Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Layout!

As you can see, I've just changed my blog's layout! It took me quite some time to adjust the measurements and stuffs. Hah! Not very satisfied with it because some parts are still a bit distorted but it's decent I guess? ;) Anyway, blog layout by Background Fairy.

Anyway, trials are overrrr! Freaking overr! The bigger one is yet to come but at least I can still allow myself to indulge in my favourite entertainments. Well, at least for a few days! I can go cuckoo if I go on and study like there's no tomorrow! Trials ended with Physics papers and what can I say, God please have mercy on me and give me satisfying marks! Or should I say teacher, please have mercy on me. Well, either way, I hope I'll do well in trials because I've really given all my best! They say hard work pays off but let's see if it's applicable in my case. Teehee. So far we've received 4 papers and all are A+'s! Satisfied. :)

My plan was to finish the last episodes of the two dramas I've been watching, namely IS and Ikemen Desu Ne but of course I failed since I spent like 2 hours maybe? On editing this blog's layout. I got tired of blogger's same layouts so I've decided to go for something fresh and new! ^^ Oh btw, IS is such a great and heart-warming drama, totally encourage you guys to watch it! It's a Japanese drama btw.

Gosh I still have Physics tuition later, cannot laze around for the whole evening. Heh. I shall watch my dramas after tuition then I guess. Started reading Mini Shopaholic a few days ago when trials was still on. Haha. Couldn't resist! It's as entertaining as always, of course. :D

Gonna stop here for now! Might be blogging again tomorrow! Hmm perhaps blogging on my interview for Taylor's Principal Awards. Unless I get lazy. Hehe. Won't be able to blog so often anymore after this because of you-know-what. Just the thought of it is as depressing as ever. But it's okay! 1 and a half more months and we, all the Form 5 humans will be free from hell! It's party time then! (Y)

Till then, bye guys! :D

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