Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cute Lady, Anyone?

Attention to people around the world!!

Who can this cute lady be? There are 5 important facts about her.

1. She looks innocent after waking up from a deep sleep, sometimes grumpy but cute anyway.

2. Despite her age, she still keeps up with all the current trends followed by teenagers. Especially camwhoring. On a boat, even.

3. She has an amazingly sophisticated elegant daughter, named Yap Shieh Er.

4. She loves Christmas trees a lot and never fails to snap! a picture with them during Christmas.

5. Besides having an amazingly sophisticated elegant daughter (the one who stands out the most - in the middle), she also has a self-claimed half genius husband who's unimaginably crazy when he's with his family but chickens out when other people's around.


Now, have you guys figured out who this fabulously cute and sporting lady is? ;)

If interested, call 0123456789 to find out and book a date with her. She'll be sold at one and only price which is priceless.


Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BELOVED MUMMY!! Thank you so much for being there for me all the time. You're my mum and best friend at the same time. Thanks for listening to all my problems and consoling me when I feel upset. Thanks for helping me out with my conflicts.You're the best mum I can ever get and I have nothing else to ask for. Thanks thanks and thanks! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!! :D

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