Saturday, March 20, 2010

At last~!

At last, I am free!!! Wait, not exactly free yet. All because of Mrs. Yong (learnt from Ding) and my stupid printer. I basically finished all my projects, only left to be copied down onto the paper. So I am happy enough. =)

Had a nice chat with Ding and her sister today, which made me grinned from ear to ear. Not only that, my grin upgraded to laughing out loud. Almost rolled on the floor. What's ですよ?! She was... so... lame. Haha. *end of story*

I have nothing much to say but I suddenly felt like blogging. Have to go to a wedding dinner later. *sighs* I hate wedding dinners.

Btw, just downloaded Myojo's May's batch of magazines and realised this really cute picture.

Yamada's dog wearing sunglasses! Is it Kuu or Cookie?

Gonna go prepare myself for the wedding dinner now. Sayobye~!

Before that, wanna share this song with you guys although you might've listened to it before already.

Run Devil Run by Girl's Generation a.k.a SNSD.

Very catchy song. Not bad. =D

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