Thursday, February 17, 2011

Same Old Me

I haven't been blogging for quite some time now but I'm still the same old me. So if you can bare with this randomness, continue reading! :D

School had started on Monday after a few days of break during CNY and yet it was only Low and I who attended to school. Weren't you guys excited to go to school after one week of holidays? Come on! Okay, I wasn't too. Lol. I just had to attend school because I didn't want Mummy to start nagging at me about my attendance. :P I guess I've improved pretty much since last year because I am only absent to school twice this month. Isn't that impressive?! :D Plus, once was because I was sick. XD

Well but still, school was kind of different when Wendy came back! HOORAYYY! You know why? Because the empty seat beside us has now found its owner! And we don't have to worry about who's sitting alone this week, next week and so on. PLUSSSS! It's great having Wendy back to tell us all her grandmother stories in Turkey. So interesting and funny! Especially all the bad words and hand signs she learnt back. Lol, what exactly did you learn there huh Wendy? :P Anyway, glad she's back and hope everything will go back to normal for you (the homework you have to catch up with) soon. XD

Hmm so, just to tell you guys that we bought a new camera, Sony one. Gold colour because that's the only colour left besides silver. I think its quality is not bad, since it's HD but you'll have to make sure that you do not shiver or else you'll have to change the setting to the anti-vibrate system or something like that.

Here are two pictures I took with that camera, since I was so bored after cleaning up my room on Saturday (the day when my friends came) but too bad, no one entered my room to see my effort except Lee. LOL, it didn't change much though. Although I worked my ass off tidying it up but it still looked the same to me. Oh well. D: I guess I'm just a noob at tidying up rooms.

Before posting the pictures, I would like to say that I am REALLY VERY THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL to Mummy and Daddy! They really helped me A LOT, as in A LOT, almost everything on Saturday. Without them, I don't think that gathering would be a success. Because daddy woke up EARLY in the morning to buy steamboat food (because those obasans would whallop everything if we don't get there before them, they're scary, trust me), prepared everything, cooked the soup and all. Mummy helped too! She helped to prepare the food, especially. Oh, daddy took his time to buy new bowls, steamboat pot and spoons. You know what? We did everything last minute, even buying a new TV and TV cabinet. :P The new TV wasn't bought for Saturday though. Lol. Because the TV upstairs died, we had to buy a new one and place the TV downstairs upstairs. :D The TV cabinet arrived on Saturday morning itself. XD Oh forgot to say, Mummy cleaned everything up too and took all the pictures. If she didn't force us to take pictures I don't think we would take also. XD I LOVE YOU BOTH, MUMMY AND DADDY!! <3

Anyway, here are the pictures. :)

Just trying out the Panaroma feature. Fun! :D

THIS. Was 100% random. Heh. :)

Till then, bye!

PS : I really REALLY hope they would cancel this time's monthly test. The reason is simple, because I'm lazy. :P

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  1. We did visit your room. Just that you weren't aware of it. :P