Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another Day Had Passed

Hmmm....Another day has passed huh?? It's scary and amazing at the same time how time flies so quickly.

Let's start with the Japanese Language Festival. It was should I put it? Boring and interesting day at the same time at different times. Basically because we only got to chose 2 activities out of 9, and we ended up sitting in a row, listening to people practising choral speaking. That was seriously boring, you see. xD However, ikebana and furoshiki were enjoyable though. =)

Our end-product. (Wendy and I) We didn't think it was pretty but the teacher kept on praising ours. I am not boasting, yeah. Hehe. ^^ I don't see how it's attractive though. xD OH WELL. Different people different taste, I guess? Or to make this simple and straight forward, professionals and amateurs are people from different worlds. There you go. xD

Yan Ni and Gorilla's product.

With Ikebana teacher.

Next was Furoshiki.

This was one of the four ways of furoshiki she taught us. This was to wrap books.

With Furoshiki teacher and..... a helper, I guess?

After the festival, my family and I along with Auntie Lay Bee and Lee Yang went to Port Klang for seafood.

Kirei desu ne? xD

After that, we went home, of course. I tried on the free T-shirt we got. It looked okay to me at first but when I tried it on.... Ehem~! *coughcough*

It turned out like this :

Lol. You can barely see my shorts and my shorts are not that short, really. xD Lousy tongue twister.

Woops, it's really late now. I dozed off in the car just now on the way home and was going to bed already but my mum tempted me to use the computer and that explained why I am here, blogging in the middle of the night. xD Okay okay, good nights!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


ME.WANTS.TO.GO.TO.SUMMARY!! I seriously think I am going nuts already. You know, the desperate feeling to go when you read concert reports but it's obviously not going to happen?? My mum told me, in 3 years, we might have enough money to go to Japan again and by that time, I might be able to go. Oh, how I hope I'll still like them as much as I do now 3 years later. Who knows, future, right? Lots of reasons why I am longing to go :

  • Obviously, I want to meet all of HSJ members.
  • I want to see them perform LIVE with my heart, mind, soul and body in the stadium. I don't want to watch with my heart, mind and soul only without my body there. =(
  • I want to see Yamada and Daiki walking on a tight rope and Chinen doing trapezee stunt. And I just found out one interesting thing, the part where Chinen fell down was planned. Apparently, it happened in every concert. Sweat man. Really scared the hell out of me. How can you do this to your fans, Chinen? xD
  • I wanna see those CUTE DOGS!!! Just saw another concert report where the dogs did stunts and ran over to Yamada for a hug after succeeding. SOOO CUTE man!! Gosh. @@
  • I wanna see Yamada singing Asia no Yoru while performing stunts in the air.
  • I wanna hear their new solos.
  • I wanna hear them perform Shinku. Lol, biased here.
  • I wanna watch HSJ in 3D!! Oh noes, spazzing again.
  • I wanna hear them singing SUMMARY while flying in the air.
  • I want to be asked "What is my favourite food?" and "Where do you live?" by them, only if I am lucky enough.
  • I want to buy their concert goods. That might be the only reason I'll get to buy them.
  • I've never been to a concert before.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I wonder why I am sooooo fatigue although today's only our "Mini Hari Usahawan Muda". I guess it was because Wendy and I walked "too much" searching for cups and ice but ended up not selling anything. Well, at least I get to drink Milo whenever I want at home. Good news too. =) I wonder if our class did earn any profit for selling that Oreo drink today. 0.o

At around 11 something, Wendy, SYT and I sneaked back home, fetched by Wendy's mum. LOL. I hope the guard doesn't remember me for my well-known tahi lalat. If he reports to the teacher, we will really be in hot soup then. But well, I don't think we were the only ones who escaped home though. xD

