and told me that grandpa had just caught his last breath when I reached. He passed away at 10pm and I reached there at 10.02pm. What's?! Some things are just inevitable.... =(

I didn't cry when I saw him. I was SHOCKED and stood by the door, staring at the still and pale body. Then daddy, along with his two brothers changed clothes for grandpa. I remained calm for a while but not until my aunt reached. She immediately rushed down from Melaka and had to crawl in as to pay respect because she didn't manage to be by his side when he passed away. It was sooooo disheartening to see and then I cried. I cried like hell and used lots of tissues when I saw her crying. Very sad indeed. Theeeeeen, SYT called me. We talked for quite a long time and I cried too when I told her about this. SYT, thanks for calling, I felt better after that.

The next day was the ceremony, we had to pray four times a day and OUCH! My knees hurt. Had to kneel down and stand up, kneel down and stand up for so many times but it's okay. =) The second day was okay for me, I didn't cry because no one cried. Well, actually my second aunt did but I tried not to look at her so I was fine. =D The Fairy Park people (OMG I sound like Andrew now, lorry and car people but I don't know how to call them) placed dry ice on top and beside grandpa.

Setting up the tents.

We received lots of standing flowers!

And they're super pretty!!

I like this one the most!

Beautiful, no? ^^

Last aunt and baby Z-Ann!! I love her soo soo much!!

Isaac and I!!

So, my job was to burn the papers (kim zhua). It was super hot in the house, no fan and plus, sitting beside fire.

This was what it looked like on the first day. We had to burn and burn until the day of funeral. Cannot let the fire stop burning. So in the midnight, we asked the workers to help. Lol.

His new house and car.

I don't know what they call this. 0.o

There were lots of people!! And spot Yan Ye there. Lol. She was busy taking pictures for my last aunt. xD

Baby Katilyn / Z-Ann! This is what she does when I ask her, "Who is botak?" and she will point to herself. If you guys remember, I had told you that I was botak until I was 3. Same case here. xD

Funeral day. (Today)

Sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters. Okay, I was supposed to be there actually. xD

Fairy Park.

Hmm so that's all about it I guess. I took lots of pictures but some are inappropriate to post. ^^"

Sorry for the long post. =)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So-called Hiatus

Yamada Ryosuke, taken from HSJ first photobook.

Okamoto Keito, taken from HSJ first photobook.

It has been a week since I last posted something here. =) I may not be posting anything for a few days from now on. Well, I don't know if this is considered hiatus or not. Okay, let's call this a semi-hiatus. =D