Friday, December 31, 2010

Birthday Presents!

From second aunt.

From Wei Khit, big brother! :D It's a "fake" present. xD

It's a little pop-up thingy he made himself. xD

Now the real present. Lols. From Wei Khit.

From Tommy and Bhavan.

From my love, Er Er!

From first aunt.

From the last aunt. Aww I love this bag. :D

And of course, from cutie Isaac! ^^

I can't really say which presents are from mummy though. xD I'll assume this pile of random stuffs. :D

Last but not least, daddy's present! My dear SUMMARY 2010 DVD! *hasn't arrived yet* Anticipating! Hey! Say! JUMP SAIKOU!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Today, at 8 in the morning, Lee and I went out for a badminton game with Tommy, Wei Khit, Bhavan and Jeremy again. Lol, this time, we have a new guest! Guess who he was!


While Wei Khit and Tommy were teaching us how to serve, suddenly a suspicious man came into the court and sat behind, looking at us. Wei Khit realised that it was my dad first. LOLS. I tell you, I was so SO SHOCKED to see him there..

Yes, this was how I reacted when I saw daddy there. The only difference is that I'm a girl. *smacked*

Actually the story's like this. I challenged my dad to come with us, and he said, "OK! Why not?? I go and eat first." I thought he was joking, like, seriously. Normally he wouldn't come. I mean, who would've expected him to join us right? And then he showed up. OMGEEEE.

Lol, my dad played with them, 2 sets. And then he got worn out so, we went back home at around 10.30 a.m. xD

Tommy, Wei Khit, Bhavan and Jeremy, thank you sooo soo much for the presents! Wei Khit even had a "fake" present for me, just for the sake of looking at my expression when I opened the present. Well, yeah. Lols. Quite an enjoyable day. :D



School's reopening on Monday! Why so fast? D:
Time isn't supposed to pass by sooo quickly~~~

I need more time to laze around at home or even go out with my friends~~

Actually that's not the main point. The main point is, I'm gonna be in Form 5 once school reopens and it can only mean.. SPM is coming too. :( WHY SO CRUEL. WHY OH WHY. D:

Guess I really need to start planning for my future! Once I graduate from Form 5, there'll be so many things to consider, like which college to enter, which course to take and blah blah blah. I don't have an ultimate aim yet. That's sooo bad. :(

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Birthday

Guess what?? What time is it? 12 a.m. What date is it? 24th of December 2010. Which means? Cheryl Yap's birthday! OMG I'm so SS. Anyway.



Do you guys realise that, the more you anticipate something, the harder it is to achieve that something?

Well, at least that's the case for me.

It's like.... Anticipating something that's obviously not gonna happen to you but yet, you're yearning for it. What exactly is happening to me nowadays? Watching people getting their wishes fulfilled without needing much effort while me, myself is hoping and longing for something that seems so near yet unreachable. Sometimes I truthfully feel like just giving up on hope and move on with life, but I just can't muster all my courage to do so. I guess I'm just a weakling on the inside.

To be frank, even the slightest sparkle I see in my life is enough to enlighten my entire day. I can be all blissful and chirpy throughout the whole day, unless some really bad news threaten to ruin that bright mood of mine. Actually I'm a pretty easy person to console whenever I'm having an emotional breakdown although I'm not sure if I have ever had one. Have I? However, I'm basically feeling down almost every day, and even that is unexplainable by myself. Pretty obscure, is it?

Before your dreams can come true, you have to have those dreams. Let's see to what extent this saying is true. :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Quick Post

Hmm just a quick post to say that I'm going to Malacca tomorrow evening! To visit my aunt there. Isaac, Kyle and Katilyn too! OMGEEE I'm so excited! :D

I've just finished reading Shopaholic and Sister! I'm so desperate to find Shopaholic and Baby! My goodness, in the last page she's pregnant! I NEED TO READ HOW SHE MANAGES PREGNANCY. Lol, that Rebecca Bloomwood. I found Shopaholic and Baby at MPH but I want to buy it from Popular Bookstore because I can enjoy 20% discount if I do so! Haha, I'm learning to be frugal now, yesssss.

By the way, check out Hey! Say! JUMP's Futarigake no Basho's lyrics :
Btw, it's the song playing in my blog now.

