Monday, January 31, 2011

Forbidden Love Melody

Just finished watching Snow Prince ~Kinjirareta Koi no Melody~ or Snow Prince ~Forbidden Love Melody~.

One word. Touching.

You might find it slightly boring at first because the story expands very slowly, but everything in the movie is so beautiful, the snow, the nature, the pure love between two person and even the actors and actresses. Oh, the dog too. It's named Chibi although it's not really chibi. I cried like a mad woman at the ending because I didn't expect such ending. It was damn sad. A very very heartbreaking ending. :(

Feel it from your heart. It was love.

God created winter for us to feel each other's warmth.

Morimoto Shintaro, the lead actor. Or should I say Ryutaro's brother. He'll grow up to be a very successful star, mark my words. Doesn't he look a bit like Kim Bum in this picture? :P

Harada Sota and Harada Chibi.

Sota and little Chibi.

This is one of the most touching parts in the movie. Watch it and you'll understand. :D

And the ending song is of course Snow Prince by Snow Prince Gasshoudan! I'm all in love with this song again. :)

That's Chibi and Sota sitting on the floor btw. :)

Trailer of the movie. The background music's Snow Prince. :D Very, very beautiful song. The live performance is even more beautiful. Ahhhh. *dreamy smile*

The warm tears will embrace the coldness of winter. I love this.

Snow Prince's MV. I've posted this before in Lyodts' blog but still, I love it soooo much! There are some scenes from the movie in the MV too.


  1. do you know where i can download or watch this movie????...want to watch it too....^^

  2. You may try searching for it on or I'm not very sure though because I watched it from my DVD. :)

  3. benar!Shintaro itu kawai!
    Tapi lebih kawai lagi kakaknya,Ryutaro Morimoto!

  4. Ya! Ryutaro tu benar-benar kawaii! ^^

  5. Anou.. Can you upload the Snow Prince Movie?

  6. Hmm I'm afraid I can't do that because it will eventually be deleted due to the copyright infringements. Sorry. :(