Friday, February 12, 2010



Chinese New Year's tomorrow yo! I am not at all excited actually. Haha. Hmm.. I've not posted anything in quite a long time so here I am..

I just came back from cleaning grandma's house. Not very tiring actually since I didn't do much.. Just wiped the furniture and mopped the floor.. Brought Poofie along too and he was super noisy plus annoying because he was making noises when we were eating in the dining room. Lol.

So.. One week holiday for me.. I have 20 ++ homework to do plus Kpop DJ's homework. Well, she has the same amount from me Jpop YY too. Lol. She's dead and so am I. =)))

Once again, happy birthday, Gorilla! Or should I say Happy Belated Birthday? Lol.

Okay, I'm off to take a shower and then continue my Innocent Love drama. I am starting to get addicted to it. Lol. I think it's pretty much like a cliffhanger. Even my dad said it's nice. I doze off while watching Episode 4 yesterday because it was already pretty late but my dad stayed up till 2am to watch it. He finished the whole Disc 1! I can't believe it, serioulsy. He has never agreed with me that Japanese dramas are nice but this time pulak he is addicted to it. He couldn't find Disc 2 and he was so desperate until he climbed upstairs to find for it. Lol. Apparently it was in the drawer but well.. never mind. xDD Cutie daddy.



  1. Code Blue is also very nice! still stuck at the 3rd episode but will finish it soon, i think so. xD

  2. Really? You better finish it quickly. I have only one week to finish the two DVDs. Lol.