Sunday, July 3, 2011

On TV?

Guess what? My cousin called me up just now in the morning and asked me to go for the filming of an advertisement. And of course, my jaw dropped. Lol.

It was just a simple advertisement though. More like a video clip. My job was just to stand in front of the camera and pretend to be sweeping the leaves on the ground while my cousin picks them up. A giant Mr. Bin (rubbish bin) mascot will be walking around us doing the "thumbs up" action. Haha. I didn't really dare to look at the camera though. So basically only my hair was filmed. XD

After that all of us stood in front of the camera, smiled and pointed number 1 with our fingers. Lol. Which stands for 1 Malaysia of course. I heard that the advertisement will be on TV3 but I don't think you'll be able to see me. Lol. I might only appear for one second. Teehee. Here are some pictures. Pictures credits to Jarren Singh on FB aka Mr. Bin.

As for the pay... Hahaha. It's only RM25 though. Well, it's better than nothing. Only a few minutes of filming after all. XD

In other news, I'm sick. Again. No way man. I die die also have to go to school tomorrow. I want to take class pictures!! :D

I'll be waiting for your surprise. :)

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