Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crabby post

Yo! I've not posted anything for 9 days. Haha. I know very well that I have to be finishing all my homeworks and studying now, but I am already tired of those. Sigh. =(

I am facing a very critical situation now, which is our almighty Puan Renuka's essay for the competition organised by AEON. Let's see.. Germany? Hm... If  it's Japan, I think I will spend a whole day writing the essay. Lol. The worst thing is that it's a factual essay! That is exactly my bane. *sighs again* How am I going to crack my head and think of how to write in formal business language? All I know is informal language. No good no good. D:

I just finished copying the Hari Sukan report into a new karangan book. Like, WTH? My bloody karangan book is missing. Oh, Encik Afri~! Please, I beg you~~~ I want my karangan book back.. Or else everything that I had written will go to waste. =( No good no good.

Everything in my life now is no good no good. Well, maybe one of the good things will be U-KISS coming to Malaysia. Actually, I don't really know them that well, but hey, they're artists yo! Ding, I will follow your car yeah, if I happen to be able to go. =)

And Arashi's new song! Monster~~ Haha. The melody is stuck in my head now. =) Kimi wo sakebi de~ Boku wa mezameru~ *just ignore me*
And and... Hidarime Tantei EYE's OST! Although they're all only music, I still like them very much! This was the first time I had actually cried listening to music. Or maybe it was due to the stress when I was doing Add Math? Well, possible too. Lol.
And and and~! 2PM's Without You. Ding, fine if you don't want to sing it out loud for me. I go listen myself. Hmph! So shy for what? Good things must share, you know? *Wendy's mode turned on*

Anyway, I've ran out of crap to talk about. Lol. Here's a random picture I had taken a few days ago. =)

Yesh~! Yamada in Yuuki 100%'s recording. My mum said he looks like Aaron
 Yan here. 0.o

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