Thursday, February 24, 2011


I'm feeling absolutely rebellious now. I know I have lots of homework to complete, but yet I refuse to finish them. Why is this happening to me?! OH GAWD.

Maybe I'm just tired. I've not rested since morning, a little bit of rest is not harmful right? Right? Rethorical question, don't answer. :P

I really really want to blog like how often I used to before this but I just can't. :( I guess I'll continue with my homework after this blog post.

Anyway, I've just downloaded Arashi's new Lotus single, and it was a really great one. I love all the three songs in it, Lotus, Ever and Boom Boom. It's very difficult to choose my favourite one between the 3 of them, but right now I would say Lotus since it's stuck in my head. Boom Boom is a very upbeat song, I like it. :D Ever, well, it's not very catchy I must say, but once I listen it for a few times, I'm very sure I'll fall in love with it. XD

Better watch it before it's removed! :D

Ohno and Nino took the high notes. <3

Boom Boom.

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