Sunday, August 28, 2011


One more week to trials. OMGEEEE.

Tomorrow's the last day I'm gonna enjoy myself for now. Going out to Sunway for a movie with WK and Jeremy! And yet we've not decided which movie to watch. Lol. Major failure.

That's all. Kthxbai. Another major failure.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

How're Ya'll?

Hewoo peeps. It has been a while since I last blogged. How are ya'll doing? Couldn't really find the time to really sit down and blog calmfully without  having my mind being disturbed by the thought of trials and SPM. They're really haunting me. Not to say that I'm blogging calmfully right now. It's just that I've decided to slack a little today since I'm helping my mum to scan passports and send them through email to the travel agency. May this year's Bali trip be a safe and wonderful one. :) I'm sure this will be the most special trip so far. You-know-why.

Recently everything's still the same. Except that life isn't very easy for me and I'm always on the verge of tears when I think of stressful stuffs. But thanks to him who always cheers me up whenever I'm feeling down. Thanks a lot. <3

I'm currently addicted to Monopoly on iPad. I wonder why. But I think it's because I always win. I've never once lost. LOL. The main reason why I don't find games interesting is because I never win but for this case, it's different. So it's like I've found my love in games, only Monopoly though. Another reason is because it involves $$$$$. Who doesn't love that right. ;)

I realise that I'm too used to the auto-spelling correction on iPad that whenever I type wrongly on the laptop I don't even bother to change it until I realised I'm not using iPad. -.- Why can't blogger be like Microsoft Word and change my spelling errors. Lol. This not good. I will go to the extent of not changing my spelling mistakes while I'm writing essays. No good no good.

Man, the feeling of blogging surely is the best. I can just go on and on babbling on my small little blog where I barely have readers. Woots. :D

And recently, well, not very recently, around a month ago I created a new Twitter account. So I have officially 3 Twitter accounts. The previous 2 are dead though. Never used them. And I'm actually starting to ditch FB. Posting tweets feels better than posting status. I wonder why. Lol. I'm a weirdo, I know. And I totally spammed Twitter during the Lee Chong Wei vs. Lin Dan match a few days ago. Man, I hate Lin Dan. Eww. So lan si. Why can't he be humble a bit. But I must admit that his skills are not bad. Oh so in case you want to follow me on Twitter or anything, follow me on @cherylyappies.

Oh I've started watching You're Beautiful Japanese Version, known as Ikemen Desu Ne. I must say that I prefer the Korean version as the actors are hotter. LOL. But I like the actress in the Japanese version! Pretty and adorable. :) FYI, the songs they use are all the same, just that they sang them in Japanese.

Hmmmm although I had just come back from Famine 30 not long ago (6th to 7th August) but I'm already missing the hang-outs with friends. I really want to go out during the Raya holidays although trials are looming ahead. It's just so boring and lifeless to be studying at home every day. And recently I'm having this crave for Japanese food even I also don't know why. I feel like a pregnant lady. Oh well. But hopefully we're gonna eat Japanese food to celebrate daddy's birthday. Woots!

Man look at how much I've babbled. I'm gonna end it here then. Teehee.

Surprise presents are indeed meaningful if that person really appreciates it. Quote him, "Presents are really meant to come from the heart. It's not always about money." Yepps, very true indeed. <3