Tuesday, December 29, 2009


My legs are aching badly now. I cannot even walk properly, I can only walk like a penguin now. And from time to time, I almost fell down because there is hardly any more strength in my legs. All because of my daddy's silly idea. Should I say silly? Erm... But he was just trying to cut away my fats after watching The Biggest Loser Asia.

Okay.. The story was like this. After watching The Biggest Loser Asia, he got so enthusiastic towards exercising. Lol. So, my cute daddy wanted to prove to mummy and I that he still has his sportsman energy and spirit in him so he got up of the sofa and started exercising. And he forced us to follow him, taking turns.
Firstly, he pressed him palms against the sofa and bent up and down for 20 times and then demanded for us to follow him. I was seriously very reluctant because I knew that the consequence will not be any good after doing that. So, I let my mum go first. She did it easily, although panting hard after 20 times of squatting up and down. When it reached my turn, 20 times, ok, no problem.

And then, cutie daddy came up with another great idea. He raised his hands up straight, like a Chinese vampire, and did the same thing again, bending up and down. According to him, the hands were to obtain balance. Maybe. Mummy didn't want to do anymore and so did I. But cutie daddy still persisted and demanded for us to do, so the only choice was to do. I asked mummy to do with me, together. And daddy counted, "One-do, two-do, three-do" but until "four-do", I immediately fell down onto the floor, restless. Not only because of the pain in my leg muscles, but also due to all the laughings which made me tired. But mummy continued doing and won. While me, the poor girl, had to do all over again until I managed till 20 times. Sigh.. I was trembling after that exercise.

Cutie daddy came up with another one again. But before he was able to continue, mummy and I escaped upstairs leaving him SS-ing downstairs. LOL. I am afraid he's going to do the same thing again today, as he said yesterday that the exercise will increase 10 times per day. Oh good lord.

Now I can understand the feelings of The Biggest Loser's contestants. Super tiring and exhausting. And I wasn't wrong, my legs are barely able to move today. Even when I walk, my legs are wobbly, although it was only 40 times. I gave my cutie daddy the excuse that I didn't do any warm up, that's why. ^^ Lame excuse.

God bless me. *fingers crossed*


Adrenaline. I find this word very pretty. At first, I thought it was the name of a human, a girl. It isn't after all. It's also known as Epinephrine, which is a type of hormone in your body which increases your heart rate and makes you excited. I wondered to myself, have I ever encountered adrenaline in my life? I couldn't recall. But I am pretty sure that there is no adrenaline everytime I see him. No increase in heart rate, nothing. Just excitement and happiness. I can still remember Low telling me that she her heart beat used to increase when she sees Chinen Yuri, but I don't think it still happens now and that is already history.

When I asked my dad about the meaning of adrenaline, he just told me that it is a hormone in our body that makes us feel excited and a hormone that triggers you which gives you a sensation in your body. I am kind of curious of how the sensation feels. Is it the same when I was about to collect my PMR results? Is it the same when I was about to get onto the airplane to Japan? I don't know...

And as a matter of fact, I am 10 pages ahead of the chapter Adrenaline of New Moon. Maybe I'll learn more from that chapter.

Sigh, going to mop the floor now. =(

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A lunch with Auntie Eng

I just came back from lunch and a short shopping at Tesco with Auntie Eng, my mum's friend or rather colleague at work. She treated me for lunch at Secret Recipe for my birthday. And.. Guess what I ate?? I ate Noodle in Tom Yam Kung! Oh, I just love tom yam, but I don't love Thailand. *peace* ^^

I may say that this noodle was not bad but pretty spicy. I love it because they put lots of mushrooms in it. YUMMY!

And this is Auntie Eng!

This was what she ate. And guess what? This was the first time she had ever eaten Chicken Chop. She's more like a China lady. Haha, only eats fried rice and noodles. And the funny thing was, she got diarhorrea one hour after eating this which proved that her tummy doesn't welcome Western food. xD

Let's welcome the two Siao Po's!

Mummy's order. I don't recommend this. Not delicious at all. =(

And then.. We went to Tesco to buy some canned mushrooms and I bought mushroom and chicken soup. Campbell. Yummy.. ^^ I saw a Beagle at the pet shop today. So adorable! And it's fur is so beautiful, looked like the colours had been painted on it. xD But he sure was noisy. =(

That's all for today! Bye~!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Birthday Celebration

So, yesterday, daddy and mummy brought me for "ho liao", which was Japanese food at Fukutei, Bandar Bharu to celebrate for my PMR results as well as my birthday. I ate A LOT. A lot till my whole tummy was round and my whole body was out of shape. My mum requested for a type of cold noodle which I like very much from the chef and he agreed. I was very grateful because that noodle wasn't in the menu anymore and he was still willing to make for me. Maybe because we're regular customers. ^^

What a special pose, I say. Lol.

