Sunday, February 14, 2010

Woots! なが~い!


I just watched yesterday's Shounen Club and not much of HS7 though. Daiki and Hikaru appeared randomly in different sections and Chinen participated in the Furigee game part but he was the first one to be kicked out of the game. Lol. He took part because he won the last time but this time.. Erm.. Well, you know. xD

Here's a video of the Hitomi no Screen performance by HS7. Daiki and Hikaru appeared towards the end and were playing with Yamada? Lol, I don't know. No offence but Yamada's "I love you~" sounded a bit flirty. xD Btw, this is the mirrored version of it. The original version has been blocked by NHK.

Ok, now.. about CNY.. Nothing special.. Visited grandma's (father side) house then grandma's (mother side) house then aunt's house, another aunt's house , Ah Em Po's house and then another aunt's house. Lol. Here's a picture I took while we were in grandma's (father side) house.

Now you see why I'm always so bored with my cuzzies. They're all kids. Sigh.

Then, at Ah Em Po's house. We had lots of fun chatting with each other after such a long time not meeting up! Haha. And with my mum's presence, you'll never know what boring is. xDD She was basically the clown yesterday. ^^

We took a group picture of all the cousins. Well, not exactly all because a few are in UK now.

Wow, so blurry. Need to wait for Yan Ye to upload the pictures taken by her camera in Facebook first. xD
Btw, I sense some obscenity here. Lol.

Then.. Aunt's house in Bukit Tinggi.

Here's Jo Vynn and her dog, Buddy! Buddy is seriously a cutie but he's super naughty. =(

Handsome boy number 1. Isaac Lui Kai Zhen!

Good boy, at least he let me take a picture of him. xD

Handsome boy number 2! Kyle Lui! (I forgot his full name, but he's the brother of Isaac.)

No hooray! He didn't want to let me take his picture so you can consider this as a paparazzi picture. =D

However, this was how he reacted whenever I took out my phone.

Well, anyways, I LOVE him.

Because we were too bored, my mum and I decided to bathe their dog, Pocchi or whatever it is, and cut his fur because it was WAY TOO LONG!

Aww, poor thing, he was shivering!

Then, we celebrated Katilyn's birthday! (who is the sister of Kyle and Isaac) =D

Birthday girl!

Katilyn and her daddy~

Before that, we had a fast food party?! Lots and lotsa pizzas, spaghetti and KFC. =P

And then, we went home so that I could watch Shounen Club. That was basically what happened yesterday. Yay!

Wow, long! HAHA.


  1. Wow, you have so many kiddo cousins. Handsome boy number 1 and number 2 look so adorable. Lol. =D

  2. Adorable right?
    If only I were a kid, he'll be my boyfriend when we grow up. Lol.

  3. hhmm..maybe he'll be mine. LOL.