Friday, February 10, 2012


My life is so uninteresting that I haven't the slightest idea of what to blog about. So I guess I am gonna just keep typing like I am ranting to you guys. Haha.

What defines my life recently : work, work and work. Okay, I am not a workaholic and I do have other stuffs to occupy my leisure time but that pretty much sums up my daily life. Except weekends. I feel so lifeless waking up at 6 every day just to go to work. I don't mind working but fellow transporters, can you please ask the person in charged to not be so reckless and do their jobs properly so that I don't have to crack my head figuring why the total amount is different while doing transporter bills? You just don't know how frustrating the job exactly is. Ugh. It sucks more when I have to make endless calls to you just to ask you to come over so that you can sign at the amended part. Good for you too, you have to waste your time just to come over. :P Okay I just realised most of you might not understand what I am babbling about right here. :/

I have a bad attitude where I always feel like giving up without putting in much effort in certain things. I don't have that spirit or support that drives me into persevering with what I am supposed to do. I guess I have to get rid of this bad attitude that will eventually destroy me sooner or later. :(

Moving on to a totally different story, my urge of going to Japan is back! Every time I see Hey! Say! JUMP perform, especially when they have new releases, I go all frenzy about the idea of going to Japan to meet them. Every time I watch their concert DVD, I will be thinking, man, why are those girls so lucky to be able to meet them? I wanna at least experience once the feeling of screaming and jumping to your favourite songs sung by your favourite idols! But fret not, I might be able to watch them after all! They are having an Asia Tour! Their destinations will be Thailand, Hong Kong, Taipei, Korea and of course, Japan. As expected, Uncle Johnny always neglects Malaysia and Singapore. Or perhaps their fan base in these two countries are not big enough yet for them to hold concerts here. :( So I am aiming for the shows in Thailand! That would be in May though. Mummy says if we were to go there, we might as well spend around a week there instead of just going there for two days to catch two shows. Yes! I am planning to watch two shows. Why watch one only if I have the chance right? But I am afraid I will have to skip college. :( So if possible, I might plan to go to Hong Kong or Japan! There will be 4 shows (I think. Or 3) in HK and 10 shows in Japan. More choices to choose from! HK shows would be in March, which is okie dokie for me! But the Japan shows are in May. :( the only problem is the air ticket! Ha-ha-ha. Is paying for more expensive air tickets worth it for my once in a lifetime experience or not is another problem. :/ ugh, such a tough decision! I have a feeling that at the end of the day, I will not be able to watch them. Haih.

Oh btw! I bought their SUMMARY 2011 in DOME! Super excited to receive my package! It consists of 50 songs performed by HSJ and other JE artists like Kisumai! Woots! Thanks daddy for the superb Valentine present! (Valentine was just an excuse though, since there's still a loooooooooooooooong way till my birthday. :P)

Guess that's all for now! Will blog again when I have nothing else better to do.:D Toodles guys!