One day, you said something about another world
Suddenly wanted to be a grown up, and you laughed
From the empty field in school to the street on the way home
Everything is tied within the distance in this small world
And then a message from you came
A word and a letter "ganbare" (do your best)
I wasn't able to reply your message instantly
I could only see the sunshine that was fading away as time went by


Even though you're looking for me tomorrow
But there are only memories of us in the past
I want us to hold hands again like we used to in the past
But all I can do now is looking at you from afar
Even though you're looking for me in the future
There will only be memories that shine
I understand you have to go
But I beg you to stay by my side even for a little bit longer to cheer me up
I can never get this, it's your life
I can never get this, it's your life
The sky will soon turn into a night sky
I can never get this, it's your life
You can never get this, my life
One day, definitely... (you'll understand)
In here I parted from you
Even then, I wasn't trying to chase you
There's a path there that I can never reached
Did you find something in there?

If only at that time I was one step ahead
If only at that time I sent you a reply
When I remember about that time
A place where everything was only the two of us

I can never get this, it's your life
I can never get this, it's your life
In this empty street I'm waiting for the morning to come
I can never get this, it's your life
You can never get this, my life

You can check out the Romaji and Kanji lyrics there too!

Pretty gloomy, isn't it? Oh I love the song so much. I'll probably listen to it more when I'm sad. :(

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Genting Highlands

Yes! Went to Genting Highlands with Syt and Lee!

For a super lengthy post, click here!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Woahhh yesterday, Wendy, Xin Er, Tommy, Wei Khit, Bhavan, Jeremy and I went out to play badminton together. HAHAHA I tell you, damn sia sui. We had not played badminton for like.. sooo long that it was super embarassing. You know why? Because the boys are super good at playing. Mannn..

I sweated loads and now, my right arm and right leg hurt like hell. I'm walking like a penguin now. Lol..

Anyway, after playing badminton we walked to Eng Ann for lunch. And upon Wendy's request to eat Chickin (chicken), we ate chicken, of course, at a shop I forgot the name. LOL. Tommy performed some magic tricks and then Wei Khit and Bhavan together with Tommy told us some jokes. Some of them were... *ehem* you know, 18 and above. It's not suitable to say here. :D

It was overall fun despite the embarassment!

Now I'm alone at home. Going to do some housework later and finish up my tuition assignments. Oh well. D: Now you see what holiday means to me? Lol.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Time For...??? PICTURES!

I'm here again to make another blog post, more like a summary of my Vietnam trip. But I'm not gonna talk much about it, I'll show you guys pictures instead. For Ding, here are my albums on Facebook. :D

Firstly, this is the Japanese couple I met! Awww gawd, how I wish I could meet them again. Anyway, I got to keep in contact with them! :)

Cute, huh? xD

I was trying to imitate the model up the stairs but failed terribly. And when I was getting up, Lee Yang successfully snapped a picture of me doing so. :(

One of my favourites! This is currently my Facebook profile picture. :D Credits to mummy. xD

 Aunty Lay Bee, me and mummy on the motorboat in Mekong Delta.

Lee Yang and I!

Lee Yang and I again! We celebrated my ultra advanced birthday. :D Tell you a secret, okay, it's not gonna be a secret now but anyway, my mum thought I'm gonna become 17 this year. -.- Can you see the candle on the cake? I'm only 16 yo! But anyway, according to Chinese calculation, yes, I'm 17. :P

Now this is Lee Yang's birthday celebration! His was only one day advanced. xD

I love this cake! It's super delicous! And the "happy birthday" on the cake was actually written in Vietnamese. :D Although I have no idea what it is. xD

Another one of my favourites! I had nothing to do in the hotel lobby so I started taking pictures! :D


Do you think I missed out a super super extremely important picture? What do you think is missing up there? No, not HSJ. :D *drum rolls*


FAMILY PICTURE!!! :D Of course, right?? Eheheh~! *peace*

Lemme show you the original picture.

Oh my, daddy's with one of his weird poses again. Oh well. You know la, Alex Yap right? :D

Friday, December 10, 2010

Vietnam, Palace + Museum + Many More : Day 4

Today we were determined to explore the city by ourselves, with only the help of a photostated map and without taxi. Amazing ain't it?! xD So, we woke up early in the morning and decided to visit the Independence Palace. It took us more than half an hour to walk there from our hotel. By the time I reached there, I was already so tired but I insisted on entering the palace. xD While Aunty Lay Bee and my mum waited outside because Aunty Lay Bee had back pain while my mum had headache. :(

I was told that the palace was formerly the residence  of their president, but now it's merely for tourists. Holy cow, the palace is humungous that we took around 1 hour to walk up and down to take pictures. We weren't allowed to enter the rooms, but we were allowed to take pictures. The furniture there was mostly antiques, even the projector in the projection room! You know those projectors they use to show films during the olden days? Yeah, something like that and I didn't know it was sooo huge!

