Monday, August 30, 2010

Anak Merdeka

What time is it now? 12AM~! What does 12AM mean? It's 31st of August!! What does 31st of August mean? It means 2 things :

1. Daddy's birthday!!!
2. Hari Kemerdekaan!!!

My beloved daddy~~

Daddy and I at Disneyland!!

Daddy I LOVE YOU!!! *muacks* Thanks a lot for showering me lots and lotsa love!!! for giving me your credit card to buy those JUMP stuffs from the net!!!

And lastly, Selamat Hari Merdeka!!!

Merahmu bara semangat waja..
Putihmu bersih budi pekerti..
Kuning berdaulat, payung negara..
Biru perpaduan kami semua..

Tangga 31, bulan 8, 57~!

Fur and Hair

Today, we sent Poofie to the groomer at The Pet Family at Tesco. They asked us to wait for 2 hours so we went for lunch at Kenny Rogers and went shopping for some stuffs. After 2 hours, we went back to the pet shop. I actually ran on my way to the pet shop because I was so excited to see the "new" Poofie with my mum walking slowly behind me. When I reached there and saw him vaguely through the glass, I immediately turned back and ran back to my mum. I was SO SHOCKED because I've never really seen Poofie being a "real poodle" before because his hair was always long and unkempt. When my mum came with me to see him, we both laughed together at how silly he looked. Seriously, he looks so silly and SKINNY right now. But the groomer said he's quite "有肉" for a poodle.Mum asked the groomer to cut his fur as short as possible because it's all tangled up. Well, it doesn't matter since their fur can grow long very fast.

They said he was pretty well-behaved except when she was shaving his fur, he tried to bite her because it hurt.

This is how he looks like now :

Mummy has to carry him because he just doesn't let me take his picture. Argh.

This shirt was bought before he went for grooming and it fitted perfectly. However, after grooming........ He looks like he's suffering from leukemia or something. Lol. Had a great laugh with mummy just now. xD

Poofie and I, of course. =)

And speaking about grooming, I would like to talk about "human grooming" as well. =)

Yesterday, we went to my grandma's house to sort of "clean up" my grandpa. Haha. Okay, I don't know what word to use exactly, so I just used clean up. Aunty Lay Bee helped to cut his hair, mummy washed his hair and daddy dried up his hair. Lol. 3 clumsy so-called barbers working on an old man's hair. xD Well, my grandpa is currently suffering from lung cancer and has always been either lying down on the bed or sitting on his arm chair for not more than 5 minutes and he will return to his bed again. Looking at his fragile frame lying weakly on the bed is seriously very disheartening to see. But after "cleaning" him up, he sort of became fresher and he's now happier. He smiled at me yesterday, which made all of us surprised and shocked. And then today when my mum brought Poofie over to his place, he actually moved his hand and patted him. He smiled too. =) That's a good sign.

Here are the pictures. We all kept praising him that he looks handsome now. He got so shy and refused to raise his head to look at us. Lol. How cute of him. I've never seen this side of my grandpa so I felt happy for him.

Daddy drying up his hair. I've never seen this side of my daddy too so I was laughing in my heart. Lol.

It has made my realise the importance of taking care of our parents and I think I'm gonna do the same as well when it's time. xD Without us realising, I think they actually feel touched and happy seeing how everyone is working together to make them feel better. =) Everyone has to go through the same stage in life, right? Where we have to suffer from illness and face death someday, sooner or later. Even doing the smallest thing by accompanying him in the room will definitely make him feel better. Okay, what I did yesterday was helping him to change his socks and gosh, I did not dare to take them off too roughly because his pain receptors are super sensitive now. xD Not much, but still.... I can see that grandpa is very afraid now as he is waiting for the day to come. Every time I visit him, I can see that his eyes are teary and he can barely speak to me, avoiding himself from crying, I assume. He'll just stare at me each time I talk to him. He is refusing to eat now and his brain is getting worse. He actually can't remember things well because every time when we ask him to eat, he'll say, "Eaten." in Hokkien, of course. xD Yesterday my grandma called us to go to her house because grandpa wanted to talk to him but when we reached there and asked him what it was that he wanted to tell him, he said, "I've already said it." We were like 0.o and went speechless.

