Sunday, April 24, 2011



Are there really true friends who care sincerely for you, like what we see in dramas?

Lately, I kept on asking myself this.

Because I'm no longer sure anymore.

A fair-weather friend, you are.

During the good times you are here.

During the bad times you are nowhere to be seen.

I think.. I'm tired.

I'll just follow the flow.

Yes, that's what I'll do.

I really hate to take it this way, but that's what you  make me feel.

I really hope one day we can be like this again.

Or maybe the problem lies in me, I don't know.

Yes, many things have changed this year and I have no choice but the accept it.

Life's not easy after all, right?


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Knock Knock!

Knock knock! Anybody there??

Hello everyone! I'm not dead yet! :P

Feel like dancing right now. Okay, exam has not ended yet, I know. There's one more paper, Accounts on Monday but tomorrow's holiday! Good Friday, indeed. XD I'm gonna lay down on the sofa for the whole day as if it's nobody's business. Sigh, I really wonder when I'm gonna start exercising. Wendy and Lee, badminton on Saturday? :P

I'm kind of afraid to go back to school next week actually. I don't want to get my results back especially you-know-which-ones. Okay, to make it simple, everything. Life would be so much simpler like that don't you think?

I've been watching quite a lot of SNSD videos nowadays, you know, giving me motivation to work my ass off in exercising but I haven't moved an inch. Sigh... I'm to mesmerized by their perfect bodies. It'll be an unreachable aim for me though. :(

Friday, April 15, 2011


今日家に帰って、Hey! Say! JUMP と 嵐のコンサートを見ました~


HSJ と 嵐のみんなと一緒にJUMPしました!







Thursday, April 7, 2011


On Mummy's birthday, we went to TGIF to celebrate. TGIF stands for Thank God It's Friday! :D Although we didn't go on a Friday. XD They have this special service for customers who have their birthdays on that day itself. So, my mum happily told the waitress that it was her birthday and the waitress said, "Okay, all the staffs will come over and sing a birthday song for you. You'll have to stand on the chair and give a speech. And then we'll give you a brownie for free. *smiles widely*" Boy was my mum terrified at the "stand on the chair and give a speech" part! LOLOL. She was like, "Oh no no no no, actually I lied to you. Today's not my birthday." But the waitress understood and said, "Okay okay, we'll just give you a chocolate brownie." Mummy then added, "No birthday songs please." Daddy and I smirking beside. XD Anyway, the brownie was like DAMN SWEET. Eddie Tay would definitely say, "This is a diabetic cake, don't eat too much."

Anyway, I took two pictures only... And I had to edit them because I just can't stand my phone's camera's quality. Ugh. :(

Daddy was in posing mood! :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cute Lady, Anyone?

Attention to people around the world!!

Who can this cute lady be? There are 5 important facts about her.

1. She looks innocent after waking up from a deep sleep, sometimes grumpy but cute anyway.

2. Despite her age, she still keeps up with all the current trends followed by teenagers. Especially camwhoring. On a boat, even.

3. She has an amazingly sophisticated elegant daughter, named Yap Shieh Er.

4. She loves Christmas trees a lot and never fails to snap! a picture with them during Christmas.

5. Besides having an amazingly sophisticated elegant daughter (the one who stands out the most - in the middle), she also has a self-claimed half genius husband who's unimaginably crazy when he's with his family but chickens out when other people's around.


Now, have you guys figured out who this fabulously cute and sporting lady is? ;)

If interested, call 0123456789 to find out and book a date with her. She'll be sold at one and only price which is priceless.


Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BELOVED MUMMY!! Thank you so much for being there for me all the time. You're my mum and best friend at the same time. Thanks for listening to all my problems and consoling me when I feel upset. Thanks for helping me out with my conflicts.You're the best mum I can ever get and I have nothing else to ask for. Thanks thanks and thanks! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!! :D

Triumphant April

So!!! What did you guys do during April's Fool yesterday? Had fun pranking your friends?

Okay, that question was really unnecessary since my readers are the ones I meet in school every weekday. Haha, but anyway! This year's April's Fool was the most successful one for me I guess. :P I did not prank many people for the previous years but this year, I succeeded in pranking around.... 7 people I guess? Okay, lousy I know, but an unbelievable achievement for me who practically burst into laughter even before finishing my prank. D:

Low, of course, was the easiest to prank. Who doesn't know that right? Lol. No offence, Low. :P

Below are a few incidents with Low.

Incident 1

Me : Eh! Where's your metal badge?!
Low : *looks down to her pinafore and looks up again immediately with a murderous stare*

Incident 2

Me : Eh! The price for wedges has been increased! Man, it sounds so odd in English. Anyway, I said "Eh! Wedges 起价了!"
Low : Really?! How much??
Me : RM 2!! So expensive right?
Low : Huh?? So expensive!
Me : No lah, April's Fool!
Low : *drops down on the table*

Incident 3

Me : *while walking* Eh! Be careful! Got water on the floor!
Low : *sways gracefully* Oooooohhh~!
Me : No la, where got.
Low : Ahhhhhhhhhh!!

Then at night during Accounts' tuition, my excellent suddenly useful brain gave me the idea to prank my friends again! Pranked Wendy, Lee, Ding, Tommy, Wei Khit and Bhavan. Wei Khit's wasn't considered really successful though. :(

Me to everyone stated above : Eh! You know or not, Mr. Sugu pengsan!
Almost everyone's response : *eyes enlarges* HAH?! Really?
Lee : Jom! Let's go home!
Tommy : Tuition canceled?
Bhavan after realising it was a fool : Losers la you guyssss.


On a sad and depressing side note, I have oral next week. Awww man. :(