After visiting the Independence Palace, we headed off to the War Remnants Museum just a stone's throw away from the palace, around... 5 to 10 minutes walk. Okay, in the museum, we got to see lots of documentary photos about the war between Vietnam and the US a few decades ago. I'm not sure when. Lol, I was too absorbed by the pictures that I didn't care to look at the information. Man, those Vietnamese during those times were seriously pitiful, I tell you. But some of the pictures were quite gross that I thought I had no apetite to eat later. :( They even had two preserved deformed babies in a glass tank. D: And of course, there were lots of guns, rifles and whatever weapons you could think of.

The museum was the last place we visited for today because of the excessive walking. Aunty Lay Bee couldn't walk anymore so we came back to the hotel by taxi. I stayed in the hotel room while mummy went out with her previous Vietnamese colleague. They've not met for 2 years! And he didn't even change. xD

And then at last daddy came back from work, so we went out for dinner. Before that, we waited at the lobby and I overheard two Japanese (husband and wife) speaking Japanese (obviously). So I couldn't help but kept peeking at them until the lady looked at me. xD Aunty Lay Bee came over and sat down beside me. She, too overheard them so she went over and asked, "Are you Japanese?" And then she started telling them that I love Japan and Hey! Say! JUMP and blah blah blah. I tell you, I was soooo embarassed that I covered my face with my jacket. Not to say embarassed, just... shy. xD Then we went over to their table for a chat. LOL. I was the interpreter. The guy's English was pretty good!! It was quite easy to communicate with them but I spoke to them in Japanese. OMG SO NERVOUS! He asked me lots of questions and I, too asked him some questions like where does he live, does he know HSJ, Arashi, Hidarime Tantei EYE and Nino's new drama, Freeter, Ie wo Kau. They were so so so shocked that I knew all the latest news about Japanese entertainment. LMAO they couldn't stop "sugoi~~~"-ing. And the guy even said, "Okashii!" which means weird. Then I was like, "Eh? Okashii no?" xDD Then daddy suddenly interrupted and said, "I only like Horikita Maki" and they totally LOL-ed. And there goes their sugoi again. HAHA. Before leaving, I managed to get their email addresses and I asked them if I could take a picture with them. WOAHHH they're such nice people! The guy asked me to email him if it's okay. :D This was my first proper conversation with Japanese using Japanese! I was sooo nervous that my hands were sooo icy cold. Lol. Ooooo I wanna meet them again!!! :) Oh and their names are Uchida Atsushi and Uchida Keiko!! And Keiko-san is 6 months pregnant!

And then at night, we went for dinner with daddy's colleague and mummy's ex-colleague at Wind Sor Plaza. WOW that place was soooo beautiful! Very very high glass. And guess what? We celebrated my birthday there! And Lee Yang's too since his birthday is officially today. :D

Today was fun! But super tiring. Sigh... It's 10.37 p.m. now! :P

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vietnam, Shopping + Birthday Celebration : Day 3

So today, we planned not to visit tourist places but to go shopping at high end shopping centres. :) They actually have soooo pretty shopping centres here!! But before that, we went to their local morning market and bought some coffee, sweets, lotus seeds and cashewnuts. YAY! But because the market was too packed and stuffy, I became dizzy and almost threw up. I forced myself to throw up but nothing. :( I didn't dare to move my head and walked like a dead woman. Oh, and we bought their local fruit too! It's called milk fruit if you direct translate it from Vietnamese.

