Friday, April 30, 2010

Battling With Time

Yepps, like what the title indicates, I'm battling with time now. Countdown : 18 more days till our Mid Year Examination. HOLY COW!!

Time flies man. I can still remember how hard we tried to study for our UP1 during Sports Day but it turned out to be an utter failure. So bising. xD

Our hardworking God reading Physics, if I am not mistaken...

0.o I wonder what paper daddy was holding.

Ahaha. These pictures are history already but while I was browsing through my photo albums, I found them. And realised that they're not posted yet. So yeah. =)

I wonder why I can finish typing a blog post in like 5 minutes time while a paragraph for the Biodiversity Crisis essay took me like ages. I am currently at 1318 words, full of crap. Well, to me it's quite an achievement already. Lol. However, the ambitious me today with the ambition of completing the whole 2500 words essay by today is again, an utter failure. No good no good. =(

And umm, please don't be taken aback by the music in my blog. It's kinda creepy but I couldn't seem to find Kaereru Basho. Curse the website. *sticks out tongue*

*off to bed* おやすみ!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another Problem With Deforestation

I just came across this picture in and thought it was pretty cute and insanely true. Haha. xD

What do you guys think? Dogs lining up to mark their teritory under a tree. Only ONE tree available. Imagine the day when our world really turns upside down. Scary... And 2012 is arriving soon without us noticing. So better get ready and get together-gether with all your beloved ones and let's die together! *thinking in an optimistic way* xD

Crabby post

Yo! I've not posted anything for 9 days. Haha. I know very well that I have to be finishing all my homeworks and studying now, but I am already tired of those. Sigh. =(

I am facing a very critical situation now, which is our almighty Puan Renuka's essay for the competition organised by AEON. Let's see.. Germany? Hm... If  it's Japan, I think I will spend a whole day writing the essay. Lol. The worst thing is that it's a factual essay! That is exactly my bane. *sighs again* How am I going to crack my head and think of how to write in formal business language? All I know is informal language. No good no good. D:

I just finished copying the Hari Sukan report into a new karangan book. Like, WTH? My bloody karangan book is missing. Oh, Encik Afri~! Please, I beg you~~~ I want my karangan book back.. Or else everything that I had written will go to waste. =( No good no good.

Everything in my life now is no good no good. Well, maybe one of the good things will be U-KISS coming to Malaysia. Actually, I don't really know them that well, but hey, they're artists yo! Ding, I will follow your car yeah, if I happen to be able to go. =)

And Arashi's new song! Monster~~ Haha. The melody is stuck in my head now. =) Kimi wo sakebi de~ Boku wa mezameru~ *just ignore me*
And and... Hidarime Tantei EYE's OST! Although they're all only music, I still like them very much! This was the first time I had actually cried listening to music. Or maybe it was due to the stress when I was doing Add Math? Well, possible too. Lol.
And and and~! 2PM's Without You. Ding, fine if you don't want to sing it out loud for me. I go listen myself. Hmph! So shy for what? Good things must share, you know? *Wendy's mode turned on*

Anyway, I've ran out of crap to talk about. Lol. Here's a random picture I had taken a few days ago. =)

Yesh~! Yamada in Yuuki 100%'s recording. My mum said he looks like Aaron
 Yan here. 0.o

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Penguin Boy

What day is today? Thursday. What date is today? 15th of April. What day is 15th of April? PENGUIN BOY a.k.a Arioka Daiki's birthday! Weeee~ Penguin boy is at last 19 years old. Unbelievable. Lol.

Little penguin.

Penguin 2009.

Penguin boy today.

Yamada and Daiki.

Ryutaro and Daiki.

Keito and Daiki

Yuto and Daiki.

Chinen and Daiki.

JUMP and Daiki!

Bye bye~~ Thanks for reading!

On a side note, I FINISHED MY ORAL TODAY with Ding and Low! Hooray~! *dances the victory dance* Feeling so relieved now. ^^

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm On The Top of The World~~

Weeee~~ I was seriously on the top of the world when I got my hands on my Hitomi no Screen single. ^^

Front cover.

Back view.

Um.. Internal view?!

I-have-nothing-better-to-do view. xD

So that's all for today. Lol.

OH NO!! ORAL ON THURSDAY! I may get sick on Thursday so don't be shock if you don't see me in school on that day. Lol. Joking, of course. =D I need to go prepare! But I am procrastinating! Well, that's one of my talent though, besides my finger. Haha. xD

Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm Lovin' It ♥

Oh, I just LOVE them. They're just too cute together. =DD I actually admire this kind of relationship between friends. Seems so carefree. ^^

Yamada Ryosuke and Arioka Daiki.

Haha. I am posting for the second time today. I just came across this picture and its translation. I'm lovin' it. ♥

Again, how much luckier can I be??

