Sunday, October 23, 2011

Paranoid, Or Not?

Hearing endless news about natural disasters, especially earthquakes and tsunamis all around the world really leaves my heart aching for the unfortunate residents in those countries. And at the same time, feeling extremely grateful to be in Malaysia, one of the safest countries free from deadly natural disasters.

Imagine yourself being one of the victims. One fine morning you wake up from bed in a great mood, you do your usual daily routine, carry out your favourite hobby and all of a sudden, you find yourself being jolted all around, trying your very best to gain stability while the pieces of concrete started crumbling down from your house ceiling. Isn't that scary? I have not experienced such situation before but frankly speaking, it sent shivers down my spine when I watched movies with earthquakes. I always try to picture myself in those situations and snap out of my imagination at once. It always seems easy when I read the safety precautions in the net when an earthquake occurs but in reality, I know it isn't.

Look at the number of cases this year. Check out this page on Wikipedia on the list of earthquakes that happened in 2011. It's just heart-breaking to see the long and seemingly never ending list. There are still around 2 more months till the end of 2011. And the list will go on and on... Not to forget, the TSUNAMI.

The most serious case this year was the earthquake and tsunami that occured in the Tohoku region of Japan. It had triggered a deadly tsunami which had caused a widespread of damage and fatalities. Can you believe it, the death toll had reached up to 15828! While the number of injured victims was 5942 with 3760 people still missing. (Source : Wikipedia)

Take some time to read this. It has gotten the compassionate side of me. :'( How heart-wrenching, especially the letter from a mother to her daughter and son. Aramatheydidnt

Just look at how much damage the horrendous wave had done to Japan. :(

A couple of days ago, mummy rang me up and told me about the earthquake in Bali. A 6.0 magnitude earthquake. Although there wasn't any fatalities, many were injured (around 50). Not again! Now that has left me thinking, is it safe for me to be in Bali end of this year? I will be going there for an end year vacation from the 16th to the 20th of December. I'm kind of worried to be honest. Maybe I am just paranoid but I am taught that in life, anything can happen at anytime and anywhere. All I can do now is pray to God to keep my loved ones and I safe during the trip. There will be around 20 of us going, please let us come back safely. Thank you. :')