We ate beef and chicken noodles for lunch. OMG SO DELICIOUS! How I wish I could ta pao back to Malaysia for you guys. Wendy, you should try the chicken one. :) But the funny thing about eating in Vietnam is that you'll feel like a rabbit. You know why? Because almost every meal will be served with LOADS of vegetables, raw ones. In fact, today I felt more like a rabbit and monkey because we were served bananas too. xD

And then because I was feeling awful, we came back to our hotel to rest. I watched 2 episodes of dramas and then went to sleep. :) At around 6, we woke up and headed off to watch Water Puppet show. And man, we were so unlucky because we met a taxi driver who brought us to Holland. He took us on a "city tour" and let us down at the wrong place. Apparently, he left us at a concert venue and we thought it was the right place. When we were about to go into the stadium, I thought, "Oh, water puppets are actually real humans dancing on water?" Then OH SHIT. This is not the right place. So we went around asking people but too bad, they couldn't speak even a little bit of English. Terrible, I tell you. At last, we turned another round and found the place! Just at the right time, 6.30 p.m when they show had just started. THANK GOD. It was fun watching the show. It's like.. they put on some short stories using puppets on water and some of them were pretty funny too. Then, we met some USM students from Penang whom we met yesterday at Ben Thanh market. Oh, look at how small the world is. When the show ended, one of them found out that his phone was stolen. You see, the scary thing about Vietnam is there are lots of pickpockets here. You have to be careful when you're walking along the streets and make sure that no one is standing near you. Wow, so dangerous man.

Then, at night, we went to Yee Bo restaurant for dinner! The food there was fabulous! And we were lead to a VIP room, how fun!! The service there was awesome because they did everything for us. We ate steamboat and the soup is soooo freaking delicious!!! I think it was the best steamboat I had ever eaten in my life. Xin Er, no offence to Char Par Par. The steamboat I ate today was cheng teng, yours was tom yam. :) We were SUPER naughty because we played with the waitress who served us. OMGEE I feel so sorry for her now. My dad kept on asking for her email address but she said that she doesn't have one so my dad asked for her number instead. I think he had asked for at least 20 times? Every time she entered the room he asked. LOL. Then at last my dad asked for a paper and wanted her to jot down her number. She looked so innocent and didn't know what to do. Sigh sigh, I feel soo soo sorry for her. Daddy ah daddy... Then we asked her to take a picture with Lee Yang because tomorrow is his birthday and she said happy birthday to him. Pretty young girl, only 18 and she's a Vietnamese Chinese so she speaks Cantonese. Easy for us. :)

After dinner, we went to a pub nearby our hotel!! We gave Lee Yang a surprise a-little-bit-advanced birthday party! Mummy, Aunty Lay Bee and I pretended to go walk walk along the streets but secretly went into a bakery shop to buy a cake. Then, we wore our Santa Claus hats and dashed into the pub while singing the birthday song~~ xD I was sooooo shocked when I saw the waiters there. They're sooooo..... GAY. You know what I mean right? So I'm gonna call it a so-called gay bar. He openly said, "I like him!!" while pointing at Lee Yang. You have to see Lee Yang's expression that time, EPIC!! LOL. And when we took a group picture, another waiter came over and took our picture using his own phone. Lol. They were so funny. And then he requested to take a picture with Lee Yang, his new found lover. This moment was even more shocking. HE KISSED HIM ON THE CHEEK!! And touched his chest and waist. OMG LOL LOL LOL! Good thing I'm a girl, I thought. xD But the people there were really friendly. He wanted to take a picture with daddy too so my sporting daddy hugged him and slapped his butt. HAHAHAHA the way he screamed was extremely funny man! Daddy, you're too high today. xD Mummy and Aunty Lay Bee poll danced! The foreigners were staring at them like "WTH are these people doing?!" but they laughed and enjoyed the "performance". Before leaving the pub, we cheers-ed. xD

So that's basically what happened today I guess. It's 12.30 a.m now!! :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vietnam, Mekong Delta + Surprise : Day 2

It's 11 p.m. now~! :) Big and good news : I survived the 2nd day of crossing the road!! Woohoo~! *throws confetti*

Okay, so for Day 2, we went for a one-day trip to Mekong Delta. I'm 100% sure that you guys have heard of this right? Sungai Mekong we learnt in Sejarah? Was it for Kerajaan Agraria? Oh whatever.

