Saturday, April 2, 2011

Triumphant April

So!!! What did you guys do during April's Fool yesterday? Had fun pranking your friends?

Okay, that question was really unnecessary since my readers are the ones I meet in school every weekday. Haha, but anyway! This year's April's Fool was the most successful one for me I guess. :P I did not prank many people for the previous years but this year, I succeeded in pranking around.... 7 people I guess? Okay, lousy I know, but an unbelievable achievement for me who practically burst into laughter even before finishing my prank. D:

Low, of course, was the easiest to prank. Who doesn't know that right? Lol. No offence, Low. :P

Below are a few incidents with Low.

Incident 1

Me : Eh! Where's your metal badge?!
Low : *looks down to her pinafore and looks up again immediately with a murderous stare*

Incident 2

Me : Eh! The price for wedges has been increased! Man, it sounds so odd in English. Anyway, I said "Eh! Wedges 起价了!"
Low : Really?! How much??
Me : RM 2!! So expensive right?
Low : Huh?? So expensive!
Me : No lah, April's Fool!
Low : *drops down on the table*

Incident 3

Me : *while walking* Eh! Be careful! Got water on the floor!
Low : *sways gracefully* Oooooohhh~!
Me : No la, where got.
Low : Ahhhhhhhhhh!!

Then at night during Accounts' tuition, my excellent suddenly useful brain gave me the idea to prank my friends again! Pranked Wendy, Lee, Ding, Tommy, Wei Khit and Bhavan. Wei Khit's wasn't considered really successful though. :(

Me to everyone stated above : Eh! You know or not, Mr. Sugu pengsan!
Almost everyone's response : *eyes enlarges* HAH?! Really?
Lee : Jom! Let's go home!
Tommy : Tuition canceled?
Bhavan after realising it was a fool : Losers la you guyssss.


On a sad and depressing side note, I have oral next week. Awww man. :(

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