Monday, April 5, 2010

Cheryl Yap

I am Cheryl Yap. Cheryl Yap is me. I am also known as black oil tank, Sheep Er, Shi Shi, Ah Er, Japanese Prodigy, until the most recent one, JYP which is a so-called abbreviation for Japanese Yap/Yamada Prodigy. Many nicknames huh? At least not more than Low who has all the animal nicknames anyone can think of like frog, chicken, rooster, cat and any animals you can name of.

We have a new nickname for Wendy, from her name TPSD. Ding and I with our brainchild, created this newborn nickname for Wendy which is Super Professor Doctor Tan. Before this was what? MD. Master Degree. It seems that our Dingnism doesn't agree with it. So, as a loyal Dingist, all we can do is change it. =D

We must sit down together on a fine sunny day and discuss some nicknames for the other members of Lyodts. xD

Yes, I know. This is a lame post. Why? Because I have nothing better to write. Oh, before I forget, I FINISHED WATCHING HIDARIME TANTEI EYE A.K.A LEFT EYE DETECTIVE! Acted by who? YAMADA RYOSUKE of course! ( Ding, do you prefer Sweet Mountain?)

One word. FANTASTIC. It's seriously a cliffhanger which will keep you at the edge of your chair. Well, at least that worked on me. I bit on my pillow. xD More importantly, I love his black and red scarf~! *sobsob* I hope he doesn't get brain damage after filming this drama due to all the trippings, bangings on wall and punchings. =D Good job~!

Kay, I am off to bed soon. So good night folks!

Edit edit :

Best couple prize goes to Daiki and Yamada! YAY! *jumps around happily*

Best rival prize goes to Ryutaro and Yamada! *eyes on stalk*


  1. You guys seriously insult my ambition. I've explained many times the difference between MD and PH-MD. Please don't add the word professor. That even indirectly insults my personality.

  2. Lol. But you were the one who said we must respect our religion. Our Dingnism gave you that nickname. Haha. xD

  3. If you didn't give her that idea to.

  4. For your information, I only contributed the Siao for your S. The rest are by her. =)