Saturday, February 27, 2010

Major Letdown

Dim Sum this morning. (^_^)

Was suppose to go to KL but dad said he's tired. What a disappointment. I was so anticipating to go to KL you know. I hardly ever get to go there. =( So, went home and did homework. But good news is, I finished all my homework! Except Physics for some reason. However, daddy suddenly asked me if I want to go to KL, so of course I said yes. But the excitement isn't there anymore. =( My main point was to go to KLCC and visit Kinokuniya. xD As expected, I didn't get to go to KLCC. Only visited uncle's house. How sad.

Picture taken from inside the car. This is actually the first time I get to stare at the building at such a close distance because usually we enter the parking lot straight away.

Well, at least I get to pass KLCC twice. Reason being my mum gave the wrong direction and we went back to the same old road again. Lol. And on the way home from KL, my dad explained to me about KL. He was too into explaining that he used the wrong lane and went into the lane heading to Jalan Sultan Ismail. Nice. He was just explaining to me how serious the traffic jam is there and now he's there. WAHAHA.

Mum : Look how nice your dad is. He took you on a tour around KL.
Me : That's only because he used the wrong lane. =.="
Dad : *laughs*
Grandma : *snores*

Sunday, February 21, 2010

*Insert a Suitable Title Here*

I wasn't in the mood of blogging lately, I don't know why. 0.o

I went out from very early in the morning until now at night. SOOOO TIRING! I slept in the car and am having neck sore now. Sigh.. I had to follow my mum to the morning market to buy all sorts of stuffs for today's praying ceremony. However, I am happy enough whenever I reminded myself that I am ditching school tomorrow. HORRAY! Ding's excuse was "Kononnya 'ti gong' allow." Major LOL. Mine was, "Taking leave tomorrow because VISA applied from parents already". xD

I went to my mum's friend's house just now and she was coincidentally making jelly as well as cake. So... An idea popped up in my mind. HEHEHE. I took advantage of the chance and posed with the jelly she made (for Kerja Amal). I was sooooooooo happy and relieved because I didn't need to make my own. But I don't know WTH happened to my stupid phone and the pictures just went *puff* missing! I couldn't find it anywhere in my phone now. How sad.. Sigh~

Anyways~ Oh my heaven! These boys are so hawt. =)

Hitomi no Screen full PV! Thanks to the Chuugoku jins and we're able to watch it 4 days sooner before the CD releases. Apparently it was leaked. ^^

They all definitely look grown up! But there's still a slight cuteness in Ryutaro and Chinen. =P
Pretty satisfied because all of them got their own close-ups and YAY for Keito starting the fight. LOL at Yamada's tiny ponytail. I kinda like it actually. Well, and as expected he got his solo scene but was defeated. Haha. The only thing I am not satisfied with this PV is that it is meaningless. "So who won who?"

Tiny ponytail~~

I've nothing else to say so tata and see you guys, Lyodts on Tuesday!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Woots! なが~い!


I just watched yesterday's Shounen Club and not much of HS7 though. Daiki and Hikaru appeared randomly in different sections and Chinen participated in the Furigee game part but he was the first one to be kicked out of the game. Lol. He took part because he won the last time but this time.. Erm.. Well, you know. xD

Here's a video of the Hitomi no Screen performance by HS7. Daiki and Hikaru appeared towards the end and were playing with Yamada? Lol, I don't know. No offence but Yamada's "I love you~" sounded a bit flirty. xD Btw, this is the mirrored version of it. The original version has been blocked by NHK.

Ok, now.. about CNY.. Nothing special.. Visited grandma's (father side) house then grandma's (mother side) house then aunt's house, another aunt's house , Ah Em Po's house and then another aunt's house. Lol. Here's a picture I took while we were in grandma's (father side) house.

Now you see why I'm always so bored with my cuzzies. They're all kids. Sigh.

Then, at Ah Em Po's house. We had lots of fun chatting with each other after such a long time not meeting up! Haha. And with my mum's presence, you'll never know what boring is. xDD She was basically the clown yesterday. ^^

We took a group picture of all the cousins. Well, not exactly all because a few are in UK now.

Wow, so blurry. Need to wait for Yan Ye to upload the pictures taken by her camera in Facebook first. xD
Btw, I sense some obscenity here. Lol.

Then.. Aunt's house in Bukit Tinggi.

Here's Jo Vynn and her dog, Buddy! Buddy is seriously a cutie but he's super naughty. =(

Handsome boy number 1. Isaac Lui Kai Zhen!

Good boy, at least he let me take a picture of him. xD

Handsome boy number 2! Kyle Lui! (I forgot his full name, but he's the brother of Isaac.)

No hooray! He didn't want to let me take his picture so you can consider this as a paparazzi picture. =D

However, this was how he reacted whenever I took out my phone.

Well, anyways, I LOVE him.

Because we were too bored, my mum and I decided to bathe their dog, Pocchi or whatever it is, and cut his fur because it was WAY TOO LONG!

Aww, poor thing, he was shivering!

Then, we celebrated Katilyn's birthday! (who is the sister of Kyle and Isaac) =D

Birthday girl!

Katilyn and her daddy~

Before that, we had a fast food party?! Lots and lotsa pizzas, spaghetti and KFC. =P

And then, we went home so that I could watch Shounen Club. That was basically what happened yesterday. Yay!

Wow, long! HAHA.

Friday, February 12, 2010



Chinese New Year's tomorrow yo! I am not at all excited actually. Haha. Hmm.. I've not posted anything in quite a long time so here I am..

I just came back from cleaning grandma's house. Not very tiring actually since I didn't do much.. Just wiped the furniture and mopped the floor.. Brought Poofie along too and he was super noisy plus annoying because he was making noises when we were eating in the dining room. Lol.

So.. One week holiday for me.. I have 20 ++ homework to do plus Kpop DJ's homework. Well, she has the same amount from me Jpop YY too. Lol. She's dead and so am I. =)))

Once again, happy birthday, Gorilla! Or should I say Happy Belated Birthday? Lol.

Okay, I'm off to take a shower and then continue my Innocent Love drama. I am starting to get addicted to it. Lol. I think it's pretty much like a cliffhanger. Even my dad said it's nice. I doze off while watching Episode 4 yesterday because it was already pretty late but my dad stayed up till 2am to watch it. He finished the whole Disc 1! I can't believe it, serioulsy. He has never agreed with me that Japanese dramas are nice but this time pulak he is addicted to it. He couldn't find Disc 2 and he was so desperate until he climbed upstairs to find for it. Lol. Apparently it was in the drawer but well.. never mind. xDD Cutie daddy.