Friday, April 9, 2010

Again, how much luckier can I be??

Accoring to Feng Shui, today's an inauspicious day, especially from 7 to 9 pm. And here we go, I was involved in an accident at 7 something. Again, how much luckier can I be?

It had actually happened on me. It was just a matter of 1 second. ONE BLOODY SECOND FOR GOODNESS SAKE. We were waiting at the traffic light to turn into the road heading towards Aman Perdana. When the traffic light turned green, my dad was just about to start moving and BOOM! A car knocked into us from behind. The impact was super great. When it happened, my whole mind was thinking "Thank god I had my seatbelt buckled on, thank god I had my seatbelt buckled on." If only I weren't with my seatbelts, I would've just flew out of the car and who knows what's gonna happen. So thank god. And thank god the airbag did not burst out. Lol. I would be shocked and suffocated to death then.

Apparently, the car behind us was knocked by another car. And the car that caused this accident was like, you know, the car that brings your car to the mechanic when it's involved in an accident. Whatever you call it. When it happened, I screamed so loudly and my whole body was shivering like hell. I was actually on the verge of tears searching for my dad's cell phone. Sigh. Well, I can't do anything now since it had already happened. You know what, I think we're lucky enough because the car behind us was all kemek from the car booth to the front. Poor Saga. This is totally irrelevant but hey, the car driver looks like Lee Chong Wei and apparently his name is Lee Chong Shen. Lol. And the funnier thing is, he was on the way home from playing badminton. Haha.

My heart is aching now as my dad's car is now out of shape. The car booth. I mean, we just bought the car like a few weeks ago and now it's involved in an accident. Sigh. =( Mummy immediately called and shouted at the tauke of the car driver (the one who caused this bloody accident) and found out that he had also knocked into a car 2 weeks ago. Oh come on, fire him already, you tauke.

Here are a few pictures of daddy's car that I took :

Oh, just ignore Poofie. =D He's VERY busybody, KPC.

Oh my Dingnism, 心痛 you know, 心痛?

Btw, Syt, now I understand how you felt when you were in the same situation on the other day. I am so so sorry for not being able to comprehend your situation. At least now I am in your shoes to understand.

Totally unrelated, did anyone of you receive many friend invitations on msn? Like lots of unknown people with weird email addresses? I've received lots of those nowadays. I wonder why. 0.o

So, Anugerah Pelajar Cemerlang for tomorrow. My mum actually asked me not to go since we have to go to the mechanic tomorrow and lodge a report at the police station. But just to avoid any hassle, I finally decided to go. Sigh. You know, like, if I don't go, I have to find for my representative. And Low's too since I am representing her tomorrow. And worst of all, I have to call Puan Renuka to inform her. That is the scariest thing to do in the universe. Imagine doing my oral. Holy cow. =(

I really hope that car accidents are not going to happen on me anymore. Not only me, but also to my beloved ones, my family and friends, especially Lyodts. If possible, everyone living on Earth but I know that's not gonna happen so I'll get over it. =) I certainly have no mood to complete my homework now. So what am I gonna do now? I haven't the slightest idea.

So Wendy, there you go, an update from me. And a fairly long one, compared to the previous ones at least. xD


  1. This year really sui. First I got involved in a car accident, then SYT then you.
    Dingnism!!! Air suci!

  2. HAHA. That's what I thought too. That is why I hope the other 3 will be safe. Is this like a curse or what?

  3. Omg..Cheryl-chan..that was so scaryy..I hope u are fine now dear<3

  4. Thanks Xenia!
    Lol, you were so shocked when I told you about this. Anyway, I am totally fine. =) No worries.