Friday, March 26, 2010


Wow, very very very unexpected. I did something that I've never thought I would ever do. I guess you guys know what. =D Thanks to Low's dad, I was able to hand in the form today. I really appreciate your kind help, Mr. Low. Lol, sounds so formal.

Back from tuition, super sleepy. But I couldn't refrain myself from the computer. What to do? My lappy is too beautiful.. ^^ I couldn't resist to watch all those new videos that I've missed in these few days. I couldn't think more about homework. I am already tired of doing homeworks. Like what Wendy had said, homework marathon. True enough. Because of the kerja rumah terancang, I failed to finish watching my long-awaited dramas. Kerja rumah terancang, SCREW YOU!

Oh yeah. I noticed this cute french fries in a shopping centre a longggggg time ago. I forgot to post it up so yeah. =)

I think you guys know the hidden meaning behind this picture. LOL. xD I am just biased, too biased. xP

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