Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sexy Voice

Gah. My voice is still so sexy. What to do? Drink more water. xD

How much luckier can I be? I forgot to bring all the Chemistry books for today. My fault, I know. =(

I just got home an hour ago, thanks to mummy. I was so so so tired. Especially with my sexy voice. Yes.
And guess what? I saw poo and pee on the stairs. POOFIE~!!!!! I didn't actually shout, I just went into my toilet to get some toilet paper and there he was. Hiding at the corner. Lol. So cute that I couldn't scold him. =D

Yes, his fur is messy. My fault, again. xD

He is always like this whenever he does something wrong although no one has the intention to shout at him. He knows that he's wrong, but he still does the same mistake again and again. *2PM* What to do??

I have another picture of him taken by my cousin when I went to Japan.

Miracle, I can say. He never lets me take his picture like that. Berat sebelah lah?! xD

And YAY, mummy let me skip school tomorrow. But yeah, I am not feeling very well too. Again, with my sexy voice. Very dry, my throat.

Kay, off to tidy up my bag and get ready for Chemistry tuition!

Extra : Wendy, I updated! Oh and btw, you seriously smelled like Dettol today. To me. I didn't know Shokubutsu smells like Dettol. Or maybe something was wrong with my nose.

Before I end my post, anyone interested to join our new religion? It's called P.H. Dingnism. Cool name huh? Once you join, you're officially called a Dingist. Interested, please come to 4E. Once you enter the class, walk straight to the end and look for Ding. You can sign up there. Ways to pray will be taught. =DDD

Friday, March 26, 2010


Wow, very very very unexpected. I did something that I've never thought I would ever do. I guess you guys know what. =D Thanks to Low's dad, I was able to hand in the form today. I really appreciate your kind help, Mr. Low. Lol, sounds so formal.

Back from tuition, super sleepy. But I couldn't refrain myself from the computer. What to do? My lappy is too beautiful.. ^^ I couldn't resist to watch all those new videos that I've missed in these few days. I couldn't think more about homework. I am already tired of doing homeworks. Like what Wendy had said, homework marathon. True enough. Because of the kerja rumah terancang, I failed to finish watching my long-awaited dramas. Kerja rumah terancang, SCREW YOU!

Oh yeah. I noticed this cute french fries in a shopping centre a longggggg time ago. I forgot to post it up so yeah. =)

I think you guys know the hidden meaning behind this picture. LOL. xD I am just biased, too biased. xP

Saturday, March 20, 2010

At last~!

At last, I am free!!! Wait, not exactly free yet. All because of Mrs. Yong (learnt from Ding) and my stupid printer. I basically finished all my projects, only left to be copied down onto the paper. So I am happy enough. =)

Had a nice chat with Ding and her sister today, which made me grinned from ear to ear. Not only that, my grin upgraded to laughing out loud. Almost rolled on the floor. What's ですよ?! She was... so... lame. Haha. *end of story*

I have nothing much to say but I suddenly felt like blogging. Have to go to a wedding dinner later. *sighs* I hate wedding dinners.

Btw, just downloaded Myojo's May's batch of magazines and realised this really cute picture.

Yamada's dog wearing sunglasses! Is it Kuu or Cookie?

Gonna go prepare myself for the wedding dinner now. Sayobye~!

Before that, wanna share this song with you guys although you might've listened to it before already.

Run Devil Run by Girl's Generation a.k.a SNSD.

Very catchy song. Not bad. =D

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another Day to Go

Hah, lame, I know. =D

I asked for permission to use the computer. As in 光明正大. (Did I get it correct? 0.o)
But I guess I am going to work hard on the rest of the homeworks tomorrow. What else left? BM Karangan, Moral Esei, Sivik project and Sejarah exercises. Quite a lot. =(

Ding, Happy Advanced Birthday! LOL. xD

AND AND! Happy Birthday 2 Jie/Ah Sam or whatever! Lol. You're elder than me but your height is nowhere near mine. xDDD

Birthday girl : 2 Jie~!

Monday, March 15, 2010

So-called "heavy hearted" farewell

Farewell to :

And welcome :

BKS : Boleh kick saya or boleh kiss saya better? Lol. xD