So, grandpa, I really hope you can hang on there as long as possible. =D And c'mon, eat please, kay? It'll not help you at all if you don't eat...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hotaru no Hikari

Hmmm.. I have no mood to blog nowadays. I wonder why? I've been so free yet so busy. Free because I've been watching drama these few days and busy because I've been doing Accounts Project. I have to admit that I still have piles of homework waiting for me to finish them. I can't help but continue to watch dramas. =)
Anyway, I've been watching this drama, Hotaru no Hikari and I think it's pretty entertaining. This is the first drama with both male actors that I like at the same time. Normally, whenever I watch a drama with unsur romance I will definitely hate one of the male actors but not this case. =) So, I had finished watching Hotaru no Hikari yesterday and proceeded to watch Hotaru no Hikari 2.

Lead actress, Ayase Haruka.

I can't say that she's extremely pretty though. Just... pretty. Actually, I prefer Ishihara Satomi. =) But they look QUITE alike in some ways. Maybe their characters.

Lead actor, Fujiki Naohito. The doctor in One Litre of Tears.

Second lead actor, Kato Kazuki.

The season 2 of this drama is even more amazing. I absolutely LOVE both male actors. Gosh, when Mukai Osamu appeared in the first episode I was staring at him and thinking, "IKEMEN~!!" He is just so gorgeous. And most importantly, he's tall. =) 182 cm, if I am not mistaken... Don't misunderstand, I still love Yamada. No doubt. xD

MUKAI OSAMU. Second lead actor in Season 2. =)

Gosh, how can he be so gorgeous? How I wish there are guys like him in Malaysia. HEH HEH. =) When I first saw him in Scrap Teacher, I thought, "Wow, what a hot teacher." Lol. Then, I saw him in Seigi no Mikata again. Lee, remember him? Then Atashinchi no Danshi, as Horikita Maki's son, what the hell. Lee, remember him? In the very-handsome-old-man-drama that I told you before.Then Hotaru no Hikari 2. =) Gotta finish Atashinchi no Danshi, for his sake. xD

Random shoutout : HOTARU NO HIKARI 2 IS ONLY SUBBED TILL EPISODE 6!! GAHHH. But in Japan it has only aired till episode...8? I don't know. 0.o


Okay, just now when daddy and I were going out for lunch, he suddenly said that he wanted to go for a movie. He sounded so enthusiastic so I went upstairs to grab my jacket, just in case. HOWEVER, he suddenly said he'd rather watch from Youtube at home since it's free and relaxing. What the hell. Lol. And so I made him sweep the floor for me since he "骗我的感情". xDDDD Untung also lah.

Holiday on Tuesday! It means daddy's birthday too, the anak merdeka. =) Let's go celebrate! What shall we eat on that day, daddy? *ulterior motive*

Friday, August 20, 2010


Hmmm... So, exam has just ended today huh? Puan Malar....... I don't hate you, I actually like you but why in the world did you tell us that only Kesukanan and Gimrama were coming out? Huhu... T_T I was like, wait, have I seen these before?! When I saw the words "pergerakan aktif" and "gimnastik artistik". D:

Okay, anyway, everything had ended and YAY~! Steamboat buffet tomorrow!!! ME WANTS TO EATS. =D

I don't know why but I took this random picture while studying Sejarah. Too bored, must be. =)

I was lying down while playing with my phone and ahha, snap~! Gosh, I need a proper camera for this. xD


Went to Tesco just now and bought myself YG which gave away HSJ's poster~! WEEEEE~!

Here's the poster :

It's HUGEEEEEE! As a comparison :

Huge, isn't it?

Heheh, I'm biased. But here's the original one from Potato August's issue.

Scan credits to.... the scanner. Lol.

Okay, random. xD

Wendy, look at this!!

This is the back part. xD

Oh, I've not used the computer for such a long time already. Lappie, I missed you~!!! Hmm, what should I do next then? Watched an episode of Natsuniji just now. Wanted to watch the next episode but it's still new so it has not been subbed yet. =( So gan jiong, you know...

Okays, shall go download some videos now. Buhbyes~!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Love JK

HSJ appeared on a Taiwanese entertainment program! Too bad this video is recorded but hey, it's still better than nothing. And LOL at Daiki unable to pronounce "Thank You" properly. xD Oh, and the host talked about SUMMARY too~!

HSJ's Interview & PV.

