Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let The Pictures Talk

My life while I was away... The pictures are not in chronological order because I'm too lazy to sort them out. LOL.

With Lee Yang's family at Pasta Zanmai at Empire Shopping Gallery. (Don't dare to go there anymore after the explosion. SCARYYY.)


Say bye bye to mummy's old car, Toyota Vios.

Say Hewoooo to Mummy's new car, Toyota Vios. Again?! Yes, again.

With WK and Jeremy at Sunway Pyramid for movies. Lunch at Ichiban Ramen.

WK's fried egg rice or whatever you call it.

My Kare Raisuuuuu! Yummy yum yum.

GYOZA! My favourite! :D

Hmm concentrating.


One day, during dinner I saw a rainbow. HAHA. *lame*


At Jusco Bukit Raja to watch The Smurfs with WK, Jeremy and Benson. Dinner at Johnny. Sejarah tuition after that. T_T

Thanks Jeremy for the picture! :D

Hahahaha look at WK's bo song face.

My bed condition during trials. D:

My table. Sigh...

Thanks for the flu medicine and vitamins. <3

With my two grandmas and cousins at Empire Shopping Gallery for Pasta Zanmai. Again.

Cheeky Isaac and Kyle.

Japanese ice-cream! Strawberry flavoured. <3

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