Monday, January 31, 2011

Forbidden Love Melody

Just finished watching Snow Prince ~Kinjirareta Koi no Melody~ or Snow Prince ~Forbidden Love Melody~.

One word. Touching.

You might find it slightly boring at first because the story expands very slowly, but everything in the movie is so beautiful, the snow, the nature, the pure love between two person and even the actors and actresses. Oh, the dog too. It's named Chibi although it's not really chibi. I cried like a mad woman at the ending because I didn't expect such ending. It was damn sad. A very very heartbreaking ending. :(

Feel it from your heart. It was love.

God created winter for us to feel each other's warmth.

Morimoto Shintaro, the lead actor. Or should I say Ryutaro's brother. He'll grow up to be a very successful star, mark my words. Doesn't he look a bit like Kim Bum in this picture? :P

Harada Sota and Harada Chibi.

Sota and little Chibi.

This is one of the most touching parts in the movie. Watch it and you'll understand. :D

And the ending song is of course Snow Prince by Snow Prince Gasshoudan! I'm all in love with this song again. :)

That's Chibi and Sota sitting on the floor btw. :)

Trailer of the movie. The background music's Snow Prince. :D Very, very beautiful song. The live performance is even more beautiful. Ahhhh. *dreamy smile*

The warm tears will embrace the coldness of winter. I love this.

Snow Prince's MV. I've posted this before in Lyodts' blog but still, I love it soooo much! There are some scenes from the movie in the MV too.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dye = Die!

After coming back from tuition today, I took my shower and after coming out of the bathroom, mummy called me to help her dye her hair. So, okay. It was my second time after like don't know how many donkey years.

I didn't realise that I didn't have hand gloves on and mummy said they didn't provide hand gloves together with the hair dye so I kept on since it was already too late to realise. After that, I asked mummy if the hair dye would fall off and she said it'll be easier to fall off when it's dried. So okay. Ate Mcdonalds, watched TV and hah! I thought that I had waited long enough to wash it off by that time. Went to the toilet, washed with soap and guess what? It didn't drop off even a bit. MY GOOD LORD. My hands were like BLACK. JET BLACK. Well in fact they're still pretty black now.

I got panic and tried lots of ways to remove it. LOL. Um, I think I had tried using vinegar, Clorox, detergent, toothpaste, warm water and many more but none of them worked. Well, only a bit though. It had only faded off a bit. My hands look awful now. It burnt like hell after trying out so many ways to remove the hair dye. :(


Bahawanya saya, Yap Shieh Er berikrar tidak akan mewarnakan rambut ibu tanpa menggunakan sarung tangan lagi. *sumpah*

Friday, January 21, 2011

I Hate This

Sigh, wanted to go to school today actually. I want to get full attendance. Well, at least for this month. I doubt that I can get full attendance for the whole year especially when all those ceramah come in the way.

I was woken up by my alarm this morning but I just couldn't lift my head up. My throat was burning and my nose was running like... HELL. So, mummy said she would take leave today (Yes, she has work today) to bring me to the clinic. Awwww mummy I love you so much! :D Well, daddy and mummy accompanied me, to be exact. I love both of you! :D

Went for breakfast with Aunty Lay Bee and Uncle Tatt. Ate Bak Kut Teh. MUAHAHA Wendy, you tak dapat makan. Erm, then the funny thing was both of them wanted to accompany me to the clinic. Lol, how cute and nice of them. I just told the doctor that I'm having flu and sorethroat. Then, he gave me some vitamins, flu and sorethroat medicine and antibiotics. I HATE ANTIBIOTICS! EWW, they're like so huge I can barely swallow them. Sucks big time.

Just ate the flu medicine and it's taking its effect now. How fast. Already feeling drowsy. I guess I'll go take a quick nap after this blog post.

Anyway, just.. sigh. I guess I can't get full attendace after all. Might as well aim for kehadiran cemerlang. Lol. SYT, sorry because I didn't go to school and I hope you managed to borrow somebody else's Chemistry Practical book. Er, sorry for spoiling our plan to get excellent attendance. LOL.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm Back...?

Well well, I'll remove the hiatus post after all. What do you think? Lol. I'm not exactly on a hiatus anyway. Heehee. SYT told me that day during merentas desa that what she sees when she enters my blog is the word "hiatus". -.-

I still can't get myself to study every day, instead, I'm lurking around the net all day. Why is this happening to me?? Nuuuuu!! Trying to finish off my homework one by one now but hey! I'm blogging right here. *sigh*

Was doing the 1119 assignment just now and had a hard time thinking how to describe myself. I think I sounded kind of SS there. D: But anyway, teacher's not gonna say anything right? xD

Anyway, I got my SUMMARY 2010 DVD two days ago. AMAZINGGGGG.

Sorry for the blurry picture, took it with my webcam. Overall it was a great show, very worth it. Even more worth it if you watch it live at the hall because the hall's not huge, can only contain around 3000+ audience, so, you can get really close to them! When I say close it's really close. Can you imagine how envious I was when I watched this? xD

Btw, I bought a new collar for Poofie. It's in red! For CNY. :D

Guess that's all for now. :D