Saturday, July 23, 2011

Me Is Happy

First, my group, 4C got the third place for the Physics Explorace! At least our effort paid off ya! And I must say that our teamwork was kind of great. Lol. Thank you so much, guys! :D

Second, my cute little cuzzies are here at my house! Yesterday, after Accounts tuition, mummy fetched Isaac and Kyle who were so eager to stay overnight at our house. The little rascal Kyle, was hogging my iPad while Isaac, helped out with some housechores! He cleaned up my trophy cabinet. :)

Surprisingly, he's really hardworking for a kid.

Kyle oh Kyle. <3

I love them so freaking much!!!! :D

And lastly, some extra Bon Odori pictures! Actually, I brought my camera along that day but guess what. I'd totally forgotten about it so I took every picture with my phone camera. When the event was about to come to an end only I realised there was a camera in my bag. Oh well. I'm stupid enough to forget that.


Groovin'. XD

Poor thing.

Tada! I'm happy now but I'm unhappy that exam's only one day away. Oh well. I'm in serious trouble.

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