Thursday, March 24, 2011



There are lots of things to hope for this year.

First and foremost, I really hope that everything would sail smoothly for me this year.

SPM, especially.

Having to sit for exams for every month from now on except for June, I really hope that I won't have mental breakdown at anytime soon. I always keep the peribahasa "alah bisa, tegal biasa" in mind. XD

I also hope that I can gain confidence in everything I do.

Lack of confidence is really bringing me down and to overcome this weakness of mine, lots of effort is needed.

I think... I've opened my eyes to lots of new things this year. Well, not exactly new things, but things that I've never even thought of doing before.

I've also met a few new friends as well as being in touch again with old friends.


Once you choose hope, anything's possible..

And yes, I do believe that anything's possible as to me, true success only comes with a person's own effort.

Don't always depend on someone to achieve what you want, you've gotta work hard yourself.

Nothing comes without blood, sweat and tears.

I'm a person who always says "I'm gonna die~!" when a challenge is thrown at me but deep down in my heart, I know that I have to do my best to tackle it and not just give up hope like that.

Actually it has become a habit for me to say that and it's pretty difficult to get rid of it. XD

I always think, "If people can do it, then why not me?"

Hope never abandons you, you abandon it. (:

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Way To Go!

Someone help me pleaseeeee! I just can't study. Can't focus. How am I gonna swallow the whole Form 4 syllabus and part of the Form 5 syllabus in just 3 weeks' time from now onwards. D:


I think I went out too much this week. Well, holidays ma, what to do right?

But I think this is fun! We should do this again after exam! WEEEEE~

Moving to another topic...

I love what Johnny's Entertainment is doing to help the tsunami and earthquake victims. Instead of just donating money, they're actually doing something different and this makes them stand out. :D

JE is providing free transport trucks and power generator trucks that it had contracted for the concerts to the disaster-affected areas as they've canceled all 18 concerts in March. They're also donating 2000 litres of diesel fuel for the disaster relief as many oil refineries had been destroyed in the affected areas. And now, JE has announced that they're gonna greatly reduce power consumption for its concerts to only 10% from an average of 3000 kilowatts per concert to only 300 kilowatts. That's a GREAT REDUCTION I must say! Way to go Johnny's! And Uncle Johnny's plan doesn't just end there but he's also planning on releasing a charity CD and holding charity events featuring some of the JE artists! Yay for the charity CD! It's gonna beat AKB48's sales for sure! MUAHAHA.

You know what? I feel like going out again. Anyone wants to go out? Lol. I'm drop dead bored at home. :/

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

















Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Go Away, Laziness

Laziness, go away please. I hate you.

Learn To Appreciate

Hi blog. Long time no blog.

First of all, I think I have to mention this anyway. Japan. Oh my Japan. How can this happen to you. Anyway, stay strong and hang in there. I still need to visit you in a couple of years' time. :)

I feel so accomplished right now. I finished the whole bloody Folio Sivik in one day! Which is today! I've never felt so accomplished and tired before. Tired of cutting and pasting, to be exact. My fingers are all sticky right now. D: I have yet to finish all the Kerja Rumah Terancang. Same process happens every year, but I guess this year I'll have to complete all of them since I'm in Form 5 already. See how obedient I am. :D

------------------Topic change--------------------

Have you ever pranked someone? Or should I say... Your initial plan wasn't to prank that someone but it turned out to be a prank at last because of some changes in between? I've experienced this just yesterday and it became sort of devastating for me that I almost cried. I guess you, readers who are not part of the prank won't understand what I'm talking about here since I'm being so confusing but never mind, I still felt like saying anyway because it disturbs me a lot and I feel like saying it out here. It'll be interesting to read back my old posts in the future when I'm an adult to see how childish I used to be. Don't you think so?

I'm growing kind of tired of this continuous pranking stuff so I guess I'm gonna stop it for the time being. FOR THE TIME BEING. I can't guarantee that I won't ever set a prank on someone again in the future because accept the fact. I'm DAMN PLAYFUL. Like, seriously.

Hehehe. *peace*

Anyway, I don't know why but I easily get mood swings nowadays. PMS, perhaps? But then... I don't usually get mood swings when the time comes but it happens a lot recently. Are my hormones playing with me? I don't like this. I easily get offended and I became more emotional. And maybe... A bit irrational?

Note to self : Control your emotions.

Yes, I don't want my negative thoughts to ruin my life.

I'm really trying my best to be grateful and appreciate every single thing I have in life, especially the people around me. Even the simplest luxury like being able to snuggle in my blanket, sayang my dog, staring vacantly at the ceiling and listening to music, I will definitely appreciate.

And of course, I appreciate you too, reader. Because you are already a part of my life. (:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

When Boredom Strikes.....

Hey guys! I'm feeling so bored right now at my mum's office. Just came back from Chemistry class and waited there for my mum for like 15 minutes. Thank God we managed to hack into figure out the password for MJ's internet line thanks to Low, who randomly tried a combination that popped into her mind and succeeded or else I would be bored to death! XD

Exam's only like a week more! Less than a week, in fact! Doki doki suru yooooo~

I hate how I keep on writing 29th of February when it's the 1st of March. Ugh. Lol.

Actually I have nothing else to say, really. XD I can't log into Facebook using this computer for some reasons. I was able to initially but somehow after using for a few minutes the internet banned me from doing so. O.o

One more thing, I am getting very tired of all these ceramahs in our school. They totally crashed my hope to get good attendance. D: