Sunday, February 21, 2010

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I wasn't in the mood of blogging lately, I don't know why. 0.o

I went out from very early in the morning until now at night. SOOOO TIRING! I slept in the car and am having neck sore now. Sigh.. I had to follow my mum to the morning market to buy all sorts of stuffs for today's praying ceremony. However, I am happy enough whenever I reminded myself that I am ditching school tomorrow. HORRAY! Ding's excuse was "Kononnya 'ti gong' allow." Major LOL. Mine was, "Taking leave tomorrow because VISA applied from parents already". xD

I went to my mum's friend's house just now and she was coincidentally making jelly as well as cake. So... An idea popped up in my mind. HEHEHE. I took advantage of the chance and posed with the jelly she made (for Kerja Amal). I was sooooooooo happy and relieved because I didn't need to make my own. But I don't know WTH happened to my stupid phone and the pictures just went *puff* missing! I couldn't find it anywhere in my phone now. How sad.. Sigh~

Anyways~ Oh my heaven! These boys are so hawt. =)

Hitomi no Screen full PV! Thanks to the Chuugoku jins and we're able to watch it 4 days sooner before the CD releases. Apparently it was leaked. ^^

They all definitely look grown up! But there's still a slight cuteness in Ryutaro and Chinen. =P
Pretty satisfied because all of them got their own close-ups and YAY for Keito starting the fight. LOL at Yamada's tiny ponytail. I kinda like it actually. Well, and as expected he got his solo scene but was defeated. Haha. The only thing I am not satisfied with this PV is that it is meaningless. "So who won who?"

Tiny ponytail~~

I've nothing else to say so tata and see you guys, Lyodts on Tuesday!

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