Monday, November 29, 2010

This Is A HSJ Post

I have got to blog about this. Hey! Say! JUMP's new song is tooooo amazing! It's Arigatou ~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo~ and there are lotsssss of different languages of thank yous in it! Here's the performance. Btw, the video is uploaded by Tan Siew Woon in Facebook. I wanted to embed a Youtube video here but well, you know, Uncle Johnny loves claiming his stuffs so... :)

Now, wasn't that performance perfect? Before this, when only Hey! Say! BEST performed it on YY Jumping, I was rather disappointed by the dance choreography but after watching this, I felt excited again! Hooray!! Although the dance for the chorus part is a bit lame, but still, I love it when the 10 of them performed it together! Plus, all of them got almost the same screening time albeit not all of them got close-ups but trust me, the Daiki close-up when he said, "Thanks" was absolutely lovable! Why must he be sooo adorable?! And and I love Yamada's dancing skills! He's so powerful when it comes to dancing. *drooling* Will be waiting patiently for their performance on Shounen Club. :) Oh, I've not flailed like this for such a long time in my blog already. It feels good. Ehehehe~! *poke*
Anyway, just for your entertainment, this is the list of the thank yous in different languages which can be found in the song.
  • テレマカシー – terima kasih (Indonesian and Malay) Happy happy~!
  • オブリガード – obrigado (Portugese)
  • ダンケシェーン – danke schön (German)
  • グラシアス – gracias (Spanish)
  • THANK YOU – thank you (English)
  • シェイシェイ – xiexie (Chinese)
  • スパシーバ – spasibo (Russian)
  • グラッチェ – grazie (Italian)
  • メルシーボク – merci beaucoup (French)
  • コップクンクラップ – khob khun krup (Thai)
  • サラマッポ – salamat po (Tagalog)
  • コマウォヨ – komawoyo (Korean)
  • ワンダナムル – wandanamuru (Kannada, spoken in India)
  • カムオン - cảm ơn (Vietnamese)
  • トーシャー – tosiah (Hokkien, a dialect spoken in Taiwan)
  • ムタシャッキル – mu tashàkkir (Some people say that’s Arabic, but I haven’t been able to confirm that. Edit: I’m being told that this is the Egyptian dialect of Arabic. Also, in Turkish müteşekkir means “thankful”.)
  • アサンテ – asante (Swahili and Yao, both spoken in several African countries)
  • トーシャー - Taiwanese (Hokkien)
Taken from Kamichan.
And btw, this is my 100th post! Cheers!

Oh, I'm too lazy to combine both pictures but there you go. JUMP in Hawaii!!! (From January 2011 issue of Myojo ) Uhmm, I'm sorry Daiki that you're cut into half. And Yabu, eat more please. :D

Edit edit : It's 12.00 a.m. in Japan now so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Chinen Yuri! お誕生日おめでとう! You're 17 now! :)

Stay cute! Although you're pretty mature on the inside. xD

And I wish you'll be able to celebrate with your beloved Ohno-kun since his birthday was only 4 days before yours. Haha, they're like father and son here. xD

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What if...

I've been pondering.....

What if... Our world changes and humans have no conscience at all in them? They can just act brutally without considering others' feelings and without the slightest guilt in them?

What if... They live only for themselves and whatever that happens to the people around them are not their business at all? Having friends will be like, just for the sake of having companions but when a friend faces a problem, it doesn't matter at all to them as long as they're not affected. How awful will that be?

Of course, this is not occuring to us yet but who knows what'll happen in the future? People will be living with ulterior motives and a hideous personality hidden in them. Maybe I'll eventually become one of them too. And once again, who knows?

I'm only using them because I don't think any of us living in this world is like that yet, and I certainly hope this will maintain eternally or possibly even better.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


You know what's freaking wrong with me? I lose my enthusiasm to blog very quickly. VERY QUICKLY. I always take pictures and go like, "Okay, this is what I'm gonna talk about in my next blog post," and when I reach home, I'll be like, "Nah, I'll do it tomorrow." Tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow. Until.... who-knows-when.

Actually, I still have lots of pictures in my phone that I had taken a few days ago but I'm just soooo lazy to take out the cable, plug it into my computer and transfer the pictures. Haha, don't blame me please, I can't help but to be LAZY. Too bad there's no cure to this disease of mine. What to do? But the thing is, without pictures, I don't know what to write about. A superb example, now. For your information, everything you're reading now is pointless and won't make you any smarter or entertained. *smacked*

Okay, anyway, I had finished reading Confessions of A Shopaholic a few days ago and got scolded by mummy. Apparently it was because RM 36 just disappeared in 3 days time. She said, " Don't you know how to enjoy books? Read it slowly, enjoy every part of it. Not like how you read, 3 days finished already! Not fun also! Now you'll have to buy more books and spend more money." Which was true, because I've just bought Shopaholic Takes Manhattan and Shopaholic Ties The Knot today at Popular Bookshop. I was just tearing off the plastic wrapper just now and there she went again, "慢慢来啦,不要急着读..." Okay okay, I resisted, and here I am, blogging about nothing. xD

Forgive me please! But for those of you who want something to entertain yourselves during the school holidays, I would really recommend Confessions of A Shopaholic! Rebecca Bloomwood is seriously truly really nonsensical. HAHA. Oh, I had watched the movie too yesterday. The storyline was a bit different but of course her habit and obsession towards shopping were still with her no matter what. xD But mummy, don't worry, I won't turn into a shopaholic. Instead, I will mengambil iktibar from her actions and menginsafkan diri (not that I've ever shopped like her).

Eheheh~ *poke*

Friday, November 12, 2010


Hmm I guess today I'll be out with mummy the whole day so if you see me in town don't be shocked! *joking* We'll be going to Klang Sentral later to fetch grandma home and then Jusco will be our next stop as I wanna buy books. =) To be precise, a novel. I had seen Ding reading the Shopaholic series and they look interesting to me so I've decided to give it a try! But firstly I'll but Confessions of a Shopaholic. There are so many versions that I don't know which one to buy. Well, let's see which one's available in the book shop then.

As Ding had said, it's for light reading so I suppose it would be just nice for my holidays.

And speaking about holidays, next Tuesday will be the last day for me in school! MUAHAHAHA soooo happy!

Oh, yesterday I had discovered something terrible. HORRIBLE!!! Wendy Tan, I'm still sulking over it till now. Are you? Do you know what happened to our Add Math? Okay, the story's like this. We were required to answer 4 questions out of 5 for Section B and 2 questions out of 4 (?) for Section C but our papers were clipped wrongly so we saw the wrong question and did 3 questions for Section B and 3 questions for Section C instead. So, our extra one for Section C was canceled by our teacher and our 10 marks just *poof!* disappeared like that. OMGEEEEEEEE How can this happen to me?! Yesterday when I told Ding about this, apparently she said someone behind asked teacher about the pages but since Wendy and I were sitting in front, we didn't hear. Ish ish. =.=

Gotta go! Bye!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I feel weird. I don't know why, I just somehow feel weird and unhappy right now. Maybe because I woke up feeling sick and all, but my mood is just.........bad.

Yesterday, Low asked me if I love my life, and I couldn't give her a solid answer to that question. Well, it's obvious that she loves her life and she's very happy about it. I must agree that my life is A LOT better compared to those African kids and yeah, I'm happy about it but do I love my life? Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. Is that even an answer? 0.o

Anyway, just got back Sivik, Sejarah and Japanese papers yesterday. All are satisfactory, at least my effort paid off but it just sends shiver down my spine whenever I think of getting back papers like Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Accounts especially because I totally screwed up those papers. I don't want to disappoint my mum since I'm her only child but I had really really tried my best. I hope my grades won't be so EWW that I will not have the courage to face her. *fingers crossed*

And about Facebook, I'm starting to get bored with it. I don't know what to do there, I'm practically just scrolling up and down, up and down. I don't know what to write as my status (because there's nothing interesting about my life). Any suggestion of fun things to do on the Internet? xD

Okay, sorry for being emotional in this post, I just feel EWW. That's all. I might feel better tomorrow, I guess?? xD

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Hmm I wanted to blog about this 2 days ago but always didn't have to chance to. So I'm going to talk about my trip to KLCC 2 days ago. xD

Man, I spent A LOT. I mean, seriously, A LOT for just one day of shopping. It's not that I bought electrical appliances, only clothes, shoes and bottle costed me almost RM1000. I was shocked myself. xD

Okay, maybe it doesn't look a lot for you guys but it was super HEAVY. xD

I bought 2 pairs of shoes, Puma and Nike.

Then, I bought bottles. At last I found the bottle similar to my lost one! I am sooo happy. =)

After that, guess what? OF COURSE I went to Esprit! =) Even though there were sales, the clothes were still super expensive. D:

So that's basically what I bought when I went to KLCC. I went into Kinokuniya but came out with my hands empty. So disappointed, I thought I would buy something.. Like a magazine. xD


Just came back from Tommy's house not long ago, and you know what? I am SICK. SICK! EWW I hate being sick. What can I do to strengthen my immune system? *sigh*

But anyway, I had lots of fun while playing the games there although they were lame. Haha. I hope Afiqah uploads the pictures as soon as possible. =)


Oh yeah, Hey! Say! JUMP is releasing a new single soon! Entitled "Arigatou" ~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo~.
I am soooo excited for this! But too bad I am not allowed to buy anymore. =( If the PV was shot in Hawaii and the making-of features the 10 boys having fun there, I would be sooo devastated for not buying it. :(

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Guilty or Innocent?

Today, a friend told me,

Having a fandom is like having a boyfriend : STICK TO ONE!

Ahah! I guess I'm guilty for that but hey, I don't have a boyfriend now so I might as well be in multiple fandoms while I can. xD And Ding, you're guilty too, don't worry. You love almost EVERY Korean artist that has ever existed including old ones. LOL!

Well, but I guess even when I have a boyfriend it's okay to look at others? As long as my loyalty is towards him.... Right?

Okay, this is a TOTALLY pointless post. Just... had this conversation with two of my friends and it struck me so.. :S

Well, anyway. I am kinda afraid to attend school next week because it means getting back our papers. I don't even have one paper which I am confident with, which is terrible and horrible. How am I going to survive then? Getting colder and increasing heartbeat rates every time each teacher enters the class? :(