Friday, January 15, 2010


Like what the title indicates, I've been in a hiatus. I've ditched my blog, Lyodts' blog, Facebook and Youtube for more than one week already. Not that I want to, but Form 4 life is just ridiculously busy and exhausting. Exhausting in the sense of homework, tuitions AND! Climbing up the freaking stairs. Damn! Why must our class be at the top floor? I miss my Form 1 and 2 class. Cosy and big enough for all of us. ^^

My schedule for every day is packed with school assignments and tuition assignments. Non-stop assignments. Sigh. I can hardly even touch my laptop, which is such a sad case. =( In fact, I just came back from English tuition just now and thought of rewarding myself by allowing myself to use the computer since today's Friday. What does Friday mean?? Friday means, tomorrow's rest day? BLAH. Rest my head. That stupid co-curicular activities are destryoing my rest day. Wanted to rest in school during Moral class, mana tahu kena scolded by teacher asking me if I was going to Lala Land. WTH?! I am surrounded by books every day. =( And this might be the best picture to describe my situation now.

Lee and I have found a solution to not sleeping in the class. Guess what? Laugh as much as we can. That really works, surprisingly. Yesterday, I had a nice stomach exercise by laughing like crazy without reasons with Lee in tuition, which ended us up being called, "Come back~" by Wendy. Hehe. Yeah, we eventually found our lost soul drowned deep inside us and became serious. But the main reason was because it was not a great idea to keep laughing in class as we couldn't understand what teacher was talking about. So YEAH.

I've ran out of things to say now. After not blogging for a week, blogging seems so unfamiliar to me. I still have a long list of to-do's to finish off. Moral presentation next week. What's ですよ?!

PS : I wanted to post this in Lyodts' blog but it seems like the last two posts were also from me, so... Haha. xDD *peace*

And KYAA! Hidarime Tantei EYE is airing in 8 days time! But bad news, only in Japan. =(


  1. In this sense, I think it's not so suitable to use the word hiatus.

  2. But I checked in the dictionary already wor.. And it means exactly what I intended to mean..