Saturday, March 19, 2011

Way To Go!

Someone help me pleaseeeee! I just can't study. Can't focus. How am I gonna swallow the whole Form 4 syllabus and part of the Form 5 syllabus in just 3 weeks' time from now onwards. D:


I think I went out too much this week. Well, holidays ma, what to do right?

But I think this is fun! We should do this again after exam! WEEEEE~

Moving to another topic...

I love what Johnny's Entertainment is doing to help the tsunami and earthquake victims. Instead of just donating money, they're actually doing something different and this makes them stand out. :D

JE is providing free transport trucks and power generator trucks that it had contracted for the concerts to the disaster-affected areas as they've canceled all 18 concerts in March. They're also donating 2000 litres of diesel fuel for the disaster relief as many oil refineries had been destroyed in the affected areas. And now, JE has announced that they're gonna greatly reduce power consumption for its concerts to only 10% from an average of 3000 kilowatts per concert to only 300 kilowatts. That's a GREAT REDUCTION I must say! Way to go Johnny's! And Uncle Johnny's plan doesn't just end there but he's also planning on releasing a charity CD and holding charity events featuring some of the JE artists! Yay for the charity CD! It's gonna beat AKB48's sales for sure! MUAHAHA.

You know what? I feel like going out again. Anyone wants to go out? Lol. I'm drop dead bored at home. :/

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  1. OMG really ? Uncle Johnny is really something. he actually did plan something out. i'm proud of him. :D