Thursday, September 12, 2013

First Picnic Experience

Like what the title says, today I'm going to blog about my first ever picnic experience, which was not bad at all! Although I wouldn't exactly consider it a picnic, for the obvious reason below, which I will talk about soon.
So, the nearest venue for our picnic outing that we could think of was Setia City Mall's open field. What made this outing extra special was that all the 6 of us from LYODTS managed to show up! Usually we would be short of one or two people, so clap for us! :D
Anyway, below is an image of the open field we laid our picnic mat on while enjoying the evening breeze instead of locking ourselves up in our respective rooms, probably munching over a packet of Mister Potato while watching um, say, K-dramas or J-dramas or... Running Man wtf. We decided to meet up at 4pm as we reckoned that would be the most reasonable time for a picnic, but to our horror, the sun was BLAZING HOT. So much for wanting to enjoy the breeze. :( Since Ding hadn't arrived yet, the 5 of us puteri lilins walked around the shopping mall while enjoying the air-conditioning!

Finally, when Ding arrived, we immediately headed towards the field full of anticipation!
Below is a picture of what we brought along for the picnic session. We didn't really know what people usually do or eat at picnics, so we came up with our own version! Although I have no idea how the Pikachu came into the picture.

Each of us brought some food and tada! On a side note, our picnic mat wasn't exactly a picnic mat, it was a small piece of curtain which could barely fit 6 not-very-small-sized 19-year-olds. Poor curtain. So some of us had to sacrifice our butts and suffer from the poking of the grass. Gomen!
Since we didn't know what people usually do during picnics, we just sat down awkwardly looking at each other, without a clue of what to do after we finished all the food. Little did we know that we would spend another 2 hours plus doing nothing else but taking pictures. Of ourselves. With no evidence that we were having a picnic. What's more interesting is, we took plenty of photos which were failed attempts in fitting all 6 of us in a picture with ME holding my huge DSLR camera. And as expected, I suffered from muscle cramps thereafter. Yay me!
Be prepared for spams of not-so-glamorous-but-hey-we're-contented photos!

This was the start of our non-stop photo-taking session!

One of the failed attempts to capture a group photo using self-timer. The shoes looked more like the main characters in this picture. :P
Then, we discovered a new toy! Ding's sunglasses which Yuan Ting claimed to be very "swag" wearing them. *smirks*

 Okay la, actually I think I have the, you know, the swag also. :P Like some popstar wannabe. Hehe.

After taking countless pictures of either solo and 5 or less of us in them, we finally decided to ask for people's help to capture a group photo of us, which to our dismay, were all sort of sucky.
Me : Can you please help us take a photo?
Stranger : Okay, sure! How do you want it to be taken?
Me : Um, half body. *with hand gestures of me chopping my body into half*
Stranger : Okay okay.
 Okay, after all the effort of chopping my own waist, this was what we got. Okay okay, fine. *facepalms*
Then, we thought it might be a better idea to take the pictures ourselves.
Not bad not bad, despite the mini muscle cramp I had after taking a few photos like this, I thought it was worth the pain because all of us looked so cheerful and bubbly! :D
 Wendy and her Pikachu obsession.

After I surrendered, Wendy took over instead!

 Actually, we did not give up after the first group shot. We went hunting for another stranger who "looked more professional in photo-taking" and there went another explanation with the waist chopping and all. We were confident that the stranger we picked wouldn't disappoint us! BUT!

*flops and lies flat on floor*
I know right, I wonder why too.

The story behind this picture was like this. When I wore the swaggy sunglasses, they asked me to pretend like I'm a superstar and they would pretend as my fans. Hence, the picture. :P

Then, I thought it would be fun to take solo pictures of the same kind and set them as our profile pictures on Facebook!

Wendy thought one phone wasn't enough, she demanded for 3 phones instead. Tsk tsk tsk.
So, overall, although it wasn't exactly like the real picnic I always see on TV, it was a brand new experience for me. So fun being watched by people in the shopping mall through the glass windows while we showed our unglam sides. And staring at children with bubbles and kites to play with while we were left with nothing but a camera. Nonetheless, fun it was! I wouldn't mind going out for another picnic session again. :)