Don't know what fish, but I don't like raw food. xD

This was what I ate, Temaki & Tempura set + Cold ramen.

And.. Mummy wanted me to take a picture with her. Lol.


While today, Auntie Lay Bee and a few friends of daddy's celebrated with me at Setia Alam's Soon Kee Seafood Restaurant. And I was again, VERY FULL.

There were more, like crab and 4 types of fish. Oh gosh. Lol.

Oh, and Uncle Jackson brought a turkey for Christmas! We exchanged Christmas gifts too and the surprising thing was all our presents were bought from the same shop. ^^

Everyone was staring at our turkey. Is it really an odd thing to do in Malaysia? To eat a turkey during Christmas? I don't think so... 0.o

After our dinner, we proceeded to my house for further celebration which was the cake blowing and birthday song singing sessions. xD

Auntie Lay Bee bought a Pandan layer cake. ^^

Just a tiny one, since we can't possibly finish a huge one.

I wasn't in the mood of taking picture. SLEEPY.

So.. That was basically how I celebrated my birthday. And they're actually still in my house right now. xD

Christmas is going to end soon. Before it ends, here's a little Santa I saw standing beside me at Fukutei.

Okie, now that was lots of picture. I'll end my post here. Bye!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!


Christmas is a season of cherishing and giving.

Sorry but I have nothing to give. Lol.

Anyway, may all your wishes come true and may everything sail smoothly according to your desires.



Kanojo no Natsu 彼女の夏

I really like this melody. Enjoy~

Buzzer Beat OST - Kanojo no Natsu

Upload Music

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

12.00 a.m.

Ok, it's not exactly 12 a.m. now. I wanted it to be 12 a.m. but all the wishes stopped it from being so. xD
I received wishes from SYT, Gorilla, my piano teacher, Cheryl che che and my primary friend, Huay Theng. Huay Theng's message really gave me a big shock though. I didn't expect her to remember my birthday! I am glad, really. ^^ Now I am feeling guilty for not remembering hers. Sigh..

The most exaggerating one was Gorilla. She was so desperate to be the first one to wish me. Haha. But sorry to say, Ding was the first one to wish me. xD Very advance indeed. She wished me on the 10th of December. 14 days advanced. Haha. But it's ok though since she's in Australia now. Thanks Ding! Gorilla, she's not very puas hati with this statement. So I am going to edit a bit. She actually wished me too together with Ding because they gave us my present together. Happy now? Lol.

Back to Gorilla's topic. She har... I have no suitable adjective to describe her. Funny or cute? Funny, cute, 傻傻分不清楚. She wished me "yesterday" on the 23rd so that she'll be the first one. And at 12.00 a.m., she wished me again on msn. And then again, she sent me a message. And then AGAIN, she wished me in Lyodts' blog. Ok, Gorilla, I am here to officially announce that you're the first one to wish me without any shadows of doubt.

BUT! Syt, you were very punctual too! Haha. Both your messages came in on msn at the same time. Haha. So it's difficult to judge. xD Anyway, thanks! Since you purposely came online to wish me. True ahh??? 0.o xD

But too bad, my parents are busy snoring now. So.. Yeah, I guess they'll wish me tomorrow.

Btw, my plan to finish watching Buzzer Beat failed because of all these wishes too. Lol.

Again, thanks everyone for the wishes!!

嬉しいよ!本当に! すごく嬉しかった! 皆愛してるよ!

PS : Aww.. I just received another wish from Jane. And my mum just woke up and wished me. Lol. Thanks!!

I guess this picture can represent how grateful and happy I am now.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


LOL laziness has grown in me nowadays. I promised that I will write in more detail about my trip to Japan here, but ahahah I am too lazy. I was pretty enthusiastic about this at first, but then after writing a summary about it in Lyodts' blog, my spirit has gone away.

