Sunday, September 12, 2010


Wookies, since I am kinda free now and don't plan to study for today, I've decided to blog. =P

A week before, grandpa was like this.

Everyone was persuading him to eat or even drink.

Then the very day before he was gone, he was SUPER energetic. He could sit up straight, without supporting himself with his hands and could even cross his legs. I was like 0.o?! And then he requested for a pen and paper. Apparently he wanted to write or draw something, I don't know. So here's his masterpiece.

Well, maybe there's a hidden meaning but for sure I can't see that.

So.... Grandpa's funeral huh. Okay, let's start from Thursday. Well, you see, I was in Physics tuition when my mum suddenly called me. I couldn't answer the phone because the whole class was so freaking quiet that you could even hear a pin drop,so it would be embarassing. My heart started beating quickly because I knew something was definitely wrong. Mummy wouldn't call me for nothing in the middle of my lesson. So I waited and waited and JUMPed up when the counter koko knocked on the door and asked me to pack my stuffs. Apparenly grandpa was in a very critical state that time, panting real hard. Aunty Lay Bee came to pick me up and I was sooooooo nervous in the car. I kept calling mummy to check on grandpa and was relieved that he was still breathing. However, mummy asked me to hurry up because grandpa was waiting to see me, he couldn't wait any longer. So I quickly hopped down from the car upon reaching and was about to run into the house when I saw all of them standing outside. Then I knew it was over. My grandma came out and told me that grandpa had just caught his last breath when I reached. He passed away at 10pm and I reached there at 10.02pm. What's?! Some things are just inevitable.... =(

I didn't cry when I saw him. I was SHOCKED and stood by the door, staring at the still and pale body. Then daddy, along with his two brothers changed clothes for grandpa. I remained calm for a while but not until my aunt reached. She immediately rushed down from Melaka and had to crawl in as to pay respect because she didn't manage to be by his side when he passed away. It was sooooo disheartening to see and then I cried. I cried like hell and used lots of tissues when I saw her crying. Very sad indeed. Theeeeeen, SYT called me. We talked for quite a long time and I cried too when I told her about this. SYT, thanks for calling, I felt better after that.

The next day was the ceremony, we had to pray four times a day and OUCH! My knees hurt. Had to kneel down and stand up, kneel down and stand up for so many times but it's okay. =) The second day was okay for me, I didn't cry because no one cried. Well, actually my second aunt did but I tried not to look at her so I was fine. =D The Fairy Park people (OMG I sound like Andrew now, lorry and car people but I don't know how to call them) placed dry ice on top and beside grandpa.

Setting up the tents.

We received lots of standing flowers!

And they're super pretty!!

I like this one the most!

Beautiful, no? ^^

Last aunt and baby Z-Ann!! I love her soo soo much!!

Isaac and I!!

So, my job was to burn the papers (kim zhua). It was super hot in the house, no fan and plus, sitting beside fire.

This was what it looked like on the first day. We had to burn and burn until the day of funeral. Cannot let the fire stop burning. So in the midnight, we asked the workers to help. Lol.

His new house and car.

I don't know what they call this. 0.o

There were lots of people!! And spot Yan Ye there. Lol. She was busy taking pictures for my last aunt. xD

Baby Katilyn / Z-Ann! This is what she does when I ask her, "Who is botak?" and she will point to herself. If you guys remember, I had told you that I was botak until I was 3. Same case here. xD

Funeral day. (Today)

Sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters. Okay, I was supposed to be there actually. xD

Fairy Park.

Hmm so that's all about it I guess. I took lots of pictures but some are inappropriate to post. ^^"

Sorry for the long post. =)