Today was even more chi kik than yesterday man! We woke up at 6.30 in the morning and went to the rooftop for breakfast. After that, we got onto our bus and headed off to Mekong Delta which took us one and a half hour from Saigon (the new name for Ho Chi Minh city). When we reached there, we got onto a boat and we got to see the boat houses along the river. Oh my, the people there seriously live on water man! In boats! Can you imagine that?! And the houses along the river were so old that they looked like they would collapse at any moment. But the boat ride was enjoyable though, because the wind was so strong as it was cooling!! :)

And then we got off the big boat to ride on the small sampan (they call it rowing boat on canal) in order to get to a restaurant DEEEEEEEEEEP in the jungle. Okay, not jungle but more like kampung. It only appeared like a jungle to me because there were soooo many trees. I saw ducks too! OMG SO CUTE. Haha. The sampan ride was SCARY. Even Uncle Tatt didn't dare to move even an inch in the sampan because the sampan was only.. let me see... not more than 10 cm above the river water. Plus, the river water was so dirty. Brown in colour. You could see longan trees along the river and lots of mangroove swamps. Hey! I actually got to look at mangroove swamps at a near distance! Woots! Our lunch wasn't so delicious though because the pork was as stiff as rock that it almost flew away when I tried to cut it. Okay, something else flew away instead of my pork, it was my longan. I pressed too hardly that the whole fruit flew away and almost landed on the head of a foreigner behind me. Oh noes, how sia sui. They were laughing at me. Okay, I was laughing too. xD

We had a bicycle ride in the itenary too but we didn't go for it because it was scorching hot outside so we stayed in the restaurant. Don't be shocked when you see me because I look like a roasted chicken now. To get out of the kampung, we had to walk for like.. around 2 kms. Can you imagine how exhausted I was? 2 kms wasn't a lot but when the road is not smooth and when you had to walk up and down bridges, it was super tiring. Our day trip was roughly like that and we reached Saigon at around 7 pm. And oh yeah, we met 2 Japanese Germans (mix) and they were so gorgeous! *envious* They're currently living in Australia although they were born in Japan. :)

Then tonight, we went to the same night market as the one we went to yesterday, Ben Thanh market. The clothes there are super cheap. Anyone wants me to help them buy? xD And guess what's the surprise for today? *drum rolls*

It's the AFF Suzuki Cup Group B - International today!

The football match was held in Hanoi, Vietnam today! Guess what? Vietnam won Singapore by 1-0! So they had this super crazy celebration where all of them came out with motorbikes and their country's flags. The motorbike flood today was 100 times scarier than yesterday's and it was almost impossible to cross the road. Because the whole road was occupied by thousands of (trust me, there were really thousands of them out there and in fact, they're still celebrating. One of them told us that this will continue till tomorrow 5 a.m.) motorbikes and some of them even climbed onto the roof of the vans and danced there. It was like a parade, the only difference is this time the celebration was very very very scary, more like a riot. They even had a fake trophy and all their faces were painted with their country's flag. I took a picture with a few of them and I'll post it up here when I'm back home. I had recorded some videos too! Again, I almost got knocked down by a motorbike because I was too excited and went too upfront to the road. This is only a group match. Imagine how hysterical they will be if they win the final game? Become Spiderman and climb buildings? Possible. We got soooo hyped up, and probably even more hyper than them that we shouted Vietnam Number 1! Vietnam Boleh! and WOOOOOO!!!!!! Lol. They were soo happy and even joined us. xDD OMG SO FUN! Padahal they'll be playing against Malaysia during the semi-finals. Thank god we won't be here during that time. Phew!! We might be made into minced meat if we win. xD

Guess what? There was this guy whom we randomly met in the middle of the crowd (thank god he speaks English, although not very clearly). We chatted with him a bit and said hi to his girlfriend. Then, when my dad came up and said hello, he was like, "I know you!! You live at Elios Hotel right? I worked there last time!" and they shook hands. Lol, what a coincidence!!

Ooooo it's so noisy out there. Lots of honkings and shoutings.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh : Day 1

It's 10.42 now in Vietnam but it's 11.42 now in Malaysia. Eheheh~! And after excessive walking around the town, I'm so so so exhausted.

When we reached Vietnam, we checked in into our hotel, Elios Hotel. Not a very high class hotel, 3 stars. But you know, I'm actually quite surprised because our room is actually quite spacious and the bathtube is gorgeous! :D

Okay, the only horror when you reach Vietnam is this. THE TRAFFIC.

