Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Not Impressed

Hmmm.. I'm not being very productive nowadays. I don't know what to blog about! D:

So basically I'll just crap throughout this blog post..

Let's seeeeeeeeee.

OIC Camp was awesome, yes. Everyone who went knows that very clearly. AWESOMENESS IS ME! :D

Theeeen, it was Pirates of the Caribbean 4 with Yuan Ting, Xin Er, Angeline and Wen Yan. Wendy couldn't make it. D'awww. :( Anyway, the movie was not bad, rather hilarious. Captain Jack, I mean. XD And I didn't know mermaids were THAT creepy until last Sunday. So yeah. This was my first outing with Angeline and Wen Yan. I must say that the both of them are friendly and not awkward at all to mix around with! They're such sweet people. <3

It's scaring me how the holidays pass by day by day just like that and here I am, lost. I think I have to really start making a schedule on what I should do every day because basically what I do every day is wake up, brush my teeth, do some house chores, play with Poofie, do a little bit of homework and tada! Half of the day is over and I have to go to tuition. Yes, I have tuition every day. T_T Then after tuition, all I do is makan, watch television, talk with Mummy and Daddy, play computer and read my Shopaholic and Baby. Do you know what's being left out in my daily routine? I don't study at all! *gulps*

Better start studying now. Teehee. Okay, maybe not. :/

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