Erm... I am feeling kind of nervous for tomorrow because tomorrow is certainly a BIG DAY for me. A big big one. Big as in my birthday when I am going to be 15 very very soon and our PMR results are coming out tomorrow! What a coincidence is that? At first I was informed that it's coming out on the 28th but they changed the date for whatever reason it is. But it doesn't make much difference though.. Only 4 days difference. The only difference is that I am going to either get a heart attack or tears of happiness 4 days sooner, that's all about it. xD May the results turn out well. *4 fingers crossed with eyes closed*

And it ALSO means that Christmas is getting nearer and nearer! 2 days more! How great is that? Not great for us Malaysians though, no White Christmas for us. Haha. xD Hmm.. How I wish that I am in Japan on Christmas day, it will be so pretty with all the neon lights and decorations. But even before Christmas, they started to decorate the whole city already and I am pretty glad about that. ^^

Pretty, no? Oh, I just love Christmas.

The holidays are pretty boring for me excluding the week in Japan. I am all alone at home. Sigh.. I can only chat with my friends in msn without meeting them face-to-face. But never mind! Tomorrow we'll be able to meet each other and they'll receive their souvenirs from me. I am currently watching Buzzer Beat, which in my opinion is a great drama. I love how Yamapi played the basketball and how Keiko played the violin. Beautiful. Keiko's pretty. ^^ And I cried at episode 7, so touching when they talked through the window with Riko crying and Naoki looking at her with those beautiful eyes. Aww... This stuff just doesn't happen in real life, does it? I don't think so..

They made Yamapi look so small in this drama. I don't think he's small but with him standing beside all the basketball players, oh dear, he seems so short. Haha. 175 cm.. Around the height of my dad. xD There is this very hilarious part in the drama.

LOL They were comparing each other's body. And they commented that Yamapi's breasts are bigger than a woman's. Quite true though. xD

He looks like a small kid with an extremely big head and short legs in this picture. Haha.

Aww.... ^^

Syt told me that she's going for ice skating class today. I'll pray for you! Don't fall down too much. Make sure you go to school safely tomorrow without any of your body parts missing. Kekeke. =D

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fun, fun and fun!!

Yepps! Today I went to Wendy's house with the others for the so-called reunion party or themeless party. xD I think it was soooo fun. ^^ I really had a great time there. Especially during the karaoke session. I didn't enjoy that much though during the poker cards session as I am not good in playing poker cards and I only got back RM1.50. But right now, I have no idea where that money has gone to. Wendy, if you happen to find it, please inform me. Lol. I remember putting on the table.

We sang lots of songs although I didn't really sing. I did sing but I held the microphone way too far away for them to hear my voice. Clever me. xD Xiao Yan sang too, surprisingly! Of course, SYT would make the whole karaoke set hers. LOL. Even Andrew got afraid of her and hid in the TV room. Haha. No offence, I am just kidding.

And then... Everyone went home except me. So, Wendy took this opportunity to teach me on how to edit pictures for our blog header. And... I did a fairly good job. Muahaha! I consider myself the cutest in the picture. I will leave it as a surprise first. ^^ And might be uploading it to our blog during Chinese New Year since that header was meant for CNY season. Hmm.. Had a great time chasing Wendy up and down her bed too when she didn't wanna return my camera to me and said that if she spoils the camera, it would be a compensation for spoiling her chair. Haha. WTH?!

So.. Now I am busy uploading pictures and I hate doing this when the pictures are taken by camera because it seriously takes a long time. What's more when Facebook is moving really slow nowadays. What to do? I was the only one who brought a camera. Duhh~!

Here's a picture of the whole crew who attended today. ^^


Thursday, December 10, 2009

One-Day Off

Today is the only day that I don't have any tuitions. Hehe. And I don't plan to do any homework today, since today's the only day I can enjoy. I don't know if I am going to finish all my homework first before going to Japan.. Hmm.. But there's plenty of time after I come back right? Haha.

Arghhh!! I am so frustrated now. My music box is not functioning. I wonder why?? Help, anyone? It can't seem to play although I've changed it to the old one, Utada Hikaru's First Love. I've tried so many times but it's still not functioning. =(

I am so boring.. Anyone wants to go out? xD

Transparent Wall

Ok, so like what I've mentioned in the previous post, I went to the Japanese trial class. And the main thing is, my dad FFK-ed me. He said he was shy to enter the class because he'll obviously be the oldest student. I am not very sure but he said it was just a skill of negotiation for him to tell the counter guy that he wants to join. The case was like this. If there are more than one people who join (of course recommended by you), you'll get an offer of RM80 which is the registration fees and get the textbooks for free. So yeah, I guessed he just lied to him that he's considering to join and bargained for a trial class. But who knows, maybe he intended to join but later thought that it's not a good idea and just simply created a reason for it? Haha. xD

Ok, so I am going to talk about my first time in a proper Japanese class before my memory of today fades away when I wake up tomorrow. Firstly, when I entered the class, I really got a shock because I didn't expect the class to be consisting of so many students. Maybe less then 10 but no for this case. And.. I sat at the first row.

