Saturday, July 13, 2013

Taiwanese Night Market Food!

Today's post will be on Taiwanese Night Market (夜市)'s yummylicious food! One can never resist himself/herself from drolling as you take a stroll at their night market because of the wide variety of food on your left and right! Everywhere you go, there's FOOD! Basically it's just food paradise there! Of course I couldn't finish everything by myself if I were to buy, say, 10 types of food, so I shared them with my parents and their friends so everyone got to taste different kinds of food!
During my 8-day trip in Taiwan, I went to 逢甲夜市(Feng Jia Ye Shi) and 西门町(Xi Men Ding). Xi Men Ding wasn't exactly a night market, it was more like the Taiwanese version of Shibuya, which was why I liked that place so much! No money to go to Shibuya, Xi Men Ding will do. :P Both places sell all sorts of things, ranging from FOOD, clothes to fancy phone covers! But today, my post will be mostly on food!
Below are pictures of mouth-watering food so prepare some tissue papers! :P

Sausages! Sausages (香肠) are really popular in Taiwan because everywhere I go, I see stalls selling many different flavours of sausages! One of my favourite ones must be 大肠包小肠 (direct translation : big sausage wrap small sausage) because it's something I don't find in Malaysia! So it's new to my taste buds. :P

To all prawn lovers out there, you'll love this! I sent this picture to WK and he almost went crazy! :p

This is another 小吃 that I don't find in Malaysia. Guess what they are? They look like extra fat chicken wings don't they?

Actually, they are chicken wings stuffed with rice of 2 different flavours of your choice! I bought the one with 鱿鱼洋葱饭 (onion squid rice) and it was soooooo good! With just one bite, you can feel the crispy skin along with the rich flavoured rice! What a great combination! The guy above thought of this creative idea with his friend, he said.

Fried squid!

Now here's another different thing. Fried spaghetti + bread?! I didn't try this though.

I don't know what this is called because I wasn't the one who bought it but I think it tasted like some kind of pancake? It was very crispy and fun to bite. We call it the Taiwanese version of roti canai.

Random picture of a happy and hungry me holding my chicken wing stuffed with rice!

This is how it looks like inside!

I'm not sure if this is available in Malaysia but it was definitely my first time seeing this! I'm not sure what it's called but it's like a chicken salad kind of food.

The boneless parts would be cut into small pieces and mixed with some vegetables and spices.


Our tour guide recommended this to us in the bus so I went hunting for this! It's called 棺材板 (coffin board?)

To be honest, I was pretty disappointed with this because I thought it wasn't really special and appetizing. Maybe it's just me. Because it's just fried bread stuffed with fried chicken breast inside. :(

This was lobster potato cheese! This was so, so, so good omg! I'm drolling over my keyboard just by looking at this! Too bad I didn't take a picture of the stall! The mashed potato was just nice and the cheese wasn't too cheezy!

Some tong sui after eating all the salty food to balance up! ^^

Wasn't the best tong sui I've tasted, but not bad!
Alright, moving on to Xi Men Ding! It is located in the Wanhua District of Taipei, where many youngsters like to hang out with their peers at night! The clothes, shoes, bags and accessories you can find there are very fashionable and not only that, they're all quite reasonably priced! The branded things usually have more variety than you can find here in Malaysia!
It has a very vibrant atmosphere, with brightly lit shops everywhere you go. Just the way I like it. :)

Street performers. They were singing Ai Ni by Kimberley Chen when this photo was taken!

One of the must-try food! O-a jian. Fried egg + oysters!

Despite being a small shop, I was quite surprised by the cleanliness and the atmosphere in it. Somehow it makes you feel closer to the people around you (literally and non-literally)!

I don't know what this is called but it's probably the best one I've tasted!

O-a Jian! The sauce was so delicious that there wasn't even a drop left on the plate after we finished it! And I'm not even joking.

Sweet stuff!

Their 鹿肉饭 (braised pork rice) which was too good! It would help if they gave us more meat though. Because we hungry people thought it wasn't enough!

O-a Mee Sua. Osyter noodles. I'm not a fan of osyters (in fact, I don't eat them) so it was so-so for me! Even the osyter fried egg, I only eat the fried egg. :P

Do search for this restaurant when you're in Xi Men Ding to taste the goodness of Taiwanese food!

Super huge Uniqlo!

Jeng jeng jeng! The Ah Zong Mian Xian that has been on many TV food programs! After asking several people for directions,  we finally found our way here!

You know what's special about this restaurant besides their food being tasty? There are no tables around! D:

Typical Klang people way of eating. :P

Another view of Xi Men Ding!
It was getting late (close to 12) so we were going to head home when I thought, "No, this can't be all. I've gotta taste more food than this!"

I queued up at this stall to take away some food to bring back to the hotel. :P The queue was really long so it took me around 20 minutes to get my food!

Tadaaaaaa! Fried mushroom and fried chicken breast! Yummerss!
Soooo I'm gonna end my food post here! I hope I didn't spoil your keyboard with your overflowing saliva. :PPPPP
There will be more posts on Taiwan soon so stay tuned! ^_^

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Thank You

Today is the first day of college for the new July 2013 intake bursary students! Today's also the day they're all checking in to SMR.
It feels weird seeing my juniors carrying luggages (some are even bigger than them!) while lining up to be registered to get their temporary cards, YES 4G dongles and their room keys. It makes me think of myself when I used to be like them EXACTLY one year ago! The only difference was that last year, there weren't as many bursary students as there are this year, which is crazy! I bet it would be a lot harder to find a spot in the library from tomorrow onwards but oh well, I'm glad they chose Sunway College! Because in my opinion, it's the best college. :)
Just now, when I was about to enter the lift, a guy got out of the lift, pointed at me and exclaimed, "Cheryl Yap!". As expected, my reaction was O.o? while in my heart, I was trying to recall if I've met him somewhere before. He continued by saying "I read your blog!" Awww that made my day, thank you! I know many 2013 bursary students only read my blog post on bursary but that's enough to make me feel happy. :) This feels like... Well, it's like your effort did not go to waste because at least I was able to help some of you out there who needed some advice!
To all the new bursary students, welcome to the bursary club and welcome to Sunway College! I sincerely hope all of you will have a wonderful time throughout your journey of A-Levels with our college. Play hard, study smart! Cheers! :)
Ending this blog post with a picture of me taken in Taiwan!