Friday, September 19, 2014


Yesterday, after sooooooooo long (got half a year or not?), all 7 of us housemates sat together for dinner! It's been quite a while since we last combined our dining tables for a housemates dinner (the amount of food was scary hahaha). It was a really great, indescribable feeling. Brought back so much memories and made me realize how fast time has really passed. It felt like just a while ago when we reached Brisbane, clueless about everything and now we're counting down the days we'll be back in Malaysia. Why so fast?! Anyway, the conversation throughout dinner was about working out and hot guys and girls in the gym. Lol. Oh and we got to touch Ivan's 6 packs too hahaha! It was my first time touching real abs and it felt...... very weird indeed. Hmm.

Hopefully we'll have more times like this before we fly back to Malaysia! :) 

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