Initially, I was treated like a totally transparent wall. I was as if not existed in the class. Well, my assumption is because teacher thought I was a beginner who didn't know ANYTHING about Japanese at all. So, she probably thought that it was a better idea of not wasting her time and energy to explain the whole lesson to me. Until when it was exercise time, I took out my pencil and started writing on the paper, her eyes were like on stalks asking, "Boleh kah?". Then I smiled and replied, "Yeah."

Then, she went outside to ask the counter guy about me. I couldn't hear them though. After entering the class, she seemed more interested in me. WTH. She started asking me questions like..

"Have you gone for any Japanese courses before?"
And she flipped open the textbook to different pages, asking me "Have you learnt this in school?" "This?" and "How about this?" And so.. I replied the same thing to every question, "Yeah~". What a weird teacher. Lol. But she's good in a reasonable way, as in when she's teaching, she explains every single thing clearly to clear every confusion.

Actually, this lesson kinda reminded me of that time when we were studying about "i" and "na" adjective. Everyone seemed to get confuse at the word "kirei" because it's the only special one together with "yuumei" that is in the category of "na" adjective. Yeah, like how we were when we learnt about this. Interesting. I was able to observe quite a lot of things in this short 90 minutes lesson. Well, not very short, but QUITE. The students there are such keen learners. Lol. They were babbling all the time in Japanese and I found that pretty cute. xD

Guys, please don't misunderstand and have this thought that I am boasting around. I am just stumbling across my keyboard to type out what I felt about this lesson. ^^ So, that was basically what happened today at the trial class. Maybe I'll continue next year?  But I don't feel like joining the beginner course and start learning stuffs like "Konnichiwa" and "Sayounara" all over again. Actually, I don't really mind revising over those again, but it's a matter of $$. It doesn't cost little. It's quite a big amount of money. 0.o

Ok, this is quite a long post. Haha. I'll end it here then. Bye bye~~

First Experience

The title, First Experience refers to my first experience in attending a class with daddy. xD

Yupe! We're going for a trial Japanese class later. Kekeke. I am really looking forward to it although I had totally forgotten about this class. I was dozing off in the car and jumped up suddenly when my mum asked me about the class. I am soooo tired. Again, failed to finish Puan Yong's homework. Today, in class, we were supposed to finished 2 freaking karangans so that we won't have any homework to bring back. I don't know what's wrong with Puan Yong or don't know which wayar of hers terputus already, she actually didn't give any homework today. But...... None of us finished both, so we had to bring one back as homework. How sad. I wonder how I will survive next year during exam. I can't even finish one karangan quickly. I took 2 hours to finish one karangan. Sigh.. =(

And LOL. Andrew followed Wendy to tuition today. But I think it was kinda worth it since it's free. Puan Yong gave him a karangan to do. And.. It was about Tunku Abdul Rahman? Haha. And poor thing, he had to think of 5 peribahasas to satisfy her. xD And he somemore dared to ask teacher if he should use dia or beliau for Tunku Abdul Rahman. HAHA. =D

Ok, I am going to take a bath now and head to tuition later. Jaa ne~~

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Today's Schedule

Ok, I've got to plan today's schedule or else I won't get to finish Puan Yong's homework FOREVER.

Morning : Mop the whole house and laundry. Breakfast
Afternoon : 12.00 till 6.30 homework.
Night : 6.30 - 7.00 Dinner
           8.15 - 10.15 MJ Tuition

So I guess today's schedule is roughly like that. I might be screaming again in the noon while doing homework because I always do that.. Well, scream in my heart. xD

Monday, December 7, 2009

Paradise of Relaxation

So, our Japan tour guide called me today and informed me about the procedures while in Japan. He also informed me to bring some lotion along because it'll be very dry there and it's super cold. The temperature is from 0 - 10 degree celcius. Nothing more than that. And guess what? Our tour guide is a Japanese, Mr. Takeda and he can speak Japanese, Mandarin, Hokkien and Cantonese. Amazing right? And.. He emailed the hotel list that we'll be staying there. I found the hotel really nice (to me). At least it's not dirty and the paint on the wall is not too bright, which is very relaxing. Well, actually I don't care very much about hotels since I'll probably be shopping outside all night, but... Getting the chance to stay in a nice one is awesome, isn't it? ^^

So here's two pictures of the rooms we'll be staying in.

