Tuesday, December 29, 2009


My legs are aching badly now. I cannot even walk properly, I can only walk like a penguin now. And from time to time, I almost fell down because there is hardly any more strength in my legs. All because of my daddy's silly idea. Should I say silly? Erm... But he was just trying to cut away my fats after watching The Biggest Loser Asia.

Okay.. The story was like this. After watching The Biggest Loser Asia, he got so enthusiastic towards exercising. Lol. So, my cute daddy wanted to prove to mummy and I that he still has his sportsman energy and spirit in him so he got up of the sofa and started exercising. And he forced us to follow him, taking turns.
Firstly, he pressed him palms against the sofa and bent up and down for 20 times and then demanded for us to follow him. I was seriously very reluctant because I knew that the consequence will not be any good after doing that. So, I let my mum go first. She did it easily, although panting hard after 20 times of squatting up and down. When it reached my turn, 20 times, ok, no problem.

And then, cutie daddy came up with another great idea. He raised his hands up straight, like a Chinese vampire, and did the same thing again, bending up and down. According to him, the hands were to obtain balance. Maybe. Mummy didn't want to do anymore and so did I. But cutie daddy still persisted and demanded for us to do, so the only choice was to do. I asked mummy to do with me, together. And daddy counted, "One-do, two-do, three-do" but until "four-do", I immediately fell down onto the floor, restless. Not only because of the pain in my leg muscles, but also due to all the laughings which made me tired. But mummy continued doing and won. While me, the poor girl, had to do all over again until I managed till 20 times. Sigh.. I was trembling after that exercise.

Cutie daddy came up with another one again. But before he was able to continue, mummy and I escaped upstairs leaving him SS-ing downstairs. LOL. I am afraid he's going to do the same thing again today, as he said yesterday that the exercise will increase 10 times per day. Oh good lord.

Now I can understand the feelings of The Biggest Loser's contestants. Super tiring and exhausting. And I wasn't wrong, my legs are barely able to move today. Even when I walk, my legs are wobbly, although it was only 40 times. I gave my cutie daddy the excuse that I didn't do any warm up, that's why. ^^ Lame excuse.

God bless me. *fingers crossed*

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