Thursday, July 28, 2011

Get Well Soon!

You poor thing, get well soon wokay? ♥ *hugs*

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Me Is Happy

First, my group, 4C got the third place for the Physics Explorace! At least our effort paid off ya! And I must say that our teamwork was kind of great. Lol. Thank you so much, guys! :D

Second, my cute little cuzzies are here at my house! Yesterday, after Accounts tuition, mummy fetched Isaac and Kyle who were so eager to stay overnight at our house. The little rascal Kyle, was hogging my iPad while Isaac, helped out with some housechores! He cleaned up my trophy cabinet. :)

Surprisingly, he's really hardworking for a kid.

Kyle oh Kyle. <3

I love them so freaking much!!!! :D

And lastly, some extra Bon Odori pictures! Actually, I brought my camera along that day but guess what. I'd totally forgotten about it so I took every picture with my phone camera. When the event was about to come to an end only I realised there was a camera in my bag. Oh well. I'm stupid enough to forget that.


Groovin'. XD

Poor thing.

Tada! I'm happy now but I'm unhappy that exam's only one day away. Oh well. I'm in serious trouble.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Flurry of Activities

Lots of things have happened within this week. This week's schedule was pretty hectic for me. At last, today, which is on Sunday, I get to menikmati a whole day at home doing nothing. Okay, I tried studying yeah. And managed to read some stuffs. Woo! >_>

Okay, so first, on Friday, which was on the 15th of July 2011, I followed our school for a visit to Taylor's College at Subang and Taylor's Lakeside Campus. Yeah, two places in a day. Although the visit to the lakeside campus was kind of lame since we only went there for lunch. Lol.

Darling and I!

We were taught Chromatography which is a part of SAM's Chemistry lesson. We were given the chance to write whatever we want on a piece of chromatograph paper (if that's what it's called) and then soak it partially in 1% sodium chloride, NaCl solution. Then the magic happens! Okay, maybe not magic after all. The NaCl solution is absored by the paper and then the colour will be dispersed. My LYODTS turned out like this :

Which looked like an inverted tulip. (according to Menon) :)

Wee! Y rocks the world!

Then, on the next day, which was yesterday or 16th or Saturday, I went to Taylor's Lakeside Campus again! For an Accounting Quiz with Low, Xiao Yan, Wendy and Shu Fen (I don't know how to spell her name. Siew Fen?)

Sadly, none of us won any prizes. The competition was too tough. Lots of PJ and KL schools. And true enough, Sri KL got 4 prizes. D: But congratulations to them la! :D

And theeeen, after the competition, I was hesitating if I should go to Bon Odori or not since I've missed that event for a few years already and obviously I missed it! I missed eavesdropping on people's conversation to hear if they are Japanese or not. I'm too free, I know. Well, can't be blamed though since we had to queue up for like almost 1 hour for food. D:

I forgot to patah balik to this store to buy ice-cream which was really UGH for me. -.-

Yeah, I forgot to mention that I went with Wei Khit and Jeremy. It was a really last-minute decision. Lol. We made the decision like.. 1 hour before the event started. :)

Yakiudon. For RM8. Too salty. I could actually feel a few strands of my hair falling off on the spot already. *hiperbola* Okay, it's not that bad actually. Lol. Just a tad bit too salty for us.

While Wei Khit and I were queuing up for takoyaki, Jeremy wandered around to hunt for drinks and he bought this. This was the cutest drink I've ever seen I tell you. The cap is actually made of a little glass ball and you have to press it WITH LOTS OF EFFORT, MIND YOU. And then it will POP! fall into the bottle and it will turn out like the picture above. Then you're free to play with it! Teehee. Oh, it's RM6. :) Worth it, worth it. But too bad Jeremy only bought 2 bottles and when we went back for more, they're all sold out. -.- Bleh.

Takoyaki! Octopus one though. :( I trusted WK who said you won't feel the octopus inside and walloped the whole ball into my mouth and I soon felt something hard and octopus-like in my mouth and went hysterical. -.- I'm never eating takoyaki anymore. :( And uhhh, I forgot the price. Lol.

Woopsie, the picture's terbalik. But anyway, this udon wasn't that bad. RM8. :)

Muahaha, appropriate shirt is appropriate I tell you. I LOVE JAPAN! I was practically strutting around showing off. Okay, I didn't. Teehee.

Hahahaha this picture had a very funny story behind it. WK offered to hold the fans (or maybe he just wanted his hand in the picture LOL) and so I decided to play a fool with him. After taking the picture, I lied to him that the picture was too blurry and said that I would like to take a few more. He held his hands out until his hand was shaking because too xeng. OH HOW MUCH I LAUGHED! WAHAHAHA EVIL ME. Well it can't be helped.

Look at the scary amount of humans! I could barely breathe. *hiperbola* The amount of people increased a lot, I must say.

LOL HAHAHAHA. This was really silly too. WK gege stretched his hand out and patted Jeremy but in fact, he was sticking this Tuna sticker on his shirt and of course, Jeremy who was too busy eating didn't notice it. But he sure did notice the people around staring at him with weird looks. MUAHAHA.

Both of them dancing and hence, the blurry picture. WK was the hyper one though. ;)

Next week will be another tideous week! Blehhhh.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Thanks darling Yuan Ting, Jye Yih, Raveena and Nicole for the souvenirs from Thailand! Love them! :)

And YOU, yes, you. Thanks! Don't worry, I'll keep it nicely. :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

On TV?

Guess what? My cousin called me up just now in the morning and asked me to go for the filming of an advertisement. And of course, my jaw dropped. Lol.

It was just a simple advertisement though. More like a video clip. My job was just to stand in front of the camera and pretend to be sweeping the leaves on the ground while my cousin picks them up. A giant Mr. Bin (rubbish bin) mascot will be walking around us doing the "thumbs up" action. Haha. I didn't really dare to look at the camera though. So basically only my hair was filmed. XD

After that all of us stood in front of the camera, smiled and pointed number 1 with our fingers. Lol. Which stands for 1 Malaysia of course. I heard that the advertisement will be on TV3 but I don't think you'll be able to see me. Lol. I might only appear for one second. Teehee. Here are some pictures. Pictures credits to Jarren Singh on FB aka Mr. Bin.

As for the pay... Hahaha. It's only RM25 though. Well, it's better than nothing. Only a few minutes of filming after all. XD

In other news, I'm sick. Again. No way man. I die die also have to go to school tomorrow. I want to take class pictures!! :D

I'll be waiting for your surprise. :)