*off to study*

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I have been sick since Wednesday so that can only mean that I have been ill for 4 days. My fever started on Thursday, I assume but the doctor said I had no fever. So I felt relieved. But I always shiver at night and my whole body becomes warm. After waking up the next day, the feeling is gone. This happens every night too and the next morning it seems like there's nothing. I don't know why. However, today my illness got worse because my whole body became HOT and I started shivering even in the morning so I swallowed Ulphamol 650, hoping that it'll be gone but apparently it didn't so I swallowed 2 fever tablets. After that it wore off a bit but came back again. My doctor had given me antibiotics but I was reluctant to take them because I hate antibiotics. Gah. But I surrendered today and swallowed it because I have exam on Monday. Now, how great is that? >_>

I am feeling very uneasy because I wish this isn't any weird illness but just mere fever. Could it be dengue fever? CHOI. A H1N1? CHOIIIII. I don't have rashes on my skin so I assume it's not dengue fever. Every time I breathe, I have this pain in my colar bone and my right chest but I think it's because I had a terrible sleeping pose the last night. This pain is so annoying man. Imagine a needle poking your colar bone and right chest EVERY SINGLE TIME you breathe. OUCH. And I have backache too, along with headache, sore eye and running nose. ISYH!

I sincerely hope that all these will wear off by tomorrow or if possible, by tonight. Although I must admit that I wish to skip UP2, I still don't think that's ever going to happen. Haha. xD Like what Gorilla had said, I spend most of my time in front of my laptop, like, every day. This is one of the ways I use to forget all the pain.  By watching videos, chatting and FB-ing. *should listen to KAT-TUN's No More Pain*

Oh yeah, might not be updating in the next few days because of exam. However, I will, if anything interesting or outrageous happens around my fandom or my life. xDD

Jaa, mata~! *swallows another 2 fever tablets* EWWW. Disgusting. =(

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hey! Say! 2010 TEN JUMP DVD

Updated : For pictures of the DVD and a review of the concert, please click HERE. Please comment if you like! ^^

Guys! Hey! Say! JUMP is releasing a concert DVD on the 15th of September!

Source : Johnny's Net

Preorder is now available at CDJapan!

There are 2 discs in total and it includes their rehearsal footage and backstage tour document. A total of 176 minutes and the price is 4800yen (tax included) which is approximately RM 180. =)

Tracklist :

Disc 1

1. Dreams come true
2. トビラの向こう (Tobira no Mukou)
3. 冒険ライダー (Bouken Rider)
4. 瞳のスクリーン (Hitomi no Screen)
5. Endless Dream
6. S.O.S
7. 輝きデイズ (Kagayaki Days)
8. スクールデイズ (School Days)
9. Score
10. 真夜中のシャドーボーイ (Mayonaka no Shadow Boy)
11. Star Time
12. スクール革命 (School Kakumei)
13. 太陽にLOVE MOTION! (Taiyou ni LOVE MOTION)
14. FLY
15. Romeo & Juliet
16. 蜘蛛の糸 (Kumo no Ito)
17. おと (Oto)
18. NYC
19. Dial Up
20. ゆめのタネ (Yume no Tane)
21. 勇気100% (Yuuki 100%)

Disc 2

22. ガンバレッツゴー! (Ganbaretsugo!)
23. ス・リ・ル (Su Ri Ru)
24. Ultra Music Power
25. Hey! Say!
26. 情熱JUMP (Jounetsu JUMP)
28. Your Seed
29. Born in the EARTH
31. 夢色 (Yumeiro)
32. Romeo & Juliet
33. 2010年5月16日京セラドーム大阪 ライブ映像 (16th May 2010 Kyosera Dome, Osaka Live)
34. "Hey! Say! 2010 TEN JUMP"ツアードキュメント (Tour Document)
35. ※以上、収録予定曲

Gosh, I should really be studying now. xD Anyways, mummy said I can preorder it for my birthday present~! WEEEEE~!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Last Saturday when I went to my grandma's house, I visited this lady who takes care of around... 16 dogs, I guess? She's actually my grandma's neighbour and the 13 puppies she's taking care of are my grandma's dog's puppies.

Here are all the puppies and their mother. The rest were still sleeping in the cage. It wasn't actually a cage, they were just some metals, cardboards and cloth. But I am sure it's still cozy for the little puppies. =)

She carried the fattest puppy and let me take a picture of it. But too bad, it was too shy to even open up its eyes. Lol.

The kind lady~! She was reluctant to let me take her picture though. Initially she covered her face with the puppy. Haha. xD

She also has this dog which lives in the house and sleeps with her.

He is HUGEEE I can tell you. Of course, I screamed when he approached me. Lol.

I really salute this lady for being able to take care of so many dogs at a time. Without her, I bet all those puppies would have died of either being knocked down by a car or died of starvation. She kind of motivated me to be a vet but I am still considering. Oh man, this is hard, to think of your future. Everyone is saying, "Oh, you still have time, don't worry" but I can stop myself from worrying. I don't want to choose the wrong path to live the rest of my life. No one wants, for sure. xD

Thursday, August 5, 2010

JUMP No. 1 in Taiwan

So, I went to tuition just now and just when the class ended, mummy called me. Sharp at 10pm.

