Saturday, January 23, 2010


I am tired of doing my homeworks so I've decided to blog. Well, I have nothing much to say, really. The only ones who read my blog are Lyodts, most probably and we meet each other in school almost every day. SYT said I did not blog much, so blog lah. Lol.

Just finished watching Hidarime Ashita. Erm, the countdown for Hidarime Tantei EYE where Yamada had appearance in almost every program on NTV yesterday. And also, watched Hidarime Konya, which is the countdown for today. The funny and stupid thing is, I watched the countdown but today pulak I forgot to watch the drama. What was my mind thinking about actually? I could not recall what I was doing at 8 p.m. I think I was doing my karangan bergambar. Well, sacrificed Hidarime for my karangan's sake. *responsible*

AND! I am already addicted to Hitomi no Screen! Although the dance step with the index and middle finger shifting places up and down is a bit odd, the rest of the dance steps were epic!! But I must admit that their hairdressers surely hated them yesterday. They killed their hairs! Chinen looked so much like Kamenashi that I got a shock. And hamster Ryutaro is not a hamster anymore. Sigh. All grown up. And also, I think their costumes look like figure skating costumes. Lol. With the bling bling. One more thing, I watched their PV preview, which I think was pretty good, with a samurai feel where they were holding swords, fighting? I don't know. xD Looking forward to watching the full PV!

After this flailing, I've got to go fight with my Module Chemistry already. Bye bye~~

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