Accoring to Feng Shui, today's an inauspicious day, especially from 7 to 9 pm. And here we go, I was involved in an accident at 7 something. Again, how much luckier can I be?

It had actually happened on me. It was just a matter of 1 second. ONE BLOODY SECOND FOR GOODNESS SAKE. We were waiting at the traffic light to turn into the road heading towards Aman Perdana. When the traffic light turned green, my dad was just about to start moving and BOOM! A car knocked into us from behind. The impact was super great. When it happened, my whole mind was thinking "Thank god I had my seatbelt buckled on, thank god I had my seatbelt buckled on." If only I weren't with my seatbelts, I would've just flew out of the car and who knows what's gonna happen. So thank god. And thank god the airbag did not burst out. Lol. I would be shocked and suffocated to death then.

Apparently, the car behind us was knocked by another car. And the car that caused this accident was like, you know, the car that brings your car to the mechanic when it's involved in an accident. Whatever you call it. When it happened, I screamed so loudly and my whole body was shivering like hell. I was actually on the verge of tears searching for my dad's cell phone. Sigh. Well, I can't do anything now since it had already happened. You know what, I think we're lucky enough because the car behind us was all kemek from the car booth to the front. Poor Saga. This is totally irrelevant but hey, the car driver looks like Lee Chong Wei and apparently his name is Lee Chong Shen. Lol. And the funnier thing is, he was on the way home from playing badminton. Haha.

My heart is aching now as my dad's car is now out of shape. The car booth. I mean, we just bought the car like a few weeks ago and now it's involved in an accident. Sigh. =( Mummy immediately called and shouted at the tauke of the car driver (the one who caused this bloody accident) and found out that he had also knocked into a car 2 weeks ago. Oh come on, fire him already, you tauke.

Here are a few pictures of daddy's car that I took :

Oh, just ignore Poofie. =D He's VERY busybody, KPC.

Oh my Dingnism, 心痛 you know, 心痛?

Btw, Syt, now I understand how you felt when you were in the same situation on the other day. I am so so sorry for not being able to comprehend your situation. At least now I am in your shoes to understand.

Totally unrelated, did anyone of you receive many friend invitations on msn? Like lots of unknown people with weird email addresses? I've received lots of those nowadays. I wonder why. 0.o

So, Anugerah Pelajar Cemerlang for tomorrow. My mum actually asked me not to go since we have to go to the mechanic tomorrow and lodge a report at the police station. But just to avoid any hassle, I finally decided to go. Sigh. You know, like, if I don't go, I have to find for my representative. And Low's too since I am representing her tomorrow. And worst of all, I have to call Puan Renuka to inform her. That is the scariest thing to do in the universe. Imagine doing my oral. Holy cow. =(

I really hope that car accidents are not going to happen on me anymore. Not only me, but also to my beloved ones, my family and friends, especially Lyodts. If possible, everyone living on Earth but I know that's not gonna happen so I'll get over it. =) I certainly have no mood to complete my homework now. So what am I gonna do now? I haven't the slightest idea.

So Wendy, there you go, an update from me. And a fairly long one, compared to the previous ones at least. xD

Monday, April 5, 2010

Cheryl Yap

I am Cheryl Yap. Cheryl Yap is me. I am also known as black oil tank, Sheep Er, Shi Shi, Ah Er, Japanese Prodigy, until the most recent one, JYP which is a so-called abbreviation for Japanese Yap/Yamada Prodigy. Many nicknames huh? At least not more than Low who has all the animal nicknames anyone can think of like frog, chicken, rooster, cat and any animals you can name of.

We have a new nickname for Wendy, from her name TPSD. Ding and I with our brainchild, created this newborn nickname for Wendy which is Super Professor Doctor Tan. Before this was what? MD. Master Degree. It seems that our Dingnism doesn't agree with it. So, as a loyal Dingist, all we can do is change it. =D

We must sit down together on a fine sunny day and discuss some nicknames for the other members of Lyodts. xD

Yes, I know. This is a lame post. Why? Because I have nothing better to write. Oh, before I forget, I FINISHED WATCHING HIDARIME TANTEI EYE A.K.A LEFT EYE DETECTIVE! Acted by who? YAMADA RYOSUKE of course! ( Ding, do you prefer Sweet Mountain?)

One word. FANTASTIC. It's seriously a cliffhanger which will keep you at the edge of your chair. Well, at least that worked on me. I bit on my pillow. xD More importantly, I love his black and red scarf~! *sobsob* I hope he doesn't get brain damage after filming this drama due to all the trippings, bangings on wall and punchings. =D Good job~!

Kay, I am off to bed soon. So good night folks!

Edit edit :

Best couple prize goes to Daiki and Yamada! YAY! *jumps around happily*

Best rival prize goes to Ryutaro and Yamada! *eyes on stalk*

Friday, April 2, 2010

3rd of April


Going to Shogun later at Sunway Pyramid. =DD