After that, my mum fetched me and I accompanied her to buy paint. I tell you, we waited for around 1 hour there waiting for the person in charge to mix the colours. And guess what? I doze off while choosing the suitable colours. Lol. I slept on the table where everyone was walking around me all the time. How could I have done that? Oh gosh. It must be really embarassing but no choice, I was seriously worn out. No joke. Even after drinking Milo, Wendy. It didn't work. =P

Oh, my bloody phone. At last I am able to receive messages and view my missed calls. Apparently, I have to switch off my phone once in a while. First time hearing this but OH WELL. D:

And now I've just come back from eating steamboat with Auntie Lay Bee and a few of my dad's friends. They're now at my house. I am trying to concentrate on studying but I guess you can figure it out that the plan has failed because I am here. xDD Let's see if I can study after writing this post. Can't put too much expectation on myself though. =P

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Gah, I am sooo tempted to post the video of my mum and dad performing taekwondo acts. Seriously, I've never gotten bored of that video. =)

Just came back from Chemistry tuition and had a great time teasing Chandini. She found her new lovers, which are Cow Dunk and another-forgotten-his-name-guy. xD They're both Chinese, btw.

Here's a picture I would like to flail about :

Picture credits to silyangpilak at Livejournal.

Oh YAMACHII. Am I blind or is that Yamada asking for a kiss from Chinen?! They're always doing this in their concerts. 0.o This is from their SUMMARY concert, paparazzi picture captured on this Monday, I suppose. =D

Okies, going to bed now. Just wanted to keep my blog alive. =)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mr. Freddie

I have a new family member!! Wanna know who HE is??

Scroll down please.....

*drum rolls*


Let's welcome, MR. FREDDIE!!! Okay, that was a random name I gave him. I've decided to let it be a HE. xD

It's my new fridge, Mr. Freddie!! =) Handsome, isn't he? Goodbye to our old 11-year-old fridge.

Don't whack me, I have nothing else better to do. xD


Went to my cousin's birthday party yesterday at Bukit Tinggi.

Of course, I was super bored. I think you know why. Generation problem. =(

Jo Vynn, the birthday girl covered her face. =(

Here's a video :

Random shoutout : I LOVE ARASHI'S TO BE FREE SOOOO MUCH!! Because gives me a Subarashiki Sekai feeling. =D

Friday, July 16, 2010

"Arrival" of JUMP No. 1

So, my JUMP No. 1 departed from Japan, arrived at Hong Kong, departed from Hong Kong and arrived at tanah airku, Malaysia. Apparently, it has found its home at my house today!! Weee!!!

The package.

Bubble wrapping!! Or whatever you call it. They wrapped it in 3 layers. Which took me some time to reach the albums. Lol.

I own ALL of them!! MUAHAHAHAHA.
Well, only one. =( Let's see if Papa Wendy is kind enough to give me hers. Lol.

Back view.

Now this is mine! Haha.

Currently listening to this album at maximum volume. Really really loud. Haha. xD And Sarah, when shall we meet?? ^^

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Surprise Present

If you remember, I told you that my mum bought a surprise present for me yesterday. Guess what? It's a..... CUP. =)

A Yamada Ryosuke cup!! Weeee~~

Thanks a lot mummy!!! I LOVE YOU TO DEATH!!! XDD

Still remember when I went to Mid Valley on that day I had mata songsang? Yes. These are what I bought.

The contents :

There are more, but OH WELL, I am too lazy. xD

Another one :

The contents :

And SYT!! Code Blue corner~~~

There are more too, but OH WELL again. xD

I got this for free. BWAHAHA. I bought those magazines for don't-know-how-many-percent discount because they were older issues and I got this for free! Quite worth it though. xD The Duet I bought was May's issue while Myojo was March's issue. =P

There are soooo many more (newer issues) but they were quite expensive so my mum went hunting for JE magazines with discount. Haha. xD Thanks again, mummy!! ^^

I did not only bought these, of course right? I bought this too! Haha.

