Sunday, January 31, 2010

An Unfortunate Day

These were yesterday's happenings but I am going to talk about it today since I didn't have time yesterday..

As usual, I woke up from bed yesterday and guess what? I was down with a fever. How lucky right? Sigh.. =( It wasn't that bad actually when I was doing my second rumusan until when I was doing halfway, I felt like I was trembling and I couldn't hold my pen anymore. And as expected from a stubborn me, I was reluctant to take medicine because you-know-why. So I decided to go back to bed for a quick nap. But when I woke up, the fever got worse. So no choice, swallowed Ulphamol 650. x(

It was suppose to take effect, because the other time when the same situation happened it worked for me and cured my fever. But not this time. Sigh.. However, I've promised my mum to go to Klang Parade with her since there was an 80% offer. Before heading to Klang Parade, we took Poofie to the pet shop for a fur cut! Since CNY is just around the corner. I just stood beside my mum like kayu while in Klang Parade. I couldn't stand it anymore so daddy brought me to Big Apple for a donut. Lol. Maybe food could cure me. Well, it worked a bit actually and I was feeling much better. When mummy finished shopping, we went to Popeye, the new restaurant in Klang Parade and my advice to you guys is, never even consider to enter that restaurant. I don't like it. KFC is millions of times better, trust me. xD I hope I don't offend anyone who reads my blog.

So after shopping, we went to the pet shop to "collect" Poofie. Too bad, Poofie was still waiting in the cage for his turn. So my parents went to pasar malam. I chose not to go along but to stay at the pet shop. And HOLY COW. I waited for so long. My face was getting redder and redder due to the fever. I could actually feel hot smoke coming out of my skin. I waited for around 45 minutes and waited together with my parents for another one hour for Poofie to be done. While waiting, I had nothing to do so I took pictures!!

Aww.. Poor thing..

"I want to go out!" said Poofie.

Gahh! I wanted to buy that New Year shirt for Poofie! But so damn expensive..

QQ Pet House. I like the environment there. Very clean and cozy.

"End product"

"Woah! It's so refreshing!" sighed Poofie in relief. xD

And zzzz... I went to bed after swallowing the deadly medicine.

Night night~

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