Saturday, September 13, 2014


Got up early in the morning yesterday (5.45am) to go to Southbank for Parkrun! It's a weekly event where more than 300 people run together for 5km. It's quite fun! The cutest thing was that two kids (about 5 years old?) led the warming up session hahaha. So funny to see all adults following two kids' movements. 

Warming up together.

My paced improved from 8:39 mins per km to 7:22 mins per km for a 5km run! Duration improved from 44 mins to 37 mins too! Yayyyyyy! *\(^o^)/* I really pushed myself this time and it's quite unbelievable for me considering that I didn't exercise at all in my entire life befor coming to Brisbane. *hides*

Legs felt all wobbly after the run lolol. But still, selfie! 

With Lavi, Jinyee and Tim.

With Lavi in the ferry on the way home! 

After we reached home, we rested for about 20 mins (while waiting for Joseph to bathe hahaha) before going to West End Market for grocery shopping! So much to carry again. >< Went back home after that to leave everything we bought and headed to Toowong right after. We went a bit crazy shopping this time! So so much to carry home! Who needs to go to the gym when you can do some body-building every weekend by shopping for grocery? Lol. 

KO-ed when I reached home (for real, no more going out) and slept till 7pm. Woke up and studied for a while and KO-ed again at 10.30pm. Hahaha so early! Barely did any studies yesterday oh well. :/

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