Thursday, February 3, 2011


Ohoho hewoooo!

I've just realised something. The number of posts I have in my blog is the same as Lyodts' blog's number of posts. How cool is that? :)

So. First day of CNY. Nothing special, as you guys know. Visited grandma's house first in the morning, then went to maternal side's grandma's house. Daddy gambled with my cousins and lost heaps of money. Can you hear my heart breaking? *xim tia* But he said it was for the sake of making my grandma happy, so it was worth losing the money. :) Because my grandma gambled along as well and when we asked her if she was happy, she answered YESSS! very very joyfully. :D Oh in case you're interested to know, I didn't gamble because I love my money too much. Heee.

Theeeen, went to Yan Ru's house where all the Yaps gather there. Lol. Lotsssss of people cramming in a house. Thank god her house is big. xD We camwhored a bit and then Yan Ye helped me to apply nail polish since I suck at it. I'm sure you guys know that my hands always shiver right? :( We sat in the room and chit-chatted for like few hours then headed off to my aunt's house at Bukit Tinggi. Tried on her clothes there, watched dramas and finally, I reached home! Home is the best after all, don't you agree? :D

I guess tomorrow's CNY will be a really boring one since I have nowhere else to go. How sad. :(

Anyway, here's a picture the Yap cousins took. Only girls, obviously. xD

I look weird but who cares. I still love it. :D

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