Saturday, February 27, 2010

Major Letdown

Dim Sum this morning. (^_^)

Was suppose to go to KL but dad said he's tired. What a disappointment. I was so anticipating to go to KL you know. I hardly ever get to go there. =( So, went home and did homework. But good news is, I finished all my homework! Except Physics for some reason. However, daddy suddenly asked me if I want to go to KL, so of course I said yes. But the excitement isn't there anymore. =( My main point was to go to KLCC and visit Kinokuniya. xD As expected, I didn't get to go to KLCC. Only visited uncle's house. How sad.

Picture taken from inside the car. This is actually the first time I get to stare at the building at such a close distance because usually we enter the parking lot straight away.

Well, at least I get to pass KLCC twice. Reason being my mum gave the wrong direction and we went back to the same old road again. Lol. And on the way home from KL, my dad explained to me about KL. He was too into explaining that he used the wrong lane and went into the lane heading to Jalan Sultan Ismail. Nice. He was just explaining to me how serious the traffic jam is there and now he's there. WAHAHA.

Mum : Look how nice your dad is. He took you on a tour around KL.
Me : That's only because he used the wrong lane. =.="
Dad : *laughs*
Grandma : *snores*

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