This is the hotel located in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka.

Ok, this room is not very big but I think it's fine and good enough for 3 of us.

This is located in Osaka.

I like this one the most, I think. Because it's white. Beautiful.

Ok, that's the end of my story today. I hope my trip to Japan will be a wonderful and perfect one. Good Lord, please don't let me fall sick again. =(

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Drowned in A Pile of Homework

I am feeling REALLY frustrated with my homework now. I can't seem to finish it the way I planned it to. I wanted to finish my Accounts today, but I couldn't. I wanted to at least try to finish one karangan given by Puan Yong today, but I couldn't. I have this stupid headache after finishing the tatabahasa. Freaking a lot. It looks little but it took me forever to finish it. Sigh.

I guess the only way I can release stress is by using my dearest computer. I am still having headache now and I don't feel like continuing my homework now. I am so fed up! Gahhhh~! My holiday is all gone. But I MUST finish all my homework before going to Japan. It's a must, but I doubt myself for finishing them. =(

Memorable Memories

Just now I had loads of fun looking at my own baby pictures with my mum. We digged out our old pictures from the cabinet and flipped through every page. I didn't know I was so cute round when I was little. Haha. And we couldn't stop laughing every time we see any funny pictures. How I wish there was a video camera last time so that I can see how I used to behave. How nostalgic. Too bad I have only pictures to look at. My mum wants me to make a slideshow of my baby pictures so that we do not need to dig out the photo albums again every time we want too take a look at the old pictures because that is considered a really inconvenient work as the photo albums are so deep inside the cabinet.

So.. I guess I'll just try to scan as many pictures as I can when I have free time. Free time as in when all my Puan Yong's homework is done. They're killing, really. But I plan to do them on Monday since there's nothing much to do in aunt's house. I don't feel comfortable using their computer, since the computer is in the living room. Simply means I don't like people to see what I am doing in the net. It doesn't feel good, does it? NO. Monday's going to be a tough day, yeah, no doubt. I'll try to finish most of my homework so that I won't have any stress before my trip to Japan. I am not really VERY excited for this trip, but rather anticipating. I am not excited because 7 days and 5 nights is just tooo short (for me) but I am excited because HEY! It's Japan yo! I've never imagined myself standing the opportunity to go to Japan someday. Bagai orang mengantuk disorongkan bantal. xD I am not even sure if I've used this correctly or not. But never mind. Sigh..

I've deleted ALL my previous post because I would like to start a brand new one, although this account was not created very recently as you can see from the birth date of my blog. My previous post was about a review on HSJ's concert. It's not exactly a review, because I mostly crapped along the whole essay. Ok, essay. It was supposed to be an essay, an assignment given by Cambridge. Since I typed using computer and I didn't know what to post when I created my blog, so I decided to "copy paste" and post it. But I guess that post was kinda good for nothing. Hmmmmm...

Oh yeah! And another very shocking incident that happened today. Ok, I am exaggerating it. Haha. Well, my dad said that he wants to join Japanese class with me! Can you believe it? I couldn't believe my ears when I heard him saying that. I couldn't stop laughing either. My mum too. LOL. He said the main reason for him to be interested in taking up Japanese lesson is because he wants to understand what his Japanese clients or suppliers are babbling about behind him. This is one of the strategies in doing business. xD Anyway, we're going for a trial class next Thursday. But I realy doubt if my dad will continue after the trial class. 1st, he's always out-station and it'll be a waste to pay for nothing. 2nd, his memory is not very good now, I doubt he'll be able to remember all the hiraganas, katakanas, kanjis and vocabularies. Lol. 3rd, he actually said, " I think after attending 1 or 2 classes I will koyak and say, "Sayounara~!" ". Yupe. So I doubt it. =P

Ok, I have this baby picture in my computer that I like very much. Here it is :

I seriously don't know why I like to put my hand on my chin. My mum just told me that it's one of my habits when I take pictures. In this picture, I was actually lying on my dad's lap. So it's supposed to be horizontal but I rotated it to make it vertical. ^^

Ok, I'll end the post here. Bye bye~