Mummy : Er, guess what I want to tell you now.
Me : What?
Mummy : I saw HSJ on TV just now.
Me : Oh, really? Where?
Mummy : 100% Entertainment.
Me : Wow, what was that about?
Mummy : JUMP No. 1 is now available in Taiwan. I was shocked when they spoke in Mandarin. I didn't notice it was them at first and then, EI? How come so many people one? Then only I realised it was them.
Me : Oh.... *buckling up my seatbelt* WHAT?? IN TAIWAN?! *throws seatbelt away* Really? You're not lying to me? OMG MUMMY!! Got repeat or not??
Mummy : Got, tomorrow morning but you'll be on the way to school by then. And 2 in the midnight also got.
Me : AWWWW.. Why is this happening to me? MUMMY, you're NOT lying to me right??
Mummy : No lah, what for?
Me : Mummy, I am going to cry already.
Mummy : Siao po..
Me : Hehe. Thank you thank you! I can't wait to get home!!
Mummy : Okay, come back soon.

-end of conversation-

I know, I am crazy and believe it or not, I teared up. That old man Johnny-san is finally attempting something new to promote HSJ OUT OF JAPAN. Which is a good good GREAT AMAZING sign. xDD Oh, I am over the moon now. =) My mum heard wrongly, she thought HSJ are GOING to Taiwan to promote it, which made me hype up. Apparently, it's false. Oh, still, it's GREAT news! This might not be something new for the Korean Entertainment industry but for Japan, it's SHOOO COOL. =)

Here's the video and they spoke in Mandarin!!! HOW ADORABLE... The last part sounded a bit like Cantonese though. xD And their part starts from 1:50.

Video credits to ButterflyAFIACO2 at Youtube.

I posted this over at hey_say community too but it's member-locked so I can't paste the link here....


Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Found a video in Youtube, FOREVER by Monkey Majik. A very happy yet touching video.

Oh, the human spirit is just so beautiful. And it's just so...SWEET. ♥♥♥

In other news, Arashi's new album, Boku no Miteiru Fuukei sold 275081 copies today! Awww.. They're always so awesome. =) ARASHI FTW!!

Btw, I got home early from tuition today because Mr. Alan's son was admitted into the hospital. He has been down with fever for around 7 days already. Hope he gets well soon. =) Our class was supposed to end at 10.15pm but teacher went back at around... 9.50pm I guess?


Anyway, I found these pictures over at hey_say community and they're so adorkable. xD JUMP at KAT-TUN's Asia Tour concert as guests.

JUMP while waiting for their turn to go onto the stage.

Haha. Yamada's pants are super baggy.

I think they were teasing Koki about his height maybe? Read the MC section translation a few days ago and can't remember it well now. Only remembered that Kame called Hidarime Tantei EYE as Hidarime Tantei EYES. Lol.

D'aww.. ♥

Credits to baidu. And credits to hanarok at Livejournal for sharing.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Hobby

So, SYT is in Germany already. Her safety was proved when she posted a status in Facebook. Lol. SYT, take as many pictures as you can~! And bring back a few boyfriends ya. Kekeke. xD

And, everyone seems to be sick. Why is this happening? Lee is sick, Jye Yih is sick, my mum is sick and my sorethroat just won't wear off. I hate it. It has been days and I am beginning to wonder if there's something to do with the two ulsers in my mouth. Gah. I.HATE.SORETHROATS.

I found my new hobby, which is speaking English in high-standard-and-scientific-but-don't-know-if-it's-correct way. xD

For example :

Simple English : I am sweating.
My version : My sweat glands have the urge to perspire.

Simple English : I need to pee.
My version : My urinary bladder is going to release its contents soon. I need to go to the washroom.

Simple English : I am drinking.
My version : I can feel water going down my oesophagus and into my intestines. It's now in my urinary bladder. Wendy edited it, but....doesn't sound right. Lol. Wendy, I know you know what I mean. xD

I don't know why but I find it fun to talk like that. Had a great laugh talking this way today and I soon became drunk. Maybe Ding put some alcohol into my water bottle. 0.o My dear...

Going to skip school again on Thursday. That's the best thing to do on Earth. Oh well. xD I am going to study and study and........lastly, study on that day. *determined* Do you think I'll be able to do that? STUDY only? Nah, I don't think so. =)

Oh, btw, I think Matsujun's Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku or in short/how everyone calls it, Natsuniji is quite an interesting drama. Currently at Episode 2. =D And Matsujun's acting is seriously hilarious. Yukai yukai~! His father's favourite phrase in the drama. ^^