Friday, January 21, 2011

I Hate This

Sigh, wanted to go to school today actually. I want to get full attendance. Well, at least for this month. I doubt that I can get full attendance for the whole year especially when all those ceramah come in the way.

I was woken up by my alarm this morning but I just couldn't lift my head up. My throat was burning and my nose was running like... HELL. So, mummy said she would take leave today (Yes, she has work today) to bring me to the clinic. Awwww mummy I love you so much! :D Well, daddy and mummy accompanied me, to be exact. I love both of you! :D

Went for breakfast with Aunty Lay Bee and Uncle Tatt. Ate Bak Kut Teh. MUAHAHA Wendy, you tak dapat makan. Erm, then the funny thing was both of them wanted to accompany me to the clinic. Lol, how cute and nice of them. I just told the doctor that I'm having flu and sorethroat. Then, he gave me some vitamins, flu and sorethroat medicine and antibiotics. I HATE ANTIBIOTICS! EWW, they're like so huge I can barely swallow them. Sucks big time.

Just ate the flu medicine and it's taking its effect now. How fast. Already feeling drowsy. I guess I'll go take a quick nap after this blog post.

Anyway, just.. sigh. I guess I can't get full attendace after all. Might as well aim for kehadiran cemerlang. Lol. SYT, sorry because I didn't go to school and I hope you managed to borrow somebody else's Chemistry Practical book. Er, sorry for spoiling our plan to get excellent attendance. LOL.


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