Holy cow, you can't imagine how many motorbikes there are on the streets. It's like a motorbike flood out there and every time I cross the road, I have the feeling that I'm risking my life as I could be knocked down at anytime. Like, seriously. You guys should really come and experience it for yourself, it's very nerve-wrecking. Chi kik, you know? xD The thing is, they don't stop when they see you crossing the road but they just continue speeding off. My dad said, "Don't ever stand still. Just keep on crossing the road and they will try to avoid you." WHAT'S?! Okay, that's actually pretty true, to be frank. I just left the world behind and crossed the road while screaming my lungs out and HEY! I'm on the other side now! HOORAYY~! Another thing is, in Malaysia, what we have learnt is to look left and right before crossing the road. As long as you do that, you're safe. However, in Vietnam, I'm afraid that's not the case. We have look left, right, front and back. Oh my. I was ALMOST knocked down by a motorbike. It frightened me to hell that I grabbed anyone beside me, it was beyond my care already. Okay, too much talking on crossing the road. *bricked* Anyway, I took a video using my phone to let you guys see how crazy the traffic is, I'll upload it on FB as soon as I'm back home because I forgot to bring my cable. :(

When we were walking along a night market just now, I just witnessed something that was beyond my own belief. There were little girls (around 6 - 7 years old and I believe one of them has rickets) walking around with a bag filled with fans hanging around their shoulders. Okay, that's not it. The thing is, one of them came to us with the sweetest smile ever and said, "Would you like to buy something for your wife?" Trust me, their English is near perfect with an accent. Then of course my dad said, "No, thanks" but the conversation went on like this :

Girl : Why not? I just need you to buy something. Please.
Dad : How much is it?
Girl : 40000 dong.
Dad : Um, it's really okay. *walks away*
Girl : Hey! How much do you want?? You can bargain.
Dad : *smiles and continues to walk away*
Girl : *gives a murderous stare* Why you don't want to buy but you ask the price and go?
Dad : Sorry.
Aunty Lay Bee : Hey, don't get angry. Do you want sweet?
Girl : *ignores her* Why you ask but you don't want to buy? Why? *continues to stare as if she's going to eat my dad alive* YOU! MAFIA!
Us : WTH?! *walks as quick as possible to escape her*


Then another one came. This time her target was Uncle Tatt, Aunty Lay Bee's husband instead.

Girl : Hey, do you want to buy something for your wife?
Uncle Tatt : I'm not married yet.
Girl : Then buy something for your girlfriend.
Uncle Tatt : I don't have girlfriend also. Nobody wants me.
Girl : Where are you from?
Uncle Tatt : Malaysia.
Girl : Abang, murah murah, tak da mahal. Satu untuk satu dolar sahaja, abang.
Me : *jaw drops*
Uncle Tatt : I don't have money.
Girl : *smiles* No money, no honey. *walks away*

Wow, I wonder who their trainer is man. I mean, they're so well-trained especially the one who haunted my dad. I'm sure she was taught to throw a tantrum so that people feel guilty and buy it. I'm amazed. My dad said this is how cruel the true world is. There are so many syndicate cases out there, like people dragging a blind person behind and begging for money and blah blah blah. All kinds. I was suddenly so scared.

Okay, about the food here now. DELICIOUS!!!! Although we couldn't read even a word on the menu, we still went downstairs to look at the food and point at everything that looked yummy. In the end, we ordered too much that the waitress needed to cut off some for us. LMAO. I'll upload the pictures to FB soon and post the link here. :) I'm pretty satisfied with the food so far.

Another thing, we can't log into Facebook here in Vietnam. I think they banned it here or something. Unless you access it using your phone. I wonder why?? And every website I visit here is all in Vietnamese. I was pretty shocked at first because when I was trying to subscribe to an uploader at Youtube, I got the shock of my life when I saw Vietnamese (because I did not realise earlier xD) Here's a picture.

Okay, that Yamada thingy was not done intentionally as I was trying to subsribe to the uploader that time so I quickly took a screencap of it. xD

Oh, I forgot to say! I went for foot massage! WOOTS! After such a long time. If I remember correctly, the last time I had foot massage was when I went to Thailand 2 years ago? Hehe. I kept on telling myself, "Do not fall asleep, do not fall asleep" but not long after that I found myself drifting off to slumberland. Oh, I'm so useless. xD Because you know why, we pay to feel ourselves being massaged but if you sleep, you don't feel a single thing which was what happened to me when she massaged my right foot. Oh well. But it hurt so much. OUCH! I tried my best to hold my scream but I did squeal once. :D