Saigo no Yakusoku starring all five members of Arashi. xD

And.. of course I did not buy only these, right? I bought a shirt from MNG too, but I did not take a picture of it. xD And my hunt for heels failed terribly... Too bad... =(


Ahhh it's already 2 in the morning now. 0.o

So...Went to Mei Hui's orchestra today with Wendy, SYT, Low, Mian Ying and not to forget, Low's dad. One word to describe the orchestra. OHSHOME!!! (Awesome). I love the Encore part the most, where all of us clapped our hands together. It seriously made me feel like I am a part of the orchestra team, especially when the conductor directed for us to stop, and all of us stopped. Haha. How harmonious.. I was actually pretty shocked when people started shouting "ENCORE! ENCORE!". I didn't expect that in such a formal event. =) Mei Hui looked pretty to me. She looks elegant with dress and make-up on. And her sitting posture while playing the violin, so straight! I bet I would have suffered from severe backache if I were her. Lol.

Had a "great" time riding in Low's car as well. Being squeezed like sandwich by Low and Wendy. WTH? And I loved that roller coaster ride in the car, really. Thanks to Low's dad! ^^ Thank you so much for being so kind to fetch a bunch of kids there. xD And thanks for the sandwich as well and and and! The supper. =P I didn't expect to get home in the middle of the night though. Haha. That was kinda fun. xD

And yeah! My mum gave me a surprise present too, for getting the 3rd position in class. Never thought that was good enough though. 0.o Anyway, will post the picture up here tomorrow, MAYBE. xD

Will update more with pictures tomorrow. Stay tuned for the pictures guys! And sorry, I couldn't write much now because I am so freaking worn out. My eyes are soooooo red because of the contact lenses. My eyes are burning now. *screams* So good night, world!

Friday, July 9, 2010


Warning : Major flailings below. xD

Allow me to flail please. Haha. TIME TIME TIME! This video totally made my day and Ding, I had HG session again. LOL. xD

Great things about this video :
  • Yuto's moonwalk.
  • Yamada's expression in the end.
  • Yamada's voice.
  • Takaki's voice.
  • Chinen being grown up.
  • Keito's shirt. (It's written Dropout gave me freedom against boredom) Lol.
  • Ryutaro being so adorable.
  • Everyone getting attention.
  • The lyrics were written by Takaki.
  • Music arranged by Daiki.
  • Everyone's ending pose.
  • Lastly..... This awesome songgggg!!
Oh, I am a happy fangirl. xDD Going to watch it again on Shounen Club this Sunday. After all, watching on TV is so much better. xD And HSJ will be on Music Station again! Another video of them was uploaded on Johnny's net~! Weeee! They are always so bubbly~~


Our exam is postponed to the 13th of August! That's the greatest news in the whole wide world man!!! ^^ Now I can enjoy my weekend without feeling wary anymore. xD I've been thinking that I have not enough time *points to title* to study and now it has been postponed! God! I love you so much! *Dingnism*

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Long Time No Babble

I think I am going to fall asick soon. I have sore throat now. SHOOT. =(

So, I skipped school yesterday. Wasn't planned earlier though. When I was drying up my hair, my mum suddenly came into my room and said, "I'm on leave today. Let's go to Mid Valley!" and I immediately replied, "Okay!" after checking on my timetable for Wednesday. Thought that all the subjects are useless except for Add Math and Modern Math. Basically because they have the most homeworks. Went to Mid Valley from 9 am to 7 pm. HOLY COW. My back and legs were aching like hell when I got home. Imagine attending tuition at 8.15 pm. =(

And....Still regarding the topic above.... My greatest daddy in the universe, Wendy Tan or Gravity Tan if you prefer, gave a ridiculously false information to the rest of Lyodts on why I was absent yesterday. I am so proud of you, Tan Pei Sin Wendy. Thought of honouring you by sms-ing you EARLY in the morning to inform you, but I ended up being thought that I went to the hospital because I had mata songsang. You have such a brilliant mind, don't ya? LOL. xD No wonder everyone was staring straight into my eyes when I reached school today. Gorilla was the first one to ask, "Shieh Er, you have mata songsang??" I was like, "WHUT?" Oh.... So that's what happened la..... *imagined herself stabbing Wendy in the heart* Wendy, no offence intended, I am in my babbling mode today. =)

So, orchestra on Saturday! Not to say VERY excited but not to say not excited AT ALL.. Since this is the first time I am attending such event, of course there's still slight elation in me. Try imagining if Hey! Say! JUMP is written on the ticket. LOL. Low and I had a great time imagining how I would respond if that ever happens. But OH WELL. I don't think it's ever gonna happen. Well, maybe 0.01%. *optimistic* Btw, Low, I won't be wearing high heels anymore so don't worry about taking pictures with me. You can tip-toe if you want to, though, since it's harmless. Haha.

And Friday's plan to watch Eclipse has been canceled huh? Utter disappointment, I must say. Not because I'll not be able to watch it but because I just have this feeling that every outing we plan seems to be a failure. A terrible one. Did anyone of you notice that every outing we plan beforehand will always be canceled whereas every outing planned abruptly will be a success? That's what's special about Lyodts. Haha. xD

Okay, I've already babbled a lot and I wonder why. I am so freaking sleepy but I felt like typing. Have not typed this much for such a long time already and since it's "holiday" tomorrow, I've planned to sleep late. And Wendy, I'll type Ibu dan Ceper and the-other-forgotten-the-name-cerpen's sinopsis out for you. Tomorrow, maybe. xD

So, buh bye world. Going to finish off my Eclipse now. Few more pages left. YESH! VICTORY! It's a big achivement to me, you see. xD

Monday, July 5, 2010

Skipping School??

Just came back from aunt's house and am all sweaty now. Gonna shower soon, I guess??

HAHAHA skipping school on Friday??? Bwahahahha I am such a happy happy girl. xD And I am DEFINITELY going to finish reading my Eclipse soon. SOON.

I don't have anything else to say. Updating randomly just because Gorilla asked me to post something. That's all. Buh bye world! ^^

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thank You ~From Us To You~

So, JUMP No. 1 is available for us to download now. =D I seriously wonder how they manage to get their albums even before the release date. 0.o

The album cover. Scan credits to hanarok at Livejournal.

Thank You ~僕たちから君へ~ or Thank You ~From Us To You~ is such a beautiful song. I love it the second I listened to the preview. It's a ballad song (YAY!!). HOWEVER!!! They inserted a bit of Ultra Music Power, Dreams Come True, Mayonaka no Shadow Boy, Your Seed and Hitomi no Screen towards the end. And I was shocked when Yabu started to speak when the song ended. Of course, followed by Chinen (LOL at his Minna, I LOVE YOU!!), Takaki (He said 我爱你!!) and so on.... Their messages are so cute!! HAHAHA.

The lyrics : (It's written by the 10 of them btw! How meaningful....)

Before we say goodbye, from us to you
Sincerity is put into our grateful feelings
We wish to send this song
Today you and us, how many dreams have we seen
Many scenes, various memories
All of it is shining with you
Definitely everyone’s smiles and bonds
Will become the encouragement for tomorrow onwards
Say goodbye to the everyone today
Parting is the promise to meet again
The moments that our hearts become one
Are added, at that time love is born
Say goodbye because we’ll meet again soon
Parting is the time we think of you
Make our hearts one forever
We are connected together
Thank you for your love
The continuation of dreams is never ending
No matter where, it will overflow
Say goodbye to the everyone today
Parting is the promise to meet again
The moments that our hearts become one

Are added, at that time love is born
Say goodbye because we’ll meet again soon
Parting is the time we think of you
Make our hearts one forever
We are connected together
Thank you for your love

Translation credits to yamapi96 at Livejournal.

This is such a worthy album to spend your money on. =D