Thursday, August 28, 2014


This morning I woke up feeling happy for no reason. Got up and quickly prepared myself for uni. On my way to uni, I almost felt like hopping all my way there. I really don't know what made me so bubbly all of a sudden (in case you're wondering, no I haven't recovered yet I'm still as sick as a dog) but I guess sometimes people really do feel happy for no reason. ;) 

So... Today I managed to figure out how to play my new favourite song "这不是我" by Aaron Yan (oh so handsome!) on the piano! Albeit still not very good. Hehe. It really feels good playing your favourite song on the piano, like a sense of achievement kind of thing? I don't know. Not everything in life has to be perfect anyway, so I'm really contented with what I'm capable of doing for now. Still trying to improve though! :) 

That's all for today! Here, have an Elmo (and a me)! 

Goodnight, peeps! :D

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Forgot to write about my happy post yesterday because I ate my cough and flu medicine and went zzzzz right after. Hehehe.

Anyway! Yesterday's happy incident was that..... I finally received my phone cover from eBay! I've been waiting for it for so long! 

The one I received yesterday was the one on the left. I received the Donald Duck one 2 days ago! Love both of them! Hehe. 

Was still pretty sick yesterday though. Went to class being all drowsy and could hardly lift my head to listen to the lecturer. Since it was Tuesday, my friends came over as usual to do our quiz together. Well at least they made me forget about my sickness for a while hehe. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014


I realized that life is too short to be filled with sad moments so from now onwards, I want to try to make this blog a blog of happiness, appreciation and faith. I will try to write about good things that happen to me in my life, if possible daily. So here goes! 


I've just recovered from my fever a few days back but my cough did me no good. It worsened after about 2 days, making me so weak to barely do anything at all. Yesterday my throat was so sore and the itch in my throat held me back whenever I tried to speak. I did all I could, drank hot honey lemon as if it were plain water, cooked myself hot soup and went to the pharmacy to grab some medication, hoping that my cough would be better because I have an upcoming exam. It would suck to sit for a paper with an itchy and a sore throat. This morning when I woke up, the pain was gone! It was easier for my phlegm to be coughed out (thanks to the medicine *rejoices*). Although I'm still not fully recovered yet, I feel a lot better than yesterday. So it's a #happy thing for me! 

Oh and another #happy thing! The weather today is so much better compared to yesterday and the days before! It's not so gloomy anymore and the sun's back! Best of all, it's not raining anymore! Hooray! *\(^o^)/*

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Life Lesson #2

Do not let other people's bad change the good in you. The more a person despise you, the more you should try to prove to that person that you are not what he/she thinks you are and that you are worth more respect than that. Never ever change the good nature in you just because you have been used by a person because it is not worth it at all. You will never know when one day, someone will actually be attracted by your sincere heart. Imagine if you have really changed your attitude because of that ONE unappreciative person, you would have lost this precious opportunity in meeting the person who truly likes you for who you are (or to be more exact, who you actually were).

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Life Lesson #1

Do good to people without expecting anything in return.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ice cream, anyone?