And one more thing! Our flight today was pretty challenging as well. Halfway through the flight, there was a turbulence and it was like roller coaster! Up and down and left and right we went! xD Good thing the captain informed us beforehand or else all of us would have got panic. Haaaa. Oh yeah. I'm so proud of myself today. Usually my ear would hurt excruciatingly whenever I'm one a plane especially when it's landing but today nothing happened! I think maybe it was because I chewed on a chewing gum from the moment I boarded onto the plane to the moment I reached Vietnam. Two whole hours and chewing with my mouth wide open so that it wouldn't hurt. My hard work paid off! xD You know what, daddy and us boarded on different planes. He came by Malaysia Airlines and we came by AirAsia. Our flight was 5 minutes earlier than his so of course we reached first ya. xD SO, we stood in a straight line and waited for him to come out. Everyone was staring at us but no one cared. OMG, it was so fun! When daddy saw us he came running to us saying "Sawadikap~" and ran into the toilet immediately. Okay, sawadikap. Daddy, it's Vietnam here. xD

Okay, what else? Seems that I have sooo many things to say. Hmmmm nothing else I guess?? xD I don't know if I'll have so many things to say about Day 2 but who knows ya? Eheheh~! *peace*

Friday, December 3, 2010

Oh, The Joy

I have a good news for you guys!!! >_> *sarcasm*

Now, guess what?? *drums rolls*



My email address and MSN account were blocked.


Apparently, they said it's because someone has been using my account to send funny funny junk emails to all my contacts and yeah, I know that. But how could I stop it?? I am so sorry, you guys, if those emails bothered you but I had no choice.
And today when I was trying to sign in into my msn, obviously I couldn't. I don't mind creating a new account but I don't want my Facebook account to be affected! I mean, there are lots of pictures and stuffs inside already, if I create another new Facebook account it must mean... re-doing EVERYTHING? Oh lord. And also, I use my current email address for lots of purposes like buying stuffs off the internet and so on.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmassy Mood

Well, although Christmas is like... Well, umm 23 days more to go, I'm already in a christmassy mood. Lol. Yesterday, upon my mum's request, I changed my blog's layout into a somewhat christmassy one although it's not exactly christmassy. Lol. Oh, why doesn't blogger have a christmassy background.

Well anyway, I changed the Yamada picture to Santa Ryosuke too! That was a picture from an old issue of Duet I guess, I'm not sure. I'll find a christmas song for my blog soon. Hehe.

I always have the urge to buy some bling bling christmas stuffs to hang on my christmas tree although I know it's a waste of money. B..ut..but... Those ornaments are sooo pretty! :( I even thought of buying another christmas tree. Eheheh.

Guess what? Uncle Johnny has come up with another brilliant idea of making christmas videos for us! I see some distinct difference from before and now, they are acknowledging international fans! In most of the videos (well, some), they spoke some random foreign languages! Especially Korean. Arashi and KAT-TUN were like "Anyeonghaseyo (oh, however you spell it)"-ing away throughout the video. As for Hey! Say! JUMP, Yamada spoke in Korean (I can't judge how fluent it was though, it sounded awkward, lol), Takaki spoke in Mandarin (Ni hao, wo shi Gao Mu Xiong Ye, LMAO) and Keito spoke in English (Merry Christmas. It's Keido Okamodo - oh well. xD) As for Yabu..... this was what he spoke.

Apparently Yabu was trying to mimick Yamada speaking Korean but failed terribly. It turned out to be some gibberish language. LOL. Yamada then told him that what he spoke might be wrong. xD

NYC's video was sooo much longer than HSJ's (oh, why does Uncle Johnny love them so much). They were talking away to each other in the video that they forgot to introduce themselves. Speaking about self-introduction, Chinen's was super cute. "I'm C's Cute Chinen!" xD

Anyway, to watch the videos, go to Johnny's Christmas Message 2010 at Johnny's Net, and you'll see a christmas tree beside. I was so stupid that I clicked "play" on the video for like countless times and nothing happened. Then only I realised that you'll have to move your mouse around the Christmas tree and click on the (ornaments) artist you want. Duh. =.= Something like this :

NYC's is the tiny star below HSJ. :) And you know what, I actually expected the big star on top to be a video from Uncle Johnny. Well, I guess not. xDD

Hohoho~ Merry Christmas!! *too early*

Btw, this is my 101st post! Or is it 101th? Whatever. 101